Politics Makes For Strange Bedfellows

Nice little piece by Mitch on the Brodkorb pity party and kumbaya with the liberal media. Last line is the key. (emphasis mine)

And I’m thinking his solicitousness toward Brodkorb is going to be a new corollary to Berg’s 11th Law (“The conservative liberals “respect” for their “conservative principles” will the the one that has the least chance of ever getting elected”); perhaps “the Republican that Democrats don’t pelt with rocks and garbage is the one that does their throwing for them”.

Anything that hurts the GOP is encouraged by the liberal media. Republicans are experts at tearing each other apart. Its easy because we know what will turn our own off. That doesn’t make you a good person.

MUST READ! Downey – Setting The Record Straight

Republican Party of Minnesota Chair Keith Downey sent out this email this morning to clear up some distortions and mistruths that are flying fast and furiously in the Chair’s race.

Setting the record straight…

As you may know, there are now two new candidates who have jumped into the race for Party Chair just days before the election.  A full discussion of the issues is important, and I welcome all of it and attended many conventions and district meetings around the state to do just that.  But in the last few days before the election, accurate information will be important, so I am taking the opportunity here to clarify and correct the (mis)information that is now out there.

Party Debt

To be clear, the State Party still carries too much debt.  Fortunately, since January 1st we have reduced our debt by $110,000.

After a once in four years statewide campaign effort in 2014, 2015 is now the year to make progress on the debt, and donors have given me their commitment to help in that cause if I am re-elected Chair.  And after reducing the State Party’s costs and improving our revenue streams, we are in a strong position do so.

Some key figures:

  • Since its high of $2.2 million after the problems of 2011, Party debt is now just over $1.4 million.  It reached a low of just under $1.3 million in early 2014 before the strategic decision was made to give it all we had and put our financial resources into the election, starting with the state convention and then on to the primary campaigns, statewide victory program, early/absentee ballot program, and general election campaigns.
  • Compared to 2013, today our monthly operating costs including principle and interest on structured long term debt from 2011, have been reduced by $50,000 per month.
  • Our donor file has grown from 27,000 two years ago, to 41,000 today, and the average donation has doubled.

Some argue that spending aggressively on behalf of our candidates in 2014 was unwise.  But imagine if our strategy for 2014 was simply to pay down debt.  Would donors have given?  Would we have had a successful convention? Would our endorsed candidates have prevailed in the primaries? Would our races have been as close as they were?  Doubtful.

A political Party’s financial position is lowest right after a hard fought election.  The better time to judge our progress, however, is right before we go into the next one.


In the past two years as your Party Chair, I have very intentionally made the position increasingly accountable to the State Party’s Executive Committee and ultimately to you the delegates.

  • I embraced the new policy requiring the Chair to gain approval from the Executive Committee before entering any vendor contract greater than $25,000, and if for a non-budgeted area of spending, greater than $5,000.
  • In addition, I am the first Chair, and the only current elected officer, to be accountable to a job description and an annual review from the Personnel Committee as part of receiving a salary.
  • As Chair, I submit all new hires to the Personnel Committee for approval of the individual, the job description and compensation.
  • We have regularly scheduled State Executive Committee meetings on a monthly basis, increasing to bi-weekly during the last two months of the election cycle.  All strategic matters regarding operations, campaigns and spending are discussed.
  • Thanks to our Treasurer, Bron Scherer, the State Party is now running on Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).  This is the standard of Certified Public Accounting firms, and our internal accounting controls and segregation of duties are reviewed annually by an outside party.
  • The Party Chair reviews the financials and approves accounts payable on a weekly basis with the Treasurer, Executive Director, and Finance Director, but has no computer login and no role in the accounting, invoice entry or check writing functions.
  • Monthly Income Statements and Balance Sheets are presented to the State Executive Committee, and all supporting schedules are available to be reviewed with the Treasurer.
  • A 24-month budget is proposed by the Chair and approved by the State Executive Committee, and monthly financial statements now include budget to actual comparisons.
  • The State Party’s FEC and State CFB reporting has been brought in-house to gain cost savings and control, and in the past 24 months we have had only minor amendments to our reports and no fines.

