Pawlenty’s Romneyfication – Career Suicide Watch

Pawlenty Proves He’s a ‘Company Man’ – Pro-Romney

Hey, I ultimately supported Mitt Romney in 2008, but that was after there was no one besides Huckster & McCain. It was the less of 3 evils. If only Fred Thompson had the energy and desire to have run a campaign.

But Tim Pawlenty’s rash early endorsement of Mitt Romney is baffling. No doubt Tim Pawlenty was not going to retire his political aspirations, but to pick Mitt Romney this early, well, maybe its career politician suicide.

Frankly in my opinion this is 1 of 2 things:

1) He’s been promised the VP slot *IF* Mitt Romney wins the endorsement.

2) He’s more worried about making sure the actual conservative candidates don’t win.

Its baffling to me why he did this. We all know he can’t stand the principled win of the Party, but to spit in their face this early, well, it makes no sense. He had basically called Romney a coconspirator to Obamacare? And now he says he’s the best candidate to run against Obama?

Do as I say, not as I do – much?

Here Lies Enviro Lunacy – 1976 – 2011

You have to dig real deep, but buried in this story is a little nugget that will hamper any politician who has ever embraced with open lips the boondoggle that is bio-fuels such as ethanol should they ever seek higher office. (ahem Tpaw loved this stuff)

Cargill profit for quarter 7% less giant

Cargill Inc. on Tuesday posted its first quarterly profit decline since late 2009, as its earnings fell 7 percent, even as revenue soared 35 percent.

And if you skip WAY WAY WAY down to the end of the story, you find the counter intelligence for every that Agro-America, the media, and liberal politicians have been spewing for about 15 years.

Cargill’s risk management and financial services segment also saw declining earnings during the quarter, and — unlike any of Cargill’s other four divisions — posted declining profits for the whole year. Lower earnings in Cargill’s energy trading business was a prime culprit.

Why, they trade energy. As in carbon credits? Hmmmm. Al Gore got rich doing it, why not Cargill? Or is that their food burning products?

Amy Klobuchar & Barrack Obama thought the way to save the US economy was with green jobs. Pink slips trump talking points.

Lunacrats! Klobuchar, Pawlenty, Obama. All embraced ecolunacy and forced laws upon Americans that harmed us. Don’t you ever forget 25 by 25 or the ethanol push of Pawlenty.

He’s an envirowhacko true and true. Its only when the science was actually revealed that he has returned to the conservative line of logic.

He’s a fony folks.

Tell Timmy to take his cob and shove it.

Pawlenty’s Other Worse Case Scenario

As if Bachmann isn’t eating his lunch in Iowa, if Texas Governor Rick Perry’s entrance into the POTUS race would be the final nail in his campaign coffin. He isn’t conservative so Bachmann trumps him, and he can’t compare to a red state Governor with his wishy washy record in a blue/purple state.

Hang it up Timmy. No one cares.

Team Pawlenty Goes Gutter On Bachmann

Having been someone who has faced such low down tactics before, I can easily recognize the handiwork of Team Pawlenty.

Stress-related condition ‘incapacitates’ Bachmann; heavy pill use alleged

Read more:


Fact 1: This proves Pawlenty is getting creamed in Iowa by Bachmann. He has no choice but to unleash his attack dogs who know no bounds or such things as class. His campaign may have peaked on the day he officially announced in Iowa.

Fact 2: Bachmann is being taken seriously. You don’t get fellow Republicans unleashing this kind of National Enquirer worthy garbage unless you are a serious threat.

Many of Tim Pawlenty’s staff and high level supporters used to work for Bachmann. This kind of information can only come from someone who was on the inside.

Its a major character flaw of Pawlenty. He’s like McCain in the notion that he can easily go for the jugular on a Republican but plays nice and kid gloved with Democrats. Its why I say he can’t be trusted to occupy the White House. More importantly, the people he has doing his dirty work will end up as White House staff.

Why the next thing you know, someone will start floating made up rumors and try to cast doubt in the minds of fellow Republicans about her sanity and stability….. you can set your calendar to it. Whenever an endorsement comes up, the same tactics are employed.


RF Flashbacks: Must Read On Who Pawlenty Really Is

Here are a couple posts from my archives about a conference I was at put on by the Freedom Foundation of Minnesota. One of the speakers was Tony Fabrizio who was Tim Pawlenty’s pollster for his Gubernatorial campaigns.

