Weekend Depressing News – MN Is 47th Worst State On Taxes

Oh yeah, Democrat policies are no obstacle to business. If the taxes don’t kill your desire to run a business in Minnesota, there is also the ever growing mountain of red tape and mandates that will make you wonder why you bother.

2014 State Business Tax Climate Index 

The 10 lowest ranked, or worst, states in this year’s Index are:

41. Maryland
42. Connecticut
43. Wisconsin
44. North Carolina
45. Vermont
46. Rhode Island
47. Minnesota
48. California
49. New Jersey
50. New York

If this doesn’t ruin your weekend, you must work for the Government.

Every day I learn of another tax or mandate that my business has to now deal with. This state is in for some serious problems if Dayton and Democrats aren’t run out of office once and for all.


More Proof You Can’t Tax Your Way To Prosperity – This Isn’t Sim City

Republicans tried to convince Governor Dayton & DFL Legislative Leaders to include repealing the Warehousing & Farm Equipment repair taxes during the Special Disaster Special Session. Al though Dayton agreed the Farm equipment tax was a mistake, he refused to consider this DFL caused disaster in the agenda. On the notion of the disastrous ware house tax – Minnesota is the only state in the nation to implement such a tax – he challenged Republicans with finding the offsetting spending cuts.

Dayton said he remains unfriendly to the idea, pushed hard by Republicans, of repealing the new warehouse tax during the special session. He said he has invited the GOP to come up with a new source of income to replace that tax but none have come forward.

Let’s recap the Dayton & DFL budget, shall we? They had a surplus (that could have paid back Dayton’s school shift) and still raised taxes by over $2 Billion to satisfy their spending appetite. Minnesota is required to have a balanced budget, meaning you have to rely on forecasts on tax collections to match spending.

Well what happens when – as common sense predicts as well as experts – you raise a tax on something specific and people stop buying it? The “investment” revenue from those products don’t come in to the state and there is a donut in the budget.

Minnesota’s tax increase on cigarettes has dampened sales since taking effect on July 1, just as tobacco sellers and anti-smoking groups predicted would happen.

Early state Department of Revenue figures show a sharp drop in demand for the stamps affixed to each pack of cigarettes, Minnesota Public Radio reported Thursday. The stamps are proof that state taxes have been paid. Wholesalers and retailers pin the dip on the extra $1.60 per pack tax, especially in border towns.

For July, stamp sales fell more than 35 percent over the same month a year ago. For August, the drop was 12 percent.

The department reports that tax collections are up by more than 56 percent anyway, though that figure slightly lags projections used when lawmakers built the tax increase into their newly enacted state budget. Tax collections on other-than-cigarette tobacco products such as ‘roll-your-own’ tobacco also are up.

So what will Dayton & DFL leaders propose to cut to offset the predicted shortfall in revenue? You see, they need ALL the predicted revenue to have a balanced budget.

Of course we all know that they will simply look for someone or something else to tax. They are addicted to spending. They are addicted to growing Government. They can’t fathom the idea of a Minnesota economy that doesn’t revolve around state bureaucrats and isn’t held hostage by the elected politicians who like to play Sim City with real lives and businesses.

#makeDClisten No Training Included In Daytoncare – Killing Obamacare Is The Only Way To Protect Americans

What happens when a single party is allowed to exercise its ideology with out criticism, examination, or media scrutiny? Its called Obamacare and its crazy uncle Daytoncare (MNSure).

On October 1st, every Minnesotan will be required to participate in the Minnesota Health Insurance Exchange that was mandated by Obamacare. What is the exchange and how will it affect the millions of existing contracts Minnesotans have with insurance providers is unclear just a week out from the launch.

What should really scare all Minnesotans is this from the Pioneer Press:

A week before the launch of Minnesota’s health exchange, no insurance agents, county workers or “navigators” have been fully trained and certified to help consumers enroll in coverage through the new system, state officials told legislators Tuesday.

In a week 6 million Minnesotans need to know just what the law passed thanks to Al Franken’s stolen election means to them and their family. Hundreds of thousands of employers have to know what this means to their business. Thousands of state and county employees are being forced to impliment the Federal mandate, yet none of them have even received information or training as to explain what Minnesotans can expect.

