Commander In Nerf: Obama To Request Military Action Against JV Team

I didn’t know NERF made sabers.

Source: President Obama is expected to formally ask Congress to authorize the use of military force against the Islamic State terror group in the coming days, even as lawmakers said crafting and passing such a measure would be a challenge.

Let’s not forget that before the 2014 elections, President Obama and Democrats downplayed the nature of ISIS. Could it be because when Obama hastily abandoned the war against terror, it allowed ISIS to flourish in the vacuum Obama created?

Now he wants authority to go deal with the threat?

Maybe he could have listened to his critics and experts before making a promise to his adoring anti-war supporters. Imagine if the media bothered to cover the facts anymore. Home many hostages would have avoided capture and death….

Sickens me that my country has a President like this.

Klobuchar Approves Of Benghazi Coverup

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton washed her hands of any responsibility in the murders of 4 Americans and cover up by the Obama administration.

Don’t forget, that with in moments of the terrorist attack, the Obama administration put more into the political response then they did into a security response.

So what does Minnesota’s Senior Senator who was first elected to “ask tough questions” have to say?

Run Hillary, run!

Accountability is a 4 letter word to Democrats. Our nation is in chaos, and Democrats are looking to the next election, not solving the problems facing our nation.

The Other September 11th We Must Never Forget

The Obama administration has blood on its hands over the Benghazzi attacks. Don’t forget that the same people demanding we bomb Syria today, did nothing when American lives were at risk. What’s worse is that they tried to blame the deaths on an American who made a stupid video on the internet rather than accept responsibility and admit the truth.

They did nothing when Americans were under attack in that Embassy. Ever since September 11, 2012, they have done what ever they could to cover up the facts that show how inept and derelict they are.

While I normally repost my Never Forget on this day, I chose to post this little video of the lady who was responsible for the security of the American lives lost. They were under her watch and supervision and died on the job. She’s a power hungry career politician who will do and say whatever she has to to achieve power for her egomaniacal quest to change America into a socialist utopia.

Democrats used to be upset at Republicans for remembering what happened in New York, Pennsylvania, and to the Pentagon in 2001. They would accuse us of politicizing it, and replaying the video of the Towers falling to drum up the public support for wars that they opposed. But now they are the ones waving flags trying to ramp up the Patriotism to support a war with no calculable benefit for America.

You see, I’m tired of people who used to slam Bush and Republicans for being war mongers waging those same wars, starting new ones, spying on Americans, and fucking up the world and America in their little quest to play Sim City with America. Like Foreign Policy is a burden when they really just want to control us little ants in the farm.

The Obama administration has spent more time and resources trying to undermine the American people, to divide and conquer us, in his (and don’t forget Hillary’s) quest to have a chicken in every pot. They are waging a political war on American soil trying to fundamentally transform the once greatest nation in the world, into a centrally planned bureaucratic nightmare where freedom, liberty, and personal responsibility are illegal. They didn’t start it, its been going on for decades, but they are the ones finally pulling the trigger on policies designed to undo America’s exceptionalism.

Where is Dennis Kucinich when you need him to introduce an impeachment bill on Obama?

He’s waging wars and getting people killed around the globe all to distract us from the progressive domestic agenda to destroy this country.

I’m sick of seeing Obama’s face everywhere. I’m sick of him politicizing everything to suit his unAmerican agenda. I’m sure by the weekend he will be speaking to a crowd of political drones with that with the usual rhythmic cadence that sways emotions instead of logic and reason, not to mention that goll darn pesky obstacle known as the Constitution. He’ll be blaming Republicans for something, making them the bad guy for his policies failing, or beating them up over some issue to mislead the American public in to supporting policies that are bad for them. And if the polls are really against him, he’ll probably go back to having someone faint in the front of the crowd at each and every rally.

An example would be “immigration reform”. Good reform to Obama is to just allow citizens from other countries to magically become American citizens with all of our rights and benefits (aka: Government handouts to make them dependent on Democrat policies). Its a goll darn election tactic folks. These are people that have likely been breaking laws for decades in some instances that we are now being morally challenged to show compassion to because their home country sucks so bad they have no choice but to sneak into America and steal our jobs, entitlements, and educations. Rather than use the power of his Presidency to help Mexico become a place people can find a good job, be safe, education, and such, we’re going to change or ignore our own laws because its compassionate? No it would be compassionate and the right thing to do to help change Mexico for the better. 

Yes, I said Obama has an unAmerican agenda.

May God bless the families of all those who have senselessly lost their lives under Obama and Clinton’s watch, and may God bless the American people that we take elections seriously from now on and never make such a colossal series of mistakes in the voting booths that puts people that really hate the things that made America so great for over 200 years into office.

I’m tired of people being taken seriously who want to legalize theft and criminalize success.

