The content of this blog only reflects MY point of view. It does not reflect ANY other groups’ opinions or policies. Any overlap is merely coincidental.

This blog was started for myself, by myself, has gotten to the point where I now need to make this distinction. I never dreamed it would happen, but I now need to spell it out.

Any information I have displayed on this blog is just that, information I displayed on this blog. I make the decisions on what to post. I gather most of my information myself, meaning I do not cannabalize other blog’s work or that of any group, organization, or league for that matter.

No one spoon feeds me my posts!

Any information displayed here, in blockquotes, is information that I am quoting (and I take pride in my verbatim quoting, mispellings and all), but the commentary that preceeds or follows said quotations is mine and mine alone. If you know how blogs work, you already know that, but in case you don’t, that is how this one and most others do it.

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