A Tale of Two Headlines

Strib: Gov. Dayton gets standing ovation from business group
PiPress: Dayton scolds business leaders for opposition to tax overhaul

Those stories are both about the very same event. Video of this Dayton tantrum would be amazing to see.

If you go on to read both stories, you’ll find out that Dayton went in angry and clinging to his principles and determined to lecture business leaders, not listen.

Mark Dayton is bad for business and jobs are created when businesses thrive. Mark Dayton only cares about Government thriving.

Why Not Tax Bus & LRT Fares?

Democrats have unveiled another laundry list of taxes at the State Capital. This one is relates to transportation. Two words: Job killer. 

Its Rep. Erhardt’s bill HF931 (pdf) Emphasis mine)

  • authorizing and appropriating $800.8 million in trunk highway bonds, provided at $100 million per year over fiscal years 2014-17;
  • raising registration taxes by increasing the rate (from 1.25 percent to 1.375 percent of depreciated base value) as well as the flat fee (from $10 to $20);
  • establishing a late payment penalty for some registration taxes;
  • increasing taxes on motor fuels by a total of 9.5 cents per gallon for gasoline and diesel with proportional increases for other fuel types, which is phased in over fiscal years 2014-17;
  • allocating all revenue from motor vehicle lease sales tax to transportation purposes;
  • expanding the general sales tax to include motor vehicle repairs and service, with revenues allocated to transportation purposes;
  • amending exemptions to the general sales tax to include purchases made with constitutionally dedicated transportation funds;
  • eliminating some exemptions from the motor vehicle sales tax;
  • raising the flat tax, from $90 to $150, imposed on sales of collector vehicles in lieu of the motor vehicle sales tax;
  • modifying the county wheelage tax, to expand the authority to all counties and eliminate a $5 cap;
  • raising the rate, from 0.25 percent to 0.5 percent, for the metropolitan area transportation sales tax and requiring allocation of a one-third of revenues to county highways;
  • eliminating a referendum requirement on the local option transportation sales tax for counties in Greater Minnesota; and
  • authorizing cities to establish municipal street improvement districts.

I’m sitting here adding up all the added costs that would result from this bill. Not just me personally, but also our business. And that is just the stated increases, this bill would remove multiple layers of accountability by removing referendums and caps that would allow local cities and counties to tax at will.

Two other words come to mind after reading that summary: Term Limits. Its time for term limits in Minnesota.

If this passes, this is yet another shining example of why you should not consider opening a business in Minnesota if Democrats are in charge. And newsflash folks, not everyone works for the Government, so if you want a good paying job, you need people that will want to run a business here.

Here A Tax, There a Tax, Everywhere A Tax Tax – Dayton’s Trucking Tax

Another great bit of journalism from the Duluth News Tribune on the Mark Dayton sales tax plan and how it would actually affect Minnesota’s economy.

The trucking association, however, is focusing on the fact that — if Dayton’s proposed budget is passed — the 5.5 percent tax would be added every time a product is shipped by truck.

For example, if a truck is hauling lumber, there would be a tax for trucking the raw material out of the woods and to the mill, Hausladen said. It would be taxed again to haul it to a plant. It would be taxed yet again to haul it to the distributor, he said, and finally, it could be taxed if it’s trucked to the person purchasing the lumber to build something.

Why that almost sounds like a Value Added Tax. Problem is, we have the full slate of other taxes.

The point is, this Sales Tax plan of Mark Dayton will devastate the manufacturing industry in Minnesota by ratcheting up the cost of good and services which will lead to less jobs down the road by making Minnesota suppliers less competitive to out of state ones.

DFL’s Powergrab On House Rules Is A Ticking Timebomb

The underreported of and jaw dropping spin being applied to the DFL’s naked power grab and disrespect for nearly half of the Minnesota electorate, is going to continue to drive newspaper subscriptions and local TV news ratings down the drain.

Minnesota House GOP leader says anger over rule changes won’t threaten bonding bill

This was the most divisive rule change ever in Minnesota politics. It brings Washingtonian style partisanship to St. Paul. You see Dayton and the Democrat special interests bought the Legislature, but they only managed to win that by 2050 or so properly placed votes. They got lucky in other words and know that with a little hard work, smart moves on data improvements, and the right plan, Republicans could easily take back the Minnesota House and expose Dayton as the fringe left socialist that he really is.

The fact that I know how the left wing special interests have to limit Dayton’s negotiating meetings in order to prevent him from being reasonable and compromising means that the reporters also know this.