Freedom Foundation of MN, State of Conservatism Conference

Quota Based Politics – Further Thoughts on the SoCC

And then this post about how Fabrizio was part of McCain’s lackluster 2008 campaign.

I Have The Feeling McCain’s Campaign Will Infuriate Conservatives Like Me In 08

Its crucial to analyze Tim Pawlenty’s record, but more importantly, the logic he used. He is a calculating populist who follows polls, not a principled conservative who will stand up against all odds.

I’m not alone in my questioning of Pawlenty’s conservative bonafides.

The Era Of Tim Pawlenty Is Over – Big Government Republicans Need Not Apply


Its easy to sound good, anyone can give a speech to a Republican event, but not everyone can be a true believer of conservatism who will follow through on the campaign trail lip service.

Pawlenty – Naval Gazer In Chief #tpaw #cnndebate

Ready. Set. Spin.

Its really telling how a politician can stomach being nasty one day and then demure the next. I’m talking about Pawlenty’s 24 hour reversal from Romney accuser to naval gazing Minnesota aw shucks nice the very next day. What’s even more troubling is how after he decides to back off, he denies backing off.

Pawlenty Denies he Pulled Punches on Healthcare

Its getting deep in the Tpaw spinzone. Waders required. It appears he can be easily rattled. Last night it was probably due in part by Bachmann upstaging the field and stealing all his mojo. But his refusal to call out one of the most flawed Republicans on a cornerstone issue of the 2012 Presidential race is a huge problem for him and the nation saw it.

Make no mistake, Pawlenty was given a penalty shot on Romney, but he decided to ice the puck rather than bury Mitt. And the nation saw. Don’t believe the garbage coming out of Pawlenty’s camp and clingers on, he blinked. He blew it. It could have been game over Romney, but it looks like Pawlenty is playing nice to be second fiddle. Either that or he’s just not cut out to be leader of the conservative movement. (but you know I already think that, the nation just got to see a glimpse of what Minnesota conservatives have suffered through for 8+ years)

Good Mood Food! – Late Debate June 12, 2011

I was on the Late Debate w/ Jack & Ben last night. John Gilmore called in for a short time plus Harry Niska was in studio with me for bout an hour. I stayed the whole time and was removed by guards…. kidding. I was on the full 2 hours.

You can download the podcast here.

Topics: The GOP Legislature & Dayton Budget battle, MNGOP party shortcomings, 2012 Senate race, 6th District post Bachmann, POTUS, & how I don’t want Tim Pawlenty anywhere near the White House.

The Moment Things Change – Bachmann vs. Pawlenty

Tonight’s the night where things will change. If Bachmann is able to prove herself a serious policy wonk who can run with the boys, she becomes a real contender in the GOP POTUS sweepstakes. Both will be participating in a debate tonight. We know Pawlenty can handle himself in a debate and on TV. Nevermind that his words today don’t match his record or words in the past. (we touched on that in my Late Debate appearance last night)

Pawlenty has all the pressure on his shoulders between the two North Star state hopefuls. He is already taken seriously. Bachmann has to prove herself, but her doing so, means that there isn’t just one credible GOP candidate, but there’s one who is far more reliably conservative.

The debate is tonight on CNN

I TOLD YOU!!!!! Pawlenty Hearted Romney Care

I have a memory of then Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty wearing a SPAM tshirt and having just returned or departing to see some Minnesota troops in Kosovo or Iraq/Afghanistan and saying he supported the idea of RomneyCare……. I was pressed up against the back of a packed  room, next to a phone on a wall…… exact time, location, and date, escape me though.

Many people have been doubting me on my memory that I heard Tim Pawlenty say he supported a mandate on health insurance and that he envied the Romney Care plan. Well, I give you Tim Pawlenty praising Romney Care in his own words! HT Hotair

“Worthy goal” & “intrigued”

You doubt my distrust of Pawlenty as a Presidential Candidate, I doubt your credibility by assuming he is as conservative as he says he is, because he is a populist politician saying whatever is fancy at the time. He is a chameleon who can and will say whatever he has to to get ahead at that moment in time.

Do not trust any man who does that, especially if they are running for President of the United States of America.

My Thoughts On Saturday #rpm11 #gopscc #mngop

I’m only posting this because I don’t want to have a bunch of people calling me asking what the heck.


Look, before the race, I thought Jeff Johnson was one of those special guys in politics. Nice guy, building bridges, uniting factions, and doing so in a way that didn’t leave a bad taste in anyone’s mouth. After the election, I don’t see him the same way anymore.