Redistribution of wealth is theft. You don’t have a right to be lazy but still get everything handed to you. Eventually you will run out of other people to tax in order to get your free stuff.

America has no moral authority to pick sides in a civil war where one side is a murderous dictator and the other side is who tried to kill 150,000 Americans 12 years ago. Al Qaeda is the rebels in Syria folks.

Frankly Obama and the Democrats have done more damage to America in the last 5 years than the terrorists did in the last 12. That is something that I will never forget and I hope my fellow Americans wake the fuck up.

We are being manipulated. We are being used to install Marxism in America. These people lie on a daily basis and manipulate the news to suit their deceitful and dangerous agenda.

They lie and people die. But why? So you will surrender another freedom, another choice, and allow them to impose their will on you, your neighbors, and the people who employ you because they don’t think its fair that some people are more successful than others (unless of course they write a big enough check to the campaign.

Fucking commies.

Yes, I am really angry. You should be too. These people are doing everything they accused Bush of doing, but they are doubling down and actually making the world a more dangerous place. Bush destabilized the Middle East, but Obama has set in on fire. Who the hell are the good guys? Everyone kills everyone just because….

I’ve come to realize that our attempts at defeating terror was a mistake. Maybe we shouldn’t have gone into Iraq and Afghanistan. Maybe we could have done things differently, taken a different approach or not at all. Fought the wars differently, or not at all. But what I don’t understand is why we are still fighting Bush’s war when the people who opposed it from the beginning are now in charge of giving the go codes to those drone strikes?

It makes no sense. What the American government is doing under Obama’s administration on our soil to our own people, not abroad, makes no damn sense. Why would they be doing exactly what they opposed for a foreign policy so vehemently after September 11, 2001? What are we or the world to gain by lobbing a few missiles and bombs into Syria? Dare I say, to blow up an Aspirin factory or something? A distraction? Another Cold war to make the American people galvanize around the party in power? Maybe we can get a 3rd term for Obama….

Sure, it could be this is the last chance to establish the perception of us being a serious world power before Russia rebuilds its a Soviet era world alliance. But that ship has sailed folks. We’d better wake the fuck up quick here at home and repeal these progressive laws and environmental bullshit because we have a cruel world coming where countries will be forced to choose between dealing with little old America desperate for fuel, food, and resources or the mighty Putin Axis of evil. We are going to need to be self dependent on resources, food, and fuel or we’re going to be begging from China and Russia. That’s their play in the Middle East. Control of the resources.

Rambling rant as usual, but I’m angry. I’m angry and you should be too. We’re being lied to and manipulated. There’s no logic as to why Obama is doing anything he is. Why Obamacare? Why the domestic spying? Why blame that movie for the murders in Benghazzi? Why bomb Assad? Why is his Treasury reporting $0 added to the national debt when we are running deficits over a hundred billion dollars? Why are federal agents being killed by guns that Obama bought illegally, smuggled to Mexico, and gave to drug cartels? Meanwhile they are trying to take them away from law abiding Americans?

What the fuck is this administration really up to? If you compare their past statements and intentions *if* they get elected, to what they are actually doing, there seems to be a design, a plan. Its not going to happen overnight. It will take quite a while, years, decades, but they will eventually succeed. It took them 50 years to get to the doorstep of socialized medicine. Obamacare isn’t the end goal, its the trojan horse that will destroy the current health care market we have, requiring a total Government take over.

“What difference does it make?” she screams when her incompetence is exposed and people are murdered.  You saw how angry Clinton was when being questioned about Benghazzi. I get that angry every damn time I hear about what Obama is going to do *to* the country I love so much. Not *for* it, but *to* America. His acceptance speak in Chicago on Election night in 2008 still gives me chills (bad ones). Fundamentally transform America….

I believe it is all by design. America is dying the death of a thousand cuts at the hands of its own President with the aid of the Democrat party. The ideas they hold dear for how to run a country are not founded in our Constitution, they are founded in the polices of Marxism. They don’t want to just run the country better than Republicans, they want to rule over the country and its people.

We must remove any politician who supports the policies of progressives from office electorally. Peacefully. We must take our country back from those who clearly hate it. We must educate the public into understanding that free markets, freedom, liberty, and Capitalism is why we have what we have. Marxism first requires the creation of wealth. Why? Because socialism doesn’t allow growth, it levels the playing field equally. Equal misery if you will. Not everyone is going to get to live in a penthouse if we just eliminate the 1%. Nope, the end result of the goal of the Democrats is a crappy life for everyone, but hey, everyone has the saem crappy life so there won’t be any envy. They don’t hate the Red, White, and Blue, but they hate the way we got here and they want to make sure they decide what’s best for you from now on.

So why are we waging wars around the world again when we were lead to believe they were wars of choice by Senators Obama, Clinton, and Kerry?  Wag the dog my friends. Wag the dog.