This rule change was another firewall to prevent compromise and bi-partisanship in Minnesota state government.

The DFL is now effectively killing the amendment process. They did so to avoid their members being on the record against common sense revisions to their radical laws they plan to pass. And that’s the key, Democrats can pass anything they want to with out Republican help, except the bonding bill which requires 2/3rds to pass or 90 votes. Hence the media’s desire to put Republicans firmly on the record of willing to play nice despite being silenced by the majority.

The fact is the DFL’s laws, mostly crafted by left wing special interest groups (Odd the media isn’t all over this since they were all over the GOP’s affection for ALEC laws last year). The gun restriction laws are a great example. They were written by Bloomberg’s group which is why the lobbyist had to present the bill, Alice Hausman didn’t know what it even said.

The power grab of the rule change erasing the ability to amendment a bill on the floor is going to come back and bight the DFL. Because one of their copy and past bills will have a mistake, it will be on deadline, and they will have to kill it or pass it and allow the mistake to become law.

While both sides have abused the amendment  process over the years, yes BOTH SIDES, it is still a good process to allow transparency and equal representation. Dare I say taxation with out representation? Regardless, the fact is one party and all their powerful special interests are going to get something wrong and when that happens, the egg will be on their face.

The question is, will the press bother to point the blame in the right direction? Lord knows they didn’t bother to cover many facts yet in this session.

Dayton – Cutting Your Taxes, Expanding Them, Then Raising Them

RF Flashback circa 2007: Lunacracy In Action – Absence Matters – Destructive Energy Bill Stalled, “Less” Destructive One Passes

Lunacracy – A form of Government where reality and common sense are excluded from the debate, where special interest groups have more clout than the average citizens being governed. The Constitution is not to be considered a binding blueprint for the role and powers of such Government.

Lunacrat – An elected official who is more concerned with special interest support than doing what is right for the people they were elected to represent.

Oh look, unelected bureaucrat demands more of your money to be used against your best interests.

Met Council chairwoman supports proposed transit sales tax hike during State of Region

Metropolitan Council Chair Sue Haigh reiterated her support for Gov. Mark Dayton’s proposed transit tax on Monday, Feb. 11 during her “State of the Region” address at the St. Paul Union Depot on Kellogg Boulevard.

Appearing before hundreds of onlookers,

And there were just a dozen or so who showed up to defend their 2nd Amendment rights from Dayton’s allies in the Legislature, but hey, they are professional journalists, they just count differently. When its a liberal action item, they count fingers and toes.

Haigh said that the recently-renovated train depot, first completed in 1923, represented the kind of long-term commitment to transportation infrastructure that the region is once again contemplating.

The “region” Dayton and his minions in the shadow government of Met Council focus on is downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul. Their only plans for the broader Metro area is taxation….. OK fine, and to make it nearly impossible to drive your own car so you will finally surrender to their 19th century plan of trains trains trains.

“The generation that invested in this building did us a great favor in constructing this kind of lasting investment,” she said.

It probably cost a few hundred thousand dollars to build, and these lunatics just dumped over $250 million into it in order to explain why they needed to tear up a main thoroughfare between Minneapolis and St. Paul and disrupt thousands of peoples’ lives and put a bunch of business out of business. Ribbon cutting ceremony trumps jobs and the economy.

But hey, let’s scrape off the lipstick ad get to the hog suckling at the teet of the Twin City taxpayers.

Dayton has said he will push for a .25 percent sales tax, equivalent to a nickel on every $20 purchase, within the seven county metro. If approved by the state Legislature, the funds could help launch up to 15 passenger rail and Bus Rapid Transit lines within the next 20 years.

Record high gas prices. Stagnant economic growth. Tax increases hitting every Minnesotan. Uncertain cost of health insurance and the looming possibility of employers cutting hours to avoid the Government overreach in Dayton’s dream of Obamacare.

And here we have Dayton’s unelected shadow government trying to dig into our wallets for even more money to spend on their social engineering.

Maybe in heaven the news media will inform voters just how much disdain these bureaucrats have for free will and free markets.

While rome is burning, this lady is building a taj ma hall to rekindle that love affair Americans gladly made obsolete a century ago.

The locomotive.



War On The Poor

We’re a month into the new session and the DFL is still avoiding the budget.

Why are Democrats trying their very best to not make the budget their priority for the Legislature?

Here’s my State Rep. Peggy Scott talking about Governor Dayton’s budget proposals and how much it would harm the poor and middle class Minnesotans the DFL just promised to help in the 2012 elections.