While recent accusations try to claim otherwise, this new era of transparency and accountability is solid, professional, and serving the Party and its donors very well.

Recent proposals in the name of “transparency” to undo these hard fought improvements to the Party’s financial processes are misguided, and ironically come from those with a history of leaking strategic information.

I hope this provides some helpful context as you evaluate the important issues facing our Party.

I remain confident that the turnaround is over, and the comeback has begun.  Let’s stay the course, make the progress on the debt I am committed to as a priority and have the donor support for, and deliver on the plan to win everything in 2016!

Click here to view my website and my plan for the next two years

We have regained momentum, but we also have a lot of work to do, and it would be an honor to serve as your Party Chairman for another term.

Thank you for your service to the people of Minnesota!



Keith Downey

April Fools ? – Meet MNGOP Chair Candidate Jungbauer

Sadly, I don’t think this is an April Fools Day joke. Source: Strib

Minnesota Republican Party Chairman Keith Downey, who had been unopposed in his bid for a second two-year term, as of Tuesday has an opponent in former CD2 GOP chairman BIll Jungbauer.


Asked to name Republican elected officials he admires, Jungbauer said state Rep. Steve Drazkowski, and state Sens. Dave Thompson and Brandon Petersen. But he withheld similar praise for one of the party’s most prominent new leaders, House Speaker Kurt Daudt, who has faced criticism from some on the party’s right flank.

“No comment,” Jungbauer said when asked his estimation of Daudt.

All 3 of those Legislators that Jungbauer says he admires are backing Keith Downey’s reelection. Sooooo……

For those that don’t know Mr. Jungbauer, here is a glimpse of what to expect if he should win as written by one of his friends from CD2.

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 9.49.15 PM




Legislation Happens At The Capitol Not Your BPOU Meeting

Some people think its impossible to hold their Legislator accountable and feel they have no other option but to complain to others about that online or at a Party meeting. They attend a meeting or two or three and get something in their party’s platform or agenda, but low and behold, it doesn’t miraculously become law and that person determines they are disenfranchised and encourage others to be as outraged as they are……

They rail against the party and Legislators as a whole because their idea didn’t become law even though that’s not how it works. That’s not how any of that Constitutional Governance works….

Look, I am not trying to mock people, I am trying to educate people on how to be effective. I see so much disinformation and people stoking faux controversies online I had to speak up. I’m mocking to get your attention so that you will allow yourself to be educated in how to get things done. That is after all why most of us are involved in politics isn’t it? To get better laws passed?

If you want to change legislation, the place to do that is not at your BPOU meetings. Its at the Capitol. That’s where they write and vote on legislation.

I  challenge you all to contact your Legislator on a regular basis. They even encourage it.  Its not that hard. 

How do I contact my legislator? How do I let a representative or senator know how I feel about an issue?

You can call, email, or write a letter to your legislator’s office. Email is most effective if it is not a blanket mailing to all members. When sending an email, remember to include your name, postal address and phone number.

Contact information: Representatives | Senators

Find out who represents you

They even go on to give your helpful Do’s & Don’ts. Like:

“Don’t threaten legislators”

Have you contacted your Legislators lately? Whether or not you have a Democrat or Republican representing you? Because the foot soldiers of Marxism are bombarding ALL Legislators with hundreds of contacts daily to grow Government and erode freedoms and liberties.

No seriously, go visit the Capitol and talk to your Legislators at their job where they do the work you want to influence. They even give you directions and tell you where you can park…

There are thousands of lobbyists and special interests who already know all of this and show up every single day to badger Legislators into passing or opposing laws. The 201 Legislators at the Capitol are outnumbered by those lobbyists and special interests.

Maybe before you devote all your time and energy into being outraged online  and planning a monthly meeting to encourage others to be as outraged as you…. Maybe you could try to calmly contact your Legislators and talk to them.

