Dayton & DFL Pushing a 9.2% Spending Increase

The media is doing its best to help Governor Dayton and the DFL Majorities in the Legislature dramatically increase spending and taxes with out the public realizing. I think its critical to remind people of what happened under Republicans since they DFL slimed them to win the 2012 Elections and majorities.

The Republican led Legislature passed a budget of $35 Billion dollars.

According to media reports the DFL has somehow managed to compromise on all their spending desires and only end up at $38 Billion.

That’s a $3 Billion increase in spending and taxes, or 9.2%.

Nearly a 10% increase in spending under the DFL’s single party rule. Oddly, they are complaining how the GOP Minorities are making it hard for them to accomplish anything. I guess the real question should be, just how much bigger should the state budget be if the DFL didn’t have to deal with that pesky MN Constitution that allows for all Minnesotans to select their representation at the Capital (Read: elect non-socialist redistributionists)?

Unicorn Farts & Happy Thoughts Agenda

Well the House DFL is leaving little to the imagination of what it looks like inside the mind of a utopian. That is, what does the agenda look like from someone who has no basis of using practical real world cause and effect and instead relies entirely on feelings to govern.

Its always a good indicator that a policy is flawed when, in order to get enough support to pass legislation, you have to insert exclusions for special interests who would be harmed upon implementation…. (emphasis mine)

The Minnesota House and Senate have agreed to an energy bill that includes a 1.5 percent solar energy standard for investor-owned utilities.


The conference committee working out differences between the two bills decided on a 1.5 percent solar energy standard that will take effect sooner. Investor-owned utilities, such as Xcel Energy, must meet the standard by the end of 2020. Iron mining facilities and paper mills are exempt, as are electricity co-ops and municipal utilities.

Here’s a response from House Republicans on the issue.

St. Paul- Reps. Tim O’Driscoll (R-Sartell) and Pat Garofalo (R-Farmington) issued the following statements upon passage of the conference committee report for the Jobs, Commerce, Housing, and Energy Omnibus bill. HF 729 passed by a vote of 73-59 and the conference committee report now heads to the Senate for final passage.

“I was disappointed to find excessive wasteful spending for inefficient government programs in this bill which is inaccurately titled a ‘jobs’ bill. HF 729 is a hodgepodge of state programs and initiatives that will spend millions in taxpayer dollars and only kill jobs or drive them elsewhere through higher taxes, fees and energy rates. The special interests that benefit from this bill will result in others losing out, including a special group of employees that will receive much higher unemployment benefits than the average Minnesotan,” said Rep. O’Driscoll.

“Democrats passed energy mandates tonight that will result in higher energy costs for hardworking Minnesotans. Democrats are forcing consumers to use energy that nobody wants, everyone will pay for, and no one can afford,” added Rep. Garofalo.

Meanwhile, on the real energy crisis that affects Minnesotans TODAY….

Prices around the metro and across Minnesota jumped well above $4 a gallon Wednesday. Prices at some stations around the metro were listed at $4.19 a gallon, while other stations were reported to be slightly higher.

According to AAA, the highest average price on record for the state is $3.98, that was in 2008. Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, Michigan, Illinois and the West Coast are holding the highest gas prices in the country right now.

AAA says higher crude oil prices are partly to blame for the price hike, but refinery maintenance both planned and unplanned in the Midwest and West Coast caused those prices to go up.

AAA says we might not get relief at the pump until July 4.

This is not on the list of things the DFL is worried about. In fact, they are proposing a gas tax increase as well as driving related fee increases to pad their special interest slush funds and bailout packages.

Is this what you voted for Minnesota?


There Is No Free Lunch – Businesses Don’t Pay Taxes

From Governor Dayton’s press conference yesterday. He was asked if he raises taxes on businesses, won’t middle class Minnesotans (and lower btw) be forced to pay more for goods and services.

There is no free lunch folks. The taxes, fees, and regulatory burdens the DFL are going to pass will end up being paid by every single Minnesotan.

Only 11 More Days For Divisive Social Issues & Kickbacks To Special Interests


Tick Tock…..

And let’s not forget how the DFL sounded 2 years ago when the shoe was on the other foot.

From May 22, 2011 REUTERS by: David Bailey

Protesters supporting and opposing the amendment could be heard demonstrating outside the House chambers for days and anti-amendment chants were audible after the vote.

The amendment is “a real ill-advised attempt to use our constitution to place an important question out of reach of the elected officials and to impose our will in the year 2011 on future generations 100, 200, 300 or more years from now,” Democratic Representative Steve Simon said.