A lot of Republican strategists are scared of taking a bold stand and “risking” a shutdown over defunding Obamacare, but the fact is no one knows what Obamacare really is. Heck, Nancy Pelosi said the only way to know what was in the bill was to pass it. Three years later, even the bureaucrats tasked with carrying out the Federal mandate don’t know what was in the bill.

Well the law is supposed to be enacted in a week and no one knows what the law really does or what it means. No one has yet been trained to explain to Americans what it means to American families.

Not stopping Obamacare’s unknown affects on Americans’ health care is immoral, unAmerican, and unDemocratic.

Repeal the provision in Obamacare that allows for the Obama appointed Secretary of Health & Human Services to grant a waiver to groups or businesses and force mandate every single state, federal, county, and municipal employee to participate in the same laws that other Americans will be forced to.

If Obamacare is so dang good, then every single American should be mandated to participate. No one should be excluded. No one should be granted a waiver. And no one should be forced to participate in a government policy that no one has been trained to even explain to citizens.

Common sense says this was a mistake. Logic says this is insanity and political marksmanship and overreach. Honesty says this was the mother of all political mistakes ever made in Washington and something that at the very least needs more time to be examined and tested.

To allow Obamacare to be implemented at this point, with no proof of readiness, benefits, or affordability is grounds for recall, impeachment, and a psych eval for anyone unwilling to be honest and admit that its one of the biggest hoaxes ever perpetrated on the American people.

Thursday RNC

Should Republicans Only Blame Dayton For Wilf’s Sweetheart Deal?

Now that the details of the Vikings stadium bill are coming to light it is clear taxpayers were not the Governor or Legislature’s radar. Maybe they were distracted by promises of watching the Super Bowl in the owner’s suite and rubbing elbows with NFL stars, which is why a flawed stadium bill was rushed through.

The first responsibility of the Governor and any Legislator – is to stand up for the hard working citizens and taxpayers of Minnesota.

E-pull tabs are coming up short and we had to enact a new tax to plug the state’s portion. This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who watched as the bill raced through the House and Senate. Governor Dayton, his revenue department, and pro-stadium Legislators wanted the Vikings deal so badly they didn’t look beyond the inflated projections from an e-pulltab vendor. They all took their eyes off the ball.

Now that the taxpayer’s are on the hook, we find out that the Wilfs were involved in civil litigation and were found guilty of civil racketeering from their dealings 20 years ago. We still don’t know where the Wilf’s share of the stadium is going to come from.

Dayton, Legislators, and some members of the press seem to be surprised that naming rights and seat licenses could be used by the Wilf’s to offset their financial contribution to the stadium.  Naming rights and seat licenses could have been on the taxpayer side of the ledger, but Governor Dayton and pro-Vikings legislators took their eye off the ball and punted that one away.

The more Vikings fans and Minnesota taxpayers learn about the stadium deal, the more they realize the Wilf’s weren’t partnering with Minnesota, they wanted to get as much as they could out of Minnesota. They teased the idea of moving the team to blackmail us into building them a billion dollar stadium.  Its not as if Minnesota was the first state to consider partnering with a pro-team to build them a stadium. Had Dayton and the Legislature slowed down and done some research they could have got their eye’s on the NFL playbook to sack taxpayers and ticket holders with most of a stadium’s cost. Its happened in just about every state that has an NFL team.

Republicans are quick to blame Dayton and Dayton alone for the stadium bill, but we cannot over look the role of a few key Republicans who helped rush this awful stadium deal through the Legislature.

Sen. Julie Rosen (R) was the author of the Senate Bill and described it as,

“As we’ve been saying all along, this is not an easy package to put together. But it is put together. It’s a good bill. Anybody’s who’s had a chance to read it has said, you know, this is the best stadium bill we’ve had on the table, ever,” she said. http://minnesota.publicradio.org/display/web/2012/03/12/rosen0312

Rep. Morrie Lanning (R) was the House author and saved the stadium deal in the final minutes of the session.

Speaker Kurt Zellers (R) had the power to kill the stadium too. As Speaker he could have blocked it from coming to the floor or he could have urged his Caucus members to defend the taxpayers, he did neither. Of course he’ll point to his no vote, but that was too little too late. He said on KFAN that he wanted the bills to pass.

Rosen and Zellers are both running for Governor. They both played major roles in the final passage of the stadium bill and the Republican base knows it. That’s why neither one is going to abide by the endorsement. They know they’d be sacked on the 1st ballot.

