Will The Real Julianne Please Stand Up?

Julianne Ortman is waging a firebrand conservative campaign for the US Senate. She’s constantly claiming the high ground on conservative issue after issue, but her record doesn’t always back up her new found “principles” if you ask me.

Take our 2nd Amendment rights for instance, she claims to be the champion of gun rights, but she doesn’t own guns and refuses to even allow them in her home. Its hard to take her 2A bonafides seriously if she doesn’t walk the walk.

The US Senate is taking up the President’s $10.10 minimum wage hike today. Where does Julianne Ortman stand not he issue?

Q: What is your opinion on an increase in the minimum wage?

Ortman: Increasing the minimum wage will translate into fewer entry level positions and hours, and also higher costs. The increased costs of doing business get passed along to consumers and/or labor. There are better ways to encourage investment, stable hiring, and job growth.

[Source: Chaska Herald Feb 26, 2014]

She’s against raising the minimum wage because it would increase the cost of doing business.

Out of no where, former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty waded back into the political fray and gave his opinion on the Minimum wage debate taking police.

“If you’re going to talk the talk about being for the middle class and the working person, if we have the minimum wage, it should be reasonably adjusted from time to time,” said Pawlenty, now the CEO of the Financial Services Roundtable, a bank lobbying firm.

[Source: MinnPost Apr 30, 2014]

Many of you will remember that Pawlenty signed a Minimum Wage increase into law when he was Governor in 2005. Conveniently, Julianne Ortman was a State Senator in 2005 and voted on the increase.

Given her staunch conservative stance in 2014, surely State Senator Ortman voted against the minimum wage increase…..

Senate floor vote
May 3, 2005 (SF3)

Workers who make the minimum wage are in line for a $1 an hour raise in August, following a Minnesota Senate vote that affirmed a compromise approved by the House and supported by Gov. Tim Pawlenty. The measure passed the Senate 44-22.

Result: Passed

Julianne E. Ortman Republican 34 FOR

[Source: MPR Vote Tracker]

Ortman’s 2014 campaign sounds great. She is making herself sound like a conservative champion who will go into the trenches and fight liberalism with her last dying breath, but her record doesn’t back up her new found principles.

Her career rating from the Minnesota Legislative Evaluation Association is only 70%. 

Here career rating from the Taxpoayer’s League of Minnesota is only 86%.

Does the 2014 US Senate campaign of Julianne Ortman sound like that of a rock solid conservative? Yes.

Does the record of State Senator Julianne Ortman look like that of a rock solid conservative champion? Nope. 

Friends, be careful not to let a candidate tell you what you want to hear, deeds speak louder then words.

Hmmm: Video Of Seifert Praising Cap & Trade Now “Private”

I heard Jack & Ben talking about Marty Seifert today on Up and At ‘em and remembered how much I had written about Seifert during the 2010 campaign. Oh the memories. :( Like The Midwest Cap & Trade bill Seifert said was “a good bill” and urged his colleagues to support.

RF Flashback: Team Seifert Misleads – He Did Vote Green When It Was Cool

Seems someone has possibly done a little internet clean up of past digressions that would sink a Republican candidate in 2014 now that we have a much more informed and far less gullible Republican party electorate than we did in 2002 & 2006. The video of his passionate House floor speech is now marked “private”.

Possibly another indicator that Mr. Seifert didn’t make the decision to get into the race AFTER the recent straw poll and maybe, just maybe, he isn’t being entirely truthful.

Welcome to The Lunacracy – Roads And Bridges Decades Behind But Met Council Focusing On Century Ago Solutions

The Met Council has devolved from a regional infrastructure planning board, to a social engineering utopian’s dream where happy thoughts and totalitarian socialist theory thrives, and common sense, practical solutions, and fact based logic are deemed evil.

Every day, I like millions of other Minnesotans, sit in a see of tail lights from a transportation system that is decades behind, yet we see million dollar buses and billion dollar trains racing past us with more empty seats than occupied ones. Yet planners continue to divert money from roads and bridges to “transit”.

There have been 3 significant tax increases or adjustments that were dedicated to transportation in the last 10 years in Minnesota. But the impacts can only be seen, not felt.