Democrats questioned the drive for the constitutional amendment with the state budget still unresolved. They also said they were concerned it would lead to a divisive political campaign over the next 18 months to the election.

“Millions and millions of dollars will be poured into this state on both sides and the pain and agony that I have witnessed in this chamber this evening will be all over Minnesota,” Democratic Representative Kerry Gauthier said.

Meanwhile, the private behind closed doors negotiating meetings between DFL Governor Dayton & the DFL Majority Leadership teams has been unable to produce a budget.

Following the 90 minute meeting, Bakk told reporters that they’re still trying to agree on a global number on new tax revenue. He said that number is needed to set the spending targets for each piece of the budget.

Tax first, figure out if the spending even makes sense never….

Bakk said they’re also still discussing the Senate’s sales tax expansion, which neither the House nor the governor supported.

There’s a clear sense of ‘urgency’ in the DFL Senate  membership to sock it to lower and middle class Minnesotans to expand State Government. They are holding the budget hostage for one of there pet projects.

Heck with under 2 weeks to go, there is not even agreement amongst DFLers about even the budget targets.

House Speaker Paul Thissen, DFL-Minneapolis, said they’ve been talking about the budget in very broad terms. Thissen said he’s hoping for an agreement on budget targets as soon as possible.

Maybe if they weren’t so distracted with their own divisive agenda Minnesotans wouldn’t be facing yet another Dayton shutdown.

Clearly Mark Dayton is incapable of leading.

Has he given the order for his Cabinet to begin preparing for a shutdown since the DFL uni-partisan Governing team seems to be at an impasse?

DFL Aiming To Tax Middle Class To Satisfy Spending Addiction

I’m a firm believe that the Minnesota Senate should change their terms to be more like the US Senate where half the members are up every 2 years. Why?

Senate DFLers propose income tax hikes on top 6 percent of filers

Senate Democrats released their tax bill this morning.

It would create a new third tier income tax rate of 9.4 percent on on joint filers with a taxable income $140,960 or more a year. Single filers would pay the new 9.4 percent rate starting at a taxable income of $79,730.

Because since the DFL controlled Senate isn’t up for 4 years, they can be as radical and socialist as they want because they trust the voters will forget they did nothing to help solve the state’s budget problems.

This is a tax increase on the middle class plain and simple. $79K ain’t rich. It ain’t top 1%.

If they were up for election in 2014, Senate Democrats would never have proposed such a preposterous tax bill. A 10% income tax on the middle class on top of the slew of other taxes being proposed… just what do the DFLers think people will do when their take home pay is reduced?

MN Tax Collections Up Even Without Raising Taxes Last Session

In yet another example of what happens if you allow hard working Minnesotans and businesses keep more of their money, we see that tax collections increase over projections.


The Department of Minnesota Management and Budget says receipts from each of the three major taxes — income taxes, sales taxes and corporate taxes — exceeded expectations.


Governor Dayton and Democrats say that people have to pay their fair share or else tax collections will go down. Then how can the 2010 & 2011 Republican budgets that didn’t raise taxes end up resulting in more tax revenue for the state?

A Tale of Two Headlines

Strib: Gov. Dayton gets standing ovation from business group
PiPress: Dayton scolds business leaders for opposition to tax overhaul

Those stories are both about the very same event. Video of this Dayton tantrum would be amazing to see.

If you go on to read both stories, you’ll find out that Dayton went in angry and clinging to his principles and determined to lecture business leaders, not listen.

Mark Dayton is bad for business and jobs are created when businesses thrive. Mark Dayton only cares about Government thriving.

Why Not Tax Bus & LRT Fares?

Democrats have unveiled another laundry list of taxes at the State Capital. This one is relates to transportation. Two words: Job killer. 

Its Rep. Erhardt’s bill HF931 (pdf) Emphasis mine)