And its not entirely his fault or the fault of his long time supporters, to a point. In the end, the means had no limits so long as it worked out in the end. Johnson engaged in a campaign to tear down a fellow Republican for a job that didn’t even come with a pay check. Well, for him I suspect anyways.


Johnson capitalized on the hatred towards Tom Emmer from the Marty Seifert holdovers. I’m sorry, but I think the people who think Emmer was the worst candidate the MNGOP has ever endorsed are delusional and should have to have to pass a drug test before the next convention. Tom Emmer had more money spent against him than any other candidate for Governor has. Those tens of millions perpetuated lies. Lies started by the Seifert campaign team who just so happened to be in Johnson’s corner on Saturday.


That Seifert campaign team became Jeff Johnson’s. And folks, that’s a problem to me. I know I am in a small minority in this party. But I think you have to be held accountable for your actions, answer for your mistakes, but unfortunately if you have the right friends, you can do and say whatever you want.


Only a few of us walked out of the meeting Saturday scratching out heads saying what the hell just happened?


On one hand we told a past candidate to go pound sand, but on the other, we had just elected a 3 time state wide candidate who’s 1 for 3 and has not proven their fundraising prowess or managerial skills.


On one hand we told a candidate to go keep your self busy, while on the other hand we elected a sitting politician who has a pretty busy job being the lone voice of sanity in a bastion of liberal utopian feeling, but that politician promised to spend time getting to know the paper pushers in the RNC because big names don’t matter.


On the one hand we elected a guy who we have no clue who he really works for, and by work for, I mean who is paying his hefty salaries thus controlling his loyalty, on the other hand we threw a lady who has worked tirelessly the last 2 years for peanuts (if that) who is full of good ideas and determination, out to pasture.


The day stunk to high heaven, and I don’t just mean the stuffy dorm room atmospheric conditions of the mid-twentieth century accommodations of the Thunderbird Hotel. There was no intellectual consistency to the results of the day. Arguments for one candidate worked against others, but the results didn’t follow suit.


And those arguments, oh those arguments. In the end, it was Marty Seifert’s revenge. The same people who were fuel on the Emmer hating fire into and out of the 2010 MNGOP Governor endorsement were freely participating on behalf of Johnson. Whether fully included like a general consultant, or just given a free pass for the fun and sport of perpetuating lies and helping promote DFL attacks from special interests.


Sidenote: Oh, another thing I can’t grasp yet is how the RNC money thing was so powerful for the RNC races, but not barely a whisper in the others or even a general topic. These races were fought on talking points not solutions or even reality. They were waged on what would work to win that specific race, not improve the party. In other words, they were a massive waste of time, energy, resources, and unity.


Mind you, in leadership elections of past, I was torn to shreds because one time I linked to a DFL blog that had posted an unedited email from Ron Carey. I was attacked for aiding and promoting the enemy. I just wanted people who didn’t get the letter (oh yes, they used to purge opponents from their distribution lists) to see it.


My past opposition to leadership and tactics of openness and the occasional daily emotional outburst, turned me into the plague, I could part crowds like Moses, and I was run out of the party figuratively. I’m just to Polish and German (dumb and stubborn) to understand I have no place here.  Many of the same people who had a role in Johnson’s win are the same people who tarred and feathered me in the past. Oh, the fake email accounts, fake comments under my name. The file of stuff that is handed off to people who they get drunk to then unleash against me when its convenient.


Maybe this outcome Saturday stings so much because it was so personal. Yeah, I don’t fit into the cocktail and social gatherings on any side. I could care less. I didn’t get into politics to make friends. I got into it because of the issues. Frankly, after getting to know some of the people, I wouldn’t let them walk my dogs. Others don’t see that and are good friends with them, but they’ve never seen ‘that side of them’ as I have. Hence, I’m just crazy.


Watching to speeches for RNC Committeeman, I noticed more people standing for Emmer. There were, it appeared, more people standing in the seated Delegate sections, than when Johnson took the stage. And after Johnson’s nomination and own speech, where he went negative, even less people were standing. I was stunned when the results were read that he had won on the first ballot.


I guess I learned that this party isn’t really my home, and I’m not even a member of a faction or coalition with in it. Emmer had another campaign filled with the death of a thousand cuts and I couldn’t do anything about it, extremely frustrating. Why no one understands I have been through these races enough and know a thing or two and could be extremely useful, is beyond me. But then again, they have seen that file and I’m too risky to have on the team.