“If you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.” – Spock

Today In The Idiocracy

The very things Obama and the media had to claim were not happening are now being used to make the case for Obama’s push for Stalinism.


We have no other choice but to surrender our liberty, freedoms, choice, but most importantly property to the Government so they alone can save this nation.

When Government controls the media, and the media agrees with Government… you get the idea but for 4 years we heard that Obama inherited this mess. the truth is that he maintained the mess, made it worse, all so he could get reelected then use it to force socialism upon the American people.

More Bad News On Obama’s Foreign Policy Priorities

Its too bad to check.

In a May 3, 2012, email, the State Department denied a request by a group of Special Forces assigned to protect the U.S. embassy in Libya to continue their use of a DC- 3 airplane for security operations throughout the country.

The subject line of the email, on which slain Ambassador Chris Stevens was copied, read: “Termination of Tripoli DC-3 Support.”

Four days later, on May 7, the State Department authorized the U.S. embassy in Vienna to purchase a $108,000 electric vehicle charging station for the embassy motor pool’s new Chevrolet Volts. The purchase was a part of the State Department’s “Energy Efficiency Sweep of Europe” initiative, which included hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars on green program expenditures at various U.S. Embassies.

Read more: KELLY: Libya security cut while Vienna embassy gained Chevy Volts – Washington Times
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This is the insanity of Obama. He refused to send reinforcements to keep American diplomats safe and instead money keeping others green.

I’m almost speechless, and for me, that’s bad.

Exactly how does this happen? Well I know its what happens when liberals are put in charge, but still how can sane humans with functioning brains allow it to happen when they had to know that lives were at risk? Was their cult worship of environmentalism blinding them from their duty to keep Americans safe? Again, I know the answer to that one.

If Amy Klobuchar wants to politicize a tragedy for her campaign she should go kick in the door of the State Department and demand answers.

Must walk away from keyboard….


Obama: Dear Comrades In Arms, Now More Than Ever

Whenever I see an Obama or Klobuchar sign as I am driving, rare btw, I say “Der Comerade” in a Dolph Lundgren in Rocky IV kind of accent.

Well today Obama’s Comrades in Arms are going on the offensive by putting on their rose colored glasses and regurgitating the White House spin on the jobs report. Which of course doesn’t add up, but the loyal lapdogs in Congress like Senator Klobuchar and their left wing allies in the media are counting on Americans’ short attention spans and hoping they don’t bother to fact check the o-called Government watchdogs and truth meters in the media.

You see, everything these radical Communists… I’m sorry…. progressives…  have been fighting for for the last 50 years is on the line, can they drive the final nail in the coffin of what once was the greatest nation on the planet by killing its economy once and for all by sending Obama back for a second term to finish the job? Or as some Hollywood folks say….”In the second term, its on”

Obamacare isn’t the solution to Health Care, its the trojan horse that destroys private health systems and requires the Government to step in.

As is the case in most industries, free markets are overruled by the Government picking the winners.

According to Obama in his debate this week, its wrong to allow Exxon and oil companies to get a “subsidy” or tax break while still actually producing a product Americans need, but its ok to spend ten times that on green energy non-science (as opposed to non-sense) like Solyndra and the countless other Democrat donating green energy companies who took taxpayer money but are belly up and not producing a single watt of energy.

I could go on, the point is do not let the headlines get to you, they are being crafted by the enemy of America as we know it.

Friends don’t let friends listen to the MSM. Now more than ever we need to make sure Americans know the truth. We can’t afford four more years of Obama and Democrats in control.

I could go on, point is folks, its crunch time. If you care about America you can’t sit back and complain. You need to affect the change. You need to step forward and show Obama and Democrats that you don’t agree that Government is the solution. You need to help convince others how bad things really are.

Obama and Democrats have multi billion dollar media empires who get to broadcast his version of reality 24 hours a day…


UH OH….. The 6 Am to 10PM daily grind of a full time job and every other waking moment being volunteered to stop Obama is unleashing the AAARF in me…..

Is it something that we cannot overcome? Maybe, but does that mean we just lay down and let America die a slow death at the hands of socialists and nanny state bureaucrats and aristocrats?

No, stand up America and let your voices be heard, stand up and join together with others working to change the course of history. Stand up and make sure Obama is a one term President.

Join the fight, we can overcome all odds, but we need your help.

We are outnumbered in the GOTV trenches by the unions and special interests of the left but we stand on the right side of the battle, where liberty and freedom reside. If we all work together we can stop Obama and Democrats.

We truly need your help. We have 33 days to save America.

I beg of you to volunteer your time or donate to good groups like, say… CD6 where we are the tip of the spear going toe to toe with the people trying to destroy America.

We will keep working, with or with out you because America is too important to just lie down and do nothing because we are too busy or you don’t like to make calls or…..