In 2006, the MVST Amendment was passed thanks to Tim Pawlenty’s Vote Yes arm. This was the one that took an existing tax on vehicle sales and funneled “At least 60% to transit and no more than 40% to roads and bridges”. It was supposed to be all we needed to fix things.

In 2008, Tim Pawlenty’s veto of a gas tax hike was overridden with the help of 8 Republicans in the House and Senate. Democrats and their special interest groups who stood to benefit used the 35W bridge collapse to bully and intimidate Legislators and public opinion that this would also solve everything.

Also in 2008, the Legislature overrode the Constitution to allow Metro Counties to increase their local sales tax with out voter approval. Five of the 7 Counties did so, including my own Anoka County. (Which oddly has not repealed the tax increases despite having flipped the board’s political majority). This increased sales tax is used almost exclusively for mass transit.

During this same time, billions have gone in to commuter and light rail projects no one really needed, but a handful of social engineers really wanted. They aim to control people’s lives. They aim to remove choice from our daily lives. They hate the fact that 95% of Minnesotans don’t NEED them and their trains and their buses. They hate the fact that we can and will do what we want, go where we want, when we want and how we want to. Because, they know what is best for us. Its all about control.

Let me remind you again, our state highways and bridges are decades behind in design, capacity, and are in dangerously in neglect.  A bridge I drive on or under every single day is being held up by wood.

MNDOT Bridge / Cnty Rd. E2

MNDOT Bridge / Cnty Rd. E2


Billions of money have been spent over the last decade on transit. Some through direct visible tax increases and the construction of choo choo trains, but the social engineers have also been spending at will behind the scenes discarding perfectly good conventional diesel buses for new hybrid or clean diesel buses. All those park and ride expansions across the metro, and planning for BRT Bus Rapid Transit have all siphoned off perfectly good money that could have been used to repair bridges and expand clogged up highways.

But nope, the social engineers have determined cars are ‘so 20th Century’ and the future runs right back through the 19th Century or something. Rail and hamster habitat buses. Yes, that is our future in the vast and expanding metro area. A centralized urban hub that rejects market forces, and removes choice.

Met Council Eyes Half Cent Sales Tax Hike For Transit

The head of the Metropolitan Council supports a half-cent sales tax hike in the seven-county metro to help fund transportation needs.

Met Council Chair Susan Haigh says the increase would help fund much-needed transportation needs as the State struggles to keep up with transportation demands. Haigh, and other transportation officials, say the gas tax is not enough to keep transportation projects properly funded over the next several decades.

This all comes at a time when the Met Council is expanding bus rapid transit (BRT) across the Twin Cities.

It is maddening to have unelected bureaucrats with zero accountability propose tax increases for the sole purpose of pleasing their Orwellian dreams which are neither based in reality or the Constitution. Every damn day I am forced to drive through bottlenecks and on crumbling bridges, all the while dodging half empty buses racing up the shoulders like maniacs.

I frequently pass by boondoggles like the Hiawatha LRT & Northstar Commuter rail. Failed experiments only propped up by hundreds of millions in operating subsidies. Traffic is worse from these to projects, and the next version of rats in the maze MNDOT/Met Council is building – Central Corridor – has destroyed a historic artery that used to connect Minneapolis and St. Paul downtowns.

I am taxed, I am regulated, but I am not being served. Its infuriating. Its depressing. Its unAmerican.

I am being ruled over by my Government, whether elected or not. Its almost like the redcoats won and someone from a different society and country and continent is deciding what is best for me and all against my will.


RF Archive Revisited – Santorum The CINO

I was looking for a post on pork over lunch about pork. I stumbled across this post:

My Revised Principles – And Don’t You Dare Question My Conservatism

I reread it and think its a critical thing for people to think about while CPAC is going on and all you have to do to be conservative is speak at it and not be names Mitt Romney. OR so that’s the impression I’m getting. Oh and everyone who is conservative is there, not at home working or some stupid thing like that. (bitter, party of one, your table is ready)

Ah yes, focus, this is supposed to be short Andy.  Rick Santorum is now the self proclaimed conservative savior.

Pork is the poison pill that makes me loathe Republicans. Why? Its not the actual spending or debt. Its because you get Republicans who think the only possible way for them to get elected in a blue state, like say, Pennsylvania, is to bring home the bacon and hold lots of fun photo ops where you hand out giant checks.