  • authorizing and appropriating $800.8 million in trunk highway bonds, provided at $100 million per year over fiscal years 2014-17;
  • raising registration taxes by increasing the rate (from 1.25 percent to 1.375 percent of depreciated base value) as well as the flat fee (from $10 to $20);
  • establishing a late payment penalty for some registration taxes;
  • increasing taxes on motor fuels by a total of 9.5 cents per gallon for gasoline and diesel with proportional increases for other fuel types, which is phased in over fiscal years 2014-17;
  • allocating all revenue from motor vehicle lease sales tax to transportation purposes;
  • expanding the general sales tax to include motor vehicle repairs and service, with revenues allocated to transportation purposes;
  • amending exemptions to the general sales tax to include purchases made with constitutionally dedicated transportation funds;
  • eliminating some exemptions from the motor vehicle sales tax;
  • raising the flat tax, from $90 to $150, imposed on sales of collector vehicles in lieu of the motor vehicle sales tax;
  • modifying the county wheelage tax, to expand the authority to all counties and eliminate a $5 cap;
  • raising the rate, from 0.25 percent to 0.5 percent, for the metropolitan area transportation sales tax and requiring allocation of a one-third of revenues to county highways;
  • eliminating a referendum requirement on the local option transportation sales tax for counties in Greater Minnesota; and
  • authorizing cities to establish municipal street improvement districts.

I’m sitting here adding up all the added costs that would result from this bill. Not just me personally, but also our business. And that is just the stated increases, this bill would remove multiple layers of accountability by removing referendums and caps that would allow local cities and counties to tax at will.

Two other words come to mind after reading that summary: Term Limits. Its time for term limits in Minnesota.

If this passes, this is yet another shining example of why you should not consider opening a business in Minnesota if Democrats are in charge. And newsflash folks, not everyone works for the Government, so if you want a good paying job, you need people that will want to run a business here.

Here A Tax, There a Tax, Everywhere A Tax Tax – Dayton’s Trucking Tax

Another great bit of journalism from the Duluth News Tribune on the Mark Dayton sales tax plan and how it would actually affect Minnesota’s economy.

The trucking association, however, is focusing on the fact that — if Dayton’s proposed budget is passed — the 5.5 percent tax would be added every time a product is shipped by truck.

For example, if a truck is hauling lumber, there would be a tax for trucking the raw material out of the woods and to the mill, Hausladen said. It would be taxed again to haul it to a plant. It would be taxed yet again to haul it to the distributor, he said, and finally, it could be taxed if it’s trucked to the person purchasing the lumber to build something.

Why that almost sounds like a Value Added Tax. Problem is, we have the full slate of other taxes.

The point is, this Sales Tax plan of Mark Dayton will devastate the manufacturing industry in Minnesota by ratcheting up the cost of good and services which will lead to less jobs down the road by making Minnesota suppliers less competitive to out of state ones.

DFL’s Powergrab On House Rules Is A Ticking Timebomb

The underreported of and jaw dropping spin being applied to the DFL’s naked power grab and disrespect for nearly half of the Minnesota electorate, is going to continue to drive newspaper subscriptions and local TV news ratings down the drain.

Minnesota House GOP leader says anger over rule changes won’t threaten bonding bill

This was the most divisive rule change ever in Minnesota politics. It brings Washingtonian style partisanship to St. Paul. You see Dayton and the Democrat special interests bought the Legislature, but they only managed to win that by 2050 or so properly placed votes. They got lucky in other words and know that with a little hard work, smart moves on data improvements, and the right plan, Republicans could easily take back the Minnesota House and expose Dayton as the fringe left socialist that he really is.

The fact that I know how the left wing special interests have to limit Dayton’s negotiating meetings in order to prevent him from being reasonable and compromising means that the reporters also know this.

This rule change was another firewall to prevent compromise and bi-partisanship in Minnesota state government.

The DFL is now effectively killing the amendment process. They did so to avoid their members being on the record against common sense revisions to their radical laws they plan to pass. And that’s the key, Democrats can pass anything they want to with out Republican help, except the bonding bill which requires 2/3rds to pass or 90 votes. Hence the media’s desire to put Republicans firmly on the record of willing to play nice despite being silenced by the majority.

The fact is the DFL’s laws, mostly crafted by left wing special interest groups (Odd the media isn’t all over this since they were all over the GOP’s affection for ALEC laws last year). The gun restriction laws are a great example. They were written by Bloomberg’s group which is why the lobbyist had to present the bill, Alice Hausman didn’t know what it even said.

The power grab of the rule change erasing the ability to amendment a bill on the floor is going to come back and bight the DFL. Because one of their copy and past bills will have a mistake, it will be on deadline, and they will have to kill it or pass it and allow the mistake to become law.

While both sides have abused the amendment  process over the years, yes BOTH SIDES, it is still a good process to allow transparency and equal representation. Dare I say taxation with out representation? Regardless, the fact is one party and all their powerful special interests are going to get something wrong and when that happens, the egg will be on their face.

The question is, will the press bother to point the blame in the right direction? Lord knows they didn’t bother to cover many facts yet in this session.