If Governor Dayton is a fool for signing the Vikings Stadium Bill, then Sen. Rosen and Rep. Zellers are just as foolish. They all took their eyes off the ball, which is protecting the taxpayers.

Daytoncare Has Its 1st Major Security Failure

Obamacare will go down in history as the worst piece of legislation ever. It was due to the ability of President Obama and Congressional Democrats to railroad the law through Congress with their 60th vote Al Franken that there was never any scrutiny, debate, or vetting of the practicality of the law. The same Government that can’t figure out how to maintain a transportation network, or realize the usefulness of the post office is somehow going to ‘fix” health insurance?

Well, in Minnesota progressives purchased similar majorities and the Governor’s office in 2012 and they not only agreed to rush a Minnesota exchange into place, they raised the bar on mandates and government intervention. That’s why I call the MNSure (Obamacare mandates state run exchange as opposed to Federal takeover) = Daytoncare.

He demanded it. He rushed it into place. He could have bothered reading this bill and realized that it was ripe with problems and shortcomings. But he doesn’t seem to read a lot of the bills he signs into law, so Minnesota citizens are now subject to human error that could expose their financial and private information to identity theft.

Republicans have warned about the chance for this, and here in Minnesota, we have our first case. 

An employee for the state’s new online health insurance exchange accidentally released confidential information on hundreds of insurance agents.

According to the Star Tribune, MNsure officials say the employee sent an email to an Apple Valley insurance broker’s office Thursday that contained Social Security numbers, addresses and other private information of more than 2,400 insurance agents.

An MNsure security manager called the insurance broker, Jim Koester, and had him delete the file from his computer hard drive. Koester tells the Star Tribune the incident raises questions about the security of MNsure client information.

Users of the exchange will need to provide confidential information to a federal hub where eligibility for public health programs or tax credits will be reviewed.

You hear ever week about how some government or financial network is breached and private data is stolen. We also have the news this week in Minnesota that other state databases are being abused and private information of Minnesotans is being misused by state workers.

Everything that an identity thief needs to destroy someone’s life is neatly packaged in a single database that was raced into operation with out any predecessors to at least improve upon. October 1st is the deadline for insurance companies to inform their existing customers about changes to their existing plans and the new rates. But here we are, 2 weeks from that deadline, and it seems that most insurance companies still don’t really know how the new health care mandates are really going to affect their operations.

If a private company was doing something like Daytoncare to their members or customers, Attorney General Lori Swanson would be slapping lawsuits on them and the local media would have choppers hovering over the Capital.

Non-Compostable Waste: Minimum Wage Increase v2.0

Gov. Dayton and the DFL failed to pass another economy crippling part of the left wing Neo-Communist agenda last Legislative Session: a $1.3 Billion employer tax increase. But, they aren’t taking it lying down. You are hearing story after story about pushes to pass a massive mandated wage increase in the news.

What you are not hearing about, is the impact on employers and the economy. I wrote about this back in May during the Session.

RF Flashback: Winkler & DFL To Push $1.3 Billion Minimum Wage Tax Hike

MN Legislature Aims To Disarm Constituents

The aristocracy in Minnesota will never rest. They are still trying to take away your rights even out of session.

Minnesota: Ban on Permit-Holder Carry in the State Capitol under Consideration

The Advisory Committee on Capitol Security will hold two meetings to consider changing current law to ban concealed carrying of firearms by permit-holders in the state Capitol.   The first meeting will be held this Wednesday, August 14, from 11:00 am to 12:30 pm at the Minnesota State Capitol in St. Paul on 75 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. in Room 107.  This meeting will focus on discussion of current law and policy, and there will be no public testimony heard at this meeting regarding firearms on the Capitol Complex.  To view the agenda for this meeting, please click here.

On Tuesday, August 20, this committee will meet again from 10:00 am to 11:30 am at the Minnesota State Capitol in St. Paul on 75 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. in Room 107 to discuss policy changes to current standards regulating firearms on the Capitol Complex.   Please attend this meeting and OPPOSE these changes to current law that would ban concealed carry in the state Capitol.  Public testimony will be heard (though time may be limited).  If you wish to testify, please submit your name in writing to angela.geraghty@state.mn.us.  To view the agenda for this meeting, please click here.