Contact information: Representatives | Senators

Find out who represents you

Can We Finally Put That Whole ‘The GOP Is The Party Of The Rich’ Meme To Bed Yet?

Democrats outspend Republicans 2 to 1 in the 2014 elections. Folks, and members of the media, that money has to come from somewhere. Source: PiPress

The party, in the midst of a decadelong shutout from statewide offices, spent $8.6 million to end the state and federal election drought last year. The Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party spent $15 million and kept the GOP from picking off any statewide or congressional incumbents. State campaign finance reports were made public Tuesday.

The DFL slush fund, Alliance for a Better Minnesota alone spent $5.3 million.

Here’s another fun little benefit to being a DFLer running for office. Source: MN CFB AFSCME 2014 Year End

AFSME CFB revenue report 2014 screencap


Your DFL supporting attack groups get to claim $1 million in unitemized contributions and no one blinks.

The party of the rich and shadow money is the Democrat Party, not the Republicans. Its time for the press to stop repeating the DFL lies.

Outnumbered: Lobbying Is Killing Our Republic

I actually know some lobbyist. Most of them are good people. Some do play a valuable role of educating people on issues. But like teenage boys, when you put too many of them together without adult supervision, bad things are bound to happen.

There are only 201 Legislators at the Minnesota Capitol. There’s another couple hundred staffers/assistants who work there to help the Legislators. There are thousands and thousands of lobbyists and shadow lobbyists (unregistered consultants & PR folks who do the same stuff as lobbyists but somehow avoid lobbyist filing requirements and regulations) who roam the Capitol, influence Legislators, and sell their various products/policies that range from good ideas all the way to Pandora’s box & snake oil.

We Republican activists, conservatives, Tea Partiers, Liberty, 2nd Amendment, center right, etc etc …. supporters all complain that you endorse someone in March for State House or Senate, and they end up “betraying” us by opposing something that we passed in our party platform or that they promised us during their delegate calling. We send these innocent Legislators to St. Paul and expect them to stay true when surrounded by thousands of people who get paid to get their way.

Don’t forget that on top of the lobbyists and shadow lobbyists, there are tens of thousands of state bureaucrats who also influence Legislators.

But after we endorsed them in the Spring every 2 or 4 years, did we stay in touch with our Republican Legislators? Or did we just expect them to work around our BPOU meeting schedule where we can grill them with a bunch of tough questions about what other Legislators are doing?

They are outnumbered at the Capitol by professional policy pushers for special interests. These people  are not there just trying to push a bad policy, they are there to educate (or spin) the good aspects of bills. They are professional salesman who get paid for results. Most of them wouldn’t be employed if they couldn’t convince people on why a policy should be passed. So they are good at making bad policies sound good. They gloss over bad aspects and hard sell the good points that a politician can use to get reelected.


If you see what is happening at the Capitol and what the Governor is demanding and are upset or worried, you need to stop complaining and start petitioning your legislators IN PERSON!

Find out who represents you. Call them on issues. Take a day off work and go down and talk to them.

If I had the time, I have always wanted to have a Republican Lobby Day. A day when we try to get all 15,000 people who attend Republican Precinct Caucus to show up at the Capitol and talk to their Legislators of both parties.

We, as a conservative movement, often fall victim to preaching to the choir, in that, we only try to hold our own (Republican Legislators) accountable. We have cases where our activists and figurehead/leaders who may have even had liberal DFL Reps for years, will make it their life’s mission to defeat someone else’s Republican Legislator who only has a 93% “votes with me” rating. Yet this person never bothers to go talk with their own DFL Representative who gets 90% of the votes wrong.

We always get upset when we send Republicans to St. Paul and they let us down, but have we bothered to go down there ourselves to keep them on our side? They see countless people every day trying to twist their arms to support policies we oppose.

Go find out who your Legislators are and go down tot he Capitol to visit them. Even if you have a DFLer!