I mean, who wouldn’t love to have one of those giant checkbooks that magically uses someone else’s bank account and never ever runs out of funds. Jackpot!

The problem with pork is that its a symptom of a politician who forgot why they first called themselves a Republican and conservative. They believed them having the job was more important then the job of limited government. They had to bring home the pork to be able to come back next year. Santorum did that. Why that is a Republican trait, I personally believe it is not a conservative one.

Am I saying Santorum is a RINO? Nope, but on the matter of power corrupting, and the power to spend other people’s money on my own reelection, I label Santorum a CINO. Conservative in Name Only. Not on all issues, but unbeknownst to many in the conservative movement (for some reason only during Republican endorsement battles which is…. odd. Gee I wonder why )

Shut up Andy.

There is more to being conservative than saying you are or pleasing one of the single issue planks.

I just don’t like Santorum. Creeps me out. Oh and yes, I know Romney is far from perfect. But I believe he is the best we have left.

Predictably – Newt’s h8-o-rade On Romney Backfiring

I’m going to upset some, but I think the Newt war on Romney is early similar to the Seifert war on Emmer and is worthy of some reflection. 

I’m one who thinks Newt Gingrich’s time to be great was over long ago. For the last decade he’s tried to suck all the oxygen out of the conservative tent and has self-appointed himself to be the smartest guy in the room. You shrugged it off since he was supposedly the guy who lead the Contract with America revolution….. Then he sat on that couch with Nancy Pelosi embracing man made global warming.

The jackhole is a populist, not a principled conservative.

Then his hatred campaign against Romney started. Its what the guy who thinks something belongs to him, or if they are the heir apparent and some other person swoops in and steals the show. The front runner turned also ran turns to a negative campaign to make people dislike the person they are losing to in hopes of regaining the momentum. This was the tactic employed by Marty Seifert’s Gubernatorial campaign.

It is a dangerous game because it does a couple things very beneficial for the Democrats. It makes people hate both people and leads activists to hate each other. There are some people who I actually question the intelligence and/or motives of, after the Emmer – Seifert battle. There are Republicans who actually think Emmer killed that lady’s kid from that ad. Wounds first opened by Seifert. Republicans and leaners, no longer trusted Emmer. Sure, people will be very quick to point to Emmer own stumbles but the wounds that cost him votes, volunteers, and donations were first opened by a fellow Republican’s team of desperate consultants and staffers.

Both Emmer and Seifert came out of the endorsement claiming unity and promising to help the GOP win, but it never happened and the waves of dissension (Miss me yet) still wash up on the GOP beaches like a hazardous waste that stifles unity and reenergizes misguided battles of old. We’re left arguing about last years battle, rather than this years.

Am I saying that Marty Seifert singlehandedly made Emmer lose? Absolutely not, but you can’t ignore that ‘Operation Kitchensink” did have lasting effects and was in no way worth it given Emmer lost in the end. There is testing and vetting a candidate, and then there is unleashing the minions to lie and mislead people through whispers and one on one phone calls to the point where people start to hate the other Emmer and refuse to defend him against the lies Dayton was spreading.

That’s exactly what Newt Gingrich is up to right now. He’s determined to capitalize on the anti-Romney populism at any cost. Rick Perry’s decision to drop out and endorse Newt answers the question: Social, fiscal, crony, or compassionate conservative? Clearly not a social conservative as he endorsed the guy who wants to be the next philanderer in chief over Santorum. The obvious choice for fiscally conservatives was Ron Paul. Compassionate  conservatives just want to win the argument, not the war. Crony conservatives just want to remain relevant. Which btw Newt got filthy rich himself off of playing on the conservative movement with his American Solutions stuff while also taking money telling people how to defeat conservatism and limited Government…….

Newt needs people to hate Romney. Its his only chance. Some already short sighted conservatives who are easy to be fooled – do hate Mitt Romney. Its a flaw in many conservatives to believe that perfect is achievable, and refuses to accept that good enough is better than socialism. Instead, there’s a wave of sentiment out there that we Republicans just can’t let that (in some cases) a Mormon, (in others) another liberal Republican, (and sadly) that rich SOB successful business guy Romney get the endorsement.