Please plan to arrive at least an hour before each meeting.  Remember, with a permit, concealed carry is lawful in the Minnesota State Capitol and other state buildings in the area if you have notified the Commissioner of Public Safety of your intent to do soin advance.

There were how many murders overnight in the Twin Cities? We have rampant gang warfare being carried out on the streets, but the highbrow lawmakers and bureaucrats are more focused on taking guns out of the hands of peaceful law abiding citizens. They are far less dangerous than violent criminals.

Thompson Ready To Repeal Dayton’s Warehouse Tax & Keep Jobs Here

This morning on Jack & Ben’s ‘Show To Be Named Later’ Sen. Dave Thompson announced his intention to introduce a bill IF a Special Session is called to repeal DFL Governor Dayton’s Warehouse Tax.

Minnesota is the only state in the nation to tax commercial warehousing services.

Thompson said that if a Special session is called to deal with the June storms, he will introduce a bill to repeal Dayton’s Warehouse tax which will likely even get DFL support. So far DFL Majority Leaders have refused calls by Republicans to have a special session to repeal their warehouse tax. Some said it could wait until next session, others are not against repealing it  altogether. I guess they are not concerned with employers fleeing the state and taking their jobs with them.

Are you worried about the media saying Thompson is trying to hi-jack the session that should be focused on the Storm relief? Have no fear: Noted racist and radical DFL House member Ryan Winkler has already said he plans to introduce his billion dollar business tax hike (AKA Minimum Wage Increase)

It’s common for legislative leaders to reach a pre-special session agreement on what can be taken up on the floor during that time. Republicans are already calling for a special session to repeal a tax on warehousing passed last session, and DFL Rep. Ryan Winkler tweeted on Thursday that he’d like to see a proposal to increase the state’s minimum wage brought back for action. The bill passed off both the House and Senate floors last session, but legislators failed to reach a compromise position in conference committee before adjournment.

“Special session for storms could include minimum wage increase–a raise for 350K MN workers. Workers shouldn’t need to wait until 2014,” Winkler tweeted.


Read more: http://politicsinminnesota.com/2013/08/dayton-legislators-discussing-possible-storm-related-special-session/#ixzz2b6T4nv4t

This bill puts Minnesota employers and businesses at a competitive disadvantage to neighboring states and we’re already seeing businesses making plans to respond accordingly. As in “move operations and jobs” out of Minnesota. (Source)

Among the businesses concerned about the tax is Red Wing Shoes. The company declined to provide comment for this article. But in an interview with the Star Tribune’s Neal St. Anthony, Red Wing Shoes President Dave Murphy said the company has decided to delay plans for a new $20 million distribution center in Red Wing as a result of the tax.

Minnesota employers shouldn’t have to wait to have this misguided warehouse tax repealed. Thanks to Sen. Dave Thompson for keeping the pressure on fighting Dayton and the DFL’s disastrous economic agenda.

2014: Off to the Races in Minnesota

Here’s a rundown of who is officially running for major office in 2014 as Republicans. (listed alphabetically) 


  • Scott Honour
  • Hennepin Co. Commissioner Jeff Johnson
  • Sen. Dave Thompson
  • Rep. Kurt Zellers

US Senate

  • Rep. Jim Abeler
  • Mike McFadden


  • Tom Emmer
  • Sen. John Pederson
  • Anoka County Commissioner Rhonda Sivaraja


  • Rep. Mike Benson

MN Economy 5th Best Thanks To The Republican Led Legislature

Of course you don’t see that in the headline or story for that matter, of the 2012 Economic survey of states.

Minnesota economy among fastest growing in U.S.

Minnesota has one of the fastest-growing state economies in the nation, according to a federal study released Monday by state officials.

Minnesota tied California last year for fifth place in growth of gross domestic product, or GDP, based on data for durable goods manufacturing, construction, mining, agriculture, wholesale trade and finance, and insurance, the U.S. Commerce Department’s Bureau of Economic Analysis reported.

Minnesota and California’s GDP grew 3.5 percent in 2012, compared to a 2.5 percent national average. The total value of Minnesota GDP was $253 billion, ranking 17th nationally.

We were told during the 2012 Election by Governor Dayton, Democrat candidates, and their special interest friends that Republican policies were bad for Minnesota. Well, if the Republican policies enacted in the Legislature were that bad, I expect Minnesota to rank number one after Minnesota’s 2013 economy was run singlehandedly by Democrats.