Here A Tax There A Tax Everywhere a Tax Tax

Old Mark Dayton had a 2008 page farm…

ST. PAUL — Tucked inside Gov. Mark Dayton’s budget are less-heralded changes that would alter how Minnesota residents pay for and interact with their government from cradle to grave.

These fine-print details won’t provoke the clashes of the governor’s controversial sales or income tax plans, but they could dictate how the state tackles childhood obesity, stretches the availability of broadband Internet and disposes of old paint and carpet.

Alternate headline: There’s a Tax for that.

Road Rage

They’ve already taxed billions away from us, each time saying, this time its going to solve the problem, but now they are going to go for the jugular.

Plan calls for $20 billion in Minnesota transit tax hikes

Key word: Transit. This isn’t a transportation plan, this is social engineering.

Also worthy of note: Raising driver’s license fees when they used that as a barrier to pass Voter ID.

Sadly,  imbeciles allowed Republicans to lose to Dayton a second time, allowing him to buy the Legislature. And now he is going to tax our asses off. Way to go lobbyists and strategists who suck but still get paid.

But of course, the same people who leveraged Republicans into the mistakes in legislation, amendments, and messaging are not being turned away….

As I said, road rage.

Expediting Boondoggles, Rationing Freedom

Great news Twin City commuters. President Obama is cutting the red tape on gas and energy regulations…..

Ha ha, just kidding.

Maybe the applicants for Keystone pipeline need to just lie and say its a new mass transit rail line that will divert money from roads and bridges to build a billion dollar boondoggle where there is already a perfectly functioning private solution that is working just fine.

The President backs the stonewall approach of the EPA to help make us less dependent on MidEast oil, but expedites the anti-freedom social engineering approach of forcing us to take a train so we can’t drive our own cars.

He and Amy Klobuchar know what is best for us.

Another Bubble About To Burst – “Wimpynomics” For Pensions

Repeat after me: I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today…..

Have you noticed those new signs and ads out there, developers and home builders are saying that if you’re upside down in your current home mortgage that they will build you a brand new home and take your old home in on trade…. yeah, why does that sound eerily familiar?

Anyways, there’s a story on pensions I’d like to rant about. To those that get them, its awesome. The money they get grows on trees. Like: if you pay (read have deducted from you paycheck) 2 to 5% of your salary into a pension fund, and your employer is required to match it, you’ll be able to retire and collect that pension at half or more of your current income…..

Up to 10% a year goes into the fund, yet you get back 50 to 100%  of your whole salary if not more…. Sounds like bullet proof accounting to me, maybe we should get Mr. Pension to take over at the Social Security administration. [snark] The money magically multiplies. Really? Like what you paid in to Social Security is just sitting there in a lock box waiting for you to retire….

Can I interest you in a slightly used bridge?

Well, the pension bubbles are all coming home to roost and the outlook is grim. Promises were made, but we can’t afford to keep them.

Already-strapped state and local governments are coming under increasing pressure to reduce pension benefits or increase taxpayer contributions that help pay for them because of new rules that would require them to report those obligations more honestly, advocates say.

The latest rules come on line from the bond-rating firm Moody’s at the end of this month. They are projected to triple the gap between what states and municipalities report they have in their funds and what they have promised to pay out to retirees. That hole would stand at $2.2 trillion.

The donut hole in the pensions is $2.2 Trillion. That’s almost twice the Obama annual deficit average over his term in office. Meaning that in order for Obama and Democrats to bailout pension funds we’d have to run a 100% deficit Federally to bail out the pension funds.

I know, I know, you paid it in so by gosh, you deserve to get yours… well, that “yours” is very likely going to come right out of someone else’s paycheck and should be going to fix a bridge or pay for a Cop or Firefighter but instead is going to go to you.And of course, taxpayers will be on the hook because who will want to be the bad guy and stand up and say, no. I know you are “owed” it, but you were lied to. Are you selfish enough to bankrupt future generations because you fell for a ponzi scheme? 

Its the new Obama’s American dream. Write as big a check as you want, promise the world to someone to get their support, then blackmail the taxpayers to bail you out when that road you’d been kicking the can down finally comes to the edge of the cliff….

America’s downfall is going to be the promises Government made to maintain its power, not the poor choices of Wall Street, Boards of Directors, or business owners…..

Another trojan horse is waiting to unleash its ugly little ticking time bomb. Politicians of the past have kicked the can down the road.  The cliff is in sight, will we stay the course, protect the status quo, and refuse reforms and honest solutions?