MNGOP Turn Around

The Republican Party of Minnesota paid the final penalty from FEC for the blundering of former leadership.

According to the FEC, former Minnesota GOP chairman Tony Sutton would keep some invoices in his office, preventing them from being entered into the party’s accounting system.

Sutton has denied deliberating concealing the party’s debts. After he resigned in December 2011, invoices found in his office showed undisclosed debts from 2010 and 2011 totaling nearly $250,000.

The complaint was brought by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington. An earlier complaint by the watchdog group resulted in a $170,000 fine against the Minnesota GOP.


Downey To Seek Reelection As MNGOP Chair

Your thoughts?

Dear State Central Delegates:


I am announcing that I intend to run for re-election as your Republican Party of Minnesota Chair.

We have regained our footing and even some momentum, but we also have a lot of work to do, and it would be an honor to serve as your State Party Chairman for another term.  I am excited about the gains we can make!


A heartfelt thank you to each of you for all you have done, and for the progress we have made together.  We now need to take the next steps, and they are big ones.  And you are the critical component as we build our party from the ground up!


I look forward in the coming months to discussing our shared conservative principles and my plan for our next two years in the Republican Party.


Thank you for your service to the people of Minnesota!






Keith Downey

My Congressman Voted For Boehner Today, Now What Do I Do?

So brand new Congressman Tom Emmer voted for John Boehner for Speaker of the House and I wouldn’t have done the same.

Now what?

My choices are,

1) Stay on in CD6 and hope to earn Congressman Emmer’s trust and pass along some wisdom from the inside. Yes, I could run for reelection as CD6 Treasurer and State Executive Committee member and try to change the Congressman’s mind on issues. The truth is there is so much else to fight for in party politics for me. In 2016 we must hold the MN House and retake the MN Senate. Anyone wasting any time on other pursuits in 2016 is a fool and best friend of the DFL. In 2018 we have another statewide war for Guv, US Senate, and such. There’s so much work to rebuild the part from the base up and strengthen it at the CD & State level, surely I could set difference  aside for the greater good…. But should I?

2) Take my ball and go home. Yes, I could walk away from politics altogether because try and try as I might, there is always another person or group that causes you headaches and makes the volunteer work even harder. Meanwhile other people doing the same thing as me (only worse) have figured out how to profit lucratively from it. Why bother? Yes the party work work needs to be done, but why do I continue to bang my head against the wall when some fanboy activist demands the world revolve around them one day and the next your Congressman votes exactly opposite of how you would. Another day a group will siphon off all the volunteers and teach them that listening to a couple guys tell jokes every week or so is doing something. I have better things to do. And frankly this little bit of venting is likely to have already earned me the distinguished status of enemy of a whole list of people and groups.

3) Put my money where my mouth is. Yes, if I am so let down by the people who represent me in Government, maybe its time for me to run. I’m no fan of personal grudge match endorsement battles or primaries, but I’ve had about all I can take. Maybe its time to run for something. And frankly if Congressman Emmer is going to be Boehner’s most reliable vote while compromising with Obama on the destruction of our Country, he is unworthy to represent me. There was no good alternative. I am too busy to know anything about the others who ran. But I do know that had I been sworn in to the 114th Congress, I would have voted for myself.

Sure, the insiders and people who get invited to all those fancy dancy parties  think Boehner is a great and masterful Speaker. Meanwhile the country is in Constitutional and fiscal crisis. The citizen is deemed the security threat. Taxes and regulation are an every day but necessary obstacle to the pursuit of happiness that is so drummed into us Americans that we don’t even bat an eye anymore. We’re at that now or never point.

What does this mean?

I don’t know. I’m open for advice.

Is it worth being just a lowly activist that operatives and politicians take advantage of anymore?

Is it time for me to run for State or Federal office?

Maybe a higher office with in the Republican Party?

Or maybe I should just go be a blissful uninformed voter and no longer care that this country and state are falling apart at the seems under the crushing force of Government?