Another major peeve of mine is that before this race, I really liked Jeff Johnson. After Marty Seifert’s General campaign consultant (Ben Golnik) dropped out, I made a conscious decision to stay positive. I thought, hey, we have to great guys running, may the best guy win. What could go wrong? Only I had that mindset.


Saturday hurt for me more than my 2007 loss for CD6 State Exec Vice Chair. It hurt even more than the crushing blow the Ron Paul folks gave me in 2009 when I was blindsided for the same position. I took Saturday very personally for a number of reasons. I felt like it was me who was on the ballot.


I don’t understand how we can begin to build a majority in this state by not just winning swing voters for a single election, but gaining their trust that we are better at governing so we get a generation of votes, when we divide and conquer our own. We have internal races where you can’t tell if the people talking to you are telling the truth. Where anonymous smears and lies actually work.


I see the MNGOP as weaker after Saturday. We reelected a Chair who has at the least questions to answer, simply saying they are all lies, is not enough for my trust. A Deputy Chair with 3 full time jobs that are in conflict from time to time. Bitterness from some of us in the RNC Committee man and woman’s races. And mind you we lost every statewide race last year. We’re (reportedly) $800,000 in debt. We have no serious candidate who is willing to take on Senator Klobuchar (who is sitting on $2.5 million already). Presidential candidates taking piles of money and volunteers our of Minnesota on their missions to win the talent contest.  Cravaack is likely to face a Primary and is also at the top of the Democrat red to blue list. Bachmann may or may not be around to run for her seat. Walz is still holding a conservative district. Oh and the entire Legislature is up again, House & Senate, in new Districts with all new BPOU leaderships and organizations.


The equalizer for all that would be the actual party being unified. But we’re not. We have our Legislators taking rhetorical swings at each other. We have conservative groups lashing out (and occasionally ignoring the truth) about our own Legislators. The general Republican activists’ mood toward Legislative leadership is an eyebrow raised as to why we came in spending all revenue while still taking the same amount of flak and media spin as if we’d actually cut spending from last budget. Now I think they may end up winning the staring contest with Governor Dayton, but only because I’ve had the chance to spend an hour talking directly to some House leaders.


What the MNGOP needs to do to hold the Najorities and win races statewide in 2012, is be ready to pivot out of redistricting with out missing a step. We need to all be on the same page so when all the CD & BPOU lines are redrawn, people fall into place and we all put our shoulders down and start throwing blocks for our candidates and politicians. But if local activists and leaders are to take a page out of the statewide leadership campaign playbooks, we’ll have countless food fights and turf wars across the state. We’ll be fighting with ourselves in 12 months, rather than leave the DFL in the dust.


I’m confused where we really stand as a party. Who is really pulling the strings. Who really wants to see the base united. It’s a leadership problem.


The ends don’t justify the means. Divide and conquer is a bad internal strategy. Scorched earth burns down your own house.


Most importantly, one of the things that has sunk in with me the most from my past Don Quixote crusades, is something a certain someone said to me once. “You shit where you eat”. Crass, I know, but true. Someone else put it as “you have sharp elbows, you’re going to get some back”. It has sunk in and I have tried to change my tactics. Unfortunately, I think I am all alone in that.


Despite majorities in both State Houses, The US House, and 2 Minnesota politicians being in the mix for the Presidential sweepstakes, I can’t help but feel all alone right now. I shouldn’t. This should be a time when we are standing shoulder to shoulder like an army waiting for battle. But we seem to be more inclined to who gets credit, who is in General, field commander, what weapons we use, and sadly, who gets paid.


Maybe I should have taken the door slamming in my nose of 2009 more seriously, and taken my own advice to get the heck out of party politics and just help the candidates I like.(Or better yet, go enjoy my new house, marry my fiancé, and spend all my free time at the cabin) I think getting back involved might have been a mistake. I’m quite likely to get even more crazy from all the banging my head on the wall.


With all that said, I hope I am wrong. I hope the similarities I see to past divisions are merely coincidental. I hope that the new blood can help rebuild those bridges. Look, unlike some critics from with in, I don’t want to see failure. I got involved in the nuts and bolts of party politics because it’s that bus that can win majorities and major races. I want Sutton, Brodkorb, Sturrock, P. Anderson, & Jeff Johnson to be successful. They have to be. Its not about them, the people who got them there. Its not even about the people who showed up Saturday, or will next Summer at our State Convention. Its about the hundreds of thousands of Minnesotans that we need to agree with us enough to pull the lever for Republican candidates next November.


I hope they understand that.