This is it. Now or never. Come help us make calls, lit drop, door knock, donate, lawnsigns.

This is it. 33 days until the election. 33 days to see if we can save America from another mistake.

I need you, America needs you.

At 8PM on November 6th, I will know that I did everything with in my power to do something. Do you think I enjoy burning up my own fuel driving around the 6th District? No, but it needed to be done.

What are you doing?


Check out this email from the Commander in Chief’s campaign to defeat America.

His minions in the press are trying to bury his blundering foreign policy disasters. The economy is in shambles. Our allies want to meet with him, and all he cares about is…..

I guess if you were the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people and the 4th estate and watchdog of Government was in your back pocket so you’re cronies got richer so they could bundle for your reelection, you’d be laughing to.

By the way, what is Obama’s goal for the next 4 years? More of the same, what will he do different in the future?

Do you know why there are angry white males? We watch the news filled with lies and can’t believe our own ears, that Americans are cheering against America.

Makes me sick.

Obama’s Marvin Window Model

I got a request for “what did I mean by the Marvin windows thing”. I had put out a couple tweets during Emperor Obama’s DNC speech. He praised Marvin windows for not cutting jobs during the great recession.

Well, I happened to have been up in Warroad last winter and guess what. People are less than satisfied with the details of that thing Obama praised. What Obama said does pass the fact check test, but it doesn’t tell you the whole story.

How does socialist France deal with its lazy workforce and sluggish economy, they can’t create more stuff for people to do, so they lower the number of hours for a full work week and lower the age of retirement. They basically just slowed down productivity and watered down the workforce in order to “keep people busy”.

And to their credit, that’s what Marvin windows did. Small town America is no fun when the major factory in a small town closes or sees its own market collapse. AHEM: Marvin windows makes windows for new homes, home market sucks, do the math.

Instead of layoffs and work stoppages to meet demand, Marvin reduced the number of hours people could work and cut benefits. I know the social engineers would prefer that Marvin build windows for no where, hire a crew to break them, then another to repair them but….

Again, what Obama says can pass the media’s standard “close enough for government work” test, but when you dig back into the story and find out the facts, then think back to why Obama said this, as in, this is what all businesses should do. Well, what did he really mean?

Obama doesn’t want to heal the economy and get America back to work, he wants to fundamentally transform our economy and change the way we live, that will have drastic reductions in our economy and demand side, but he doesn’t want people to feel the true effects of socialism, so he wants to just water down the workforce. Coerce businesses to limp along and not make real world decisions that will keep people in good paying jobs, but instead keeps everyone in miserable jobs.

Every reporter wants to be the center of the story. Its an ego thing. They think they are the only ones smart enough to understand what the people in fancy tailored suits mean, and we have a lot of journalists in this state. Emperor Obama happened to slip up and use a Minnesota business as an example of what all businesses should do. Maybe some reporters should go do some remotes and interviews with people up in he northern part of Minnesota. Go talk to people, go hang out at the coffee shops in Roseau and Warroad and see if people are as thrilled to “still have their job” as Obama lead the nation to believe.

In a court of law, one could have objected that he was leading the witness…. This Marvin windows thing is a great opportunity for some real journalism. Don’t take Obama’s word for it, go find out what people really think about having their job but no more benefits and it actually being part time but too much to pursue work somewhere else, because if the housing market does turn around, then they’d get their real job back….

Oh, and then there’s that angle of what Obama is doing in the housing market which is eerily familiar……

There’s headlines there in Warroad.

If they hurry, they can beat the cold.


The Speech That Changed Nothing

The media is trying to convince you that because Bill Clinton gave a speech last night, that PResident Obama deserves another 4 years.

I checked on the way in and that critical thing to our economy, diesel fuel, is still over $4 a gallon. Food prices are still high. Unemployment is too. So are interest rates on credit cards. Oh and my health insurance company has not reversed its premiums by 40% because they are still required to comply with Obamacare.

The housing market still stinks, because Government is still dangling carrots, we’ve written off the entire foreclosure market and builders and building homes again. What happens to all those old homes that are trashed, soon to be by meth heads, and banks are on the hook for? What happens with them?

Everyone calm down and stay on target. The economy still stinks. The goal of Obama is not to get American back on track, its to fundamentally transform this country into a centrally planned economy run by Government.

They love to say they inherited a mess, and they did, it just so happens to be by their design. Bush wasn’t a conservative free market guy and went along to get along with Democrats on many policies. From NCLB to energy,. Democrats largely had their way with Bush.

An adulterer and confirmed liar made a great presentation last night. Whooptedo. Guess what, tonight Obama is going to trot out Hollywood A-listers who look pretty or play funky music and hope that no one notices that things still stink.

Brace your self, this is just the beginning.

Telepromter don’t fail him now……