Mitt Romney is far from the perfect conservative candidate. But so is each and every other candidate in the race. Its intellectually dishonest to assume anyone else still standing besides Mitt is a better conservative, cause they aren’t. Each of them has huge errors in their records or current philosophy. The fact is the perfect candidate has either left the race or never bothered to get in- depending on your specific qualities you desired.

Newt wants, no Newt NEEDS – me to hate Romney enough to forget Newt’s own mountains of lies and mistakes he has made. He needs me to ignore how he treated his wives/mistresses all the while trying to grandstand in the Clinton impeachment due to his own marital indiscretions. His sitting on the couch with Pelosi worshipping AL Gore, immigration, or just trying to suck all the air out of the conservative balloon so that he can simply amass more wealth and have people put him on a mantle – is too big of a pill for me to swallow and say yeah, Romney is not to be trusted.

Well, I still don’t love Romney, but I realize that he stands the best chance at beating Obama at this point and has the experience in the private sector to make some changes in the course of America. Everyone else in the race is easily beatable. So easy that I think I could manage Obama’s campaign. Each one (not names Mitt) has major flaws that can be highlighted to either drive away parts of the conservative base or swing voters. Democrats are chomping at the bit for a Newt, Santorum, or Paul candidacy.

They say give them Romney, but that’s only to embolden Santorum & Gingrich and further divide the GOP legs of the stool from each other. Its classic divide and conquer my friends. Newt’s no dummy, he is trying to steal the thunder and become the anti-Mitt, a grassfire being stoked by Democrats because they want Republicans to turn this little fire into a full blown scorched earth forest fire.

Newt’s problem is, I hate him more than the day he got in this race.

There is something to be said about a man who wants something so badly he’ll do and say anything to get it. Lie, cheat, steal…. Newt Gingrich has proven very skilled at each and every one of them which makes him more unfit for office that the current liar, cheater, and thief in the White House.

Great job Newt Gingrich, I hate you.


Useful Idiots – MVST, The 5%, Dayton, Taxes

It is just so satisfying to be proven right. I was screaming from the roof tops how the 2006 MVST Amendment was a scam that would not solve the funding problem for drivers in the state. I was also trying to harpoon anyone who supported the gas tax increase/veto override, as well as the Transit taxes in Metro Counties. Every cultural revolution needs useful idiots to swallow the red pill and help fundamentally transform things into a social engineering and socialist society.

All the propaganda being spewed forth by proponents of those taxation plans used solving the funding problem as the key to the sacrifice. Well, Governor Dayton just appointed a panel to seek out new ways to tax (he calls it invest) for transportation. While its nice to see him admit that we do need roads and bridges, not put all our eggs in the choo choo train basket, its disappointing to see him pretend that the state of Minnesota doesn’t even have a tin cup to go beg with on a light rail platform…..

Why yes, the State of Minnesota is wrapping up Phase 3 of their Europeanization of the State with choo choo trains. The 3 projects, Northstar, Hiawatha, and Central Corridor cost taxpayers over $2 billion. That was $2 Billion that could have been spent on rebuilding bridges before they collapsed, solving the deadly interchanges, and adding badly needed lanes on highways.

But nope, we not only wasted Billions on trains to help about 5% of the people get from point A to point B, but we did so at the expense of the road system that serves the other 95%. Dayton claims he wants to solve the problem, but when you can’t even admit your mistakes, your motives on this panel are suspect at best.

If you Legislator – GOP or DFL – says that we just don’t have the money to fix your road or bridge, ask them where the $34 Billion went. Why over $2 Billion was spent on shiny new trains along with tens of millions in annual operating costs. Why hundreds of millions is going to buy hybrid and green buses. But there is just no money for roads and bridges.

The answer is easy, politicians have been wasting money.

Millions in taxpayer dollars are being spent to study new rail lines, be they light rail or somehow paying hundreds of millions to simply put a passenger train on existing tracks. The return on investment of rail boondoggles is staggering. Billions spent, no noticeable change in congestion. Sure, 5% of the people may be happy they no longer have to take a bus or drive a car, but its at the expense of the other 95% of Minnesotans.

I trust no politician on transportation who can’t admit the mistakes. Dayton is just another liberal politician who thinks that one of the core responsibilities of government is an optional chore that needs to be funded outside of the massive existing revenue stream of the state. Everyone benefits from adequate roads, everyone. Why can’t we spend general fund dollars to fix problems that 100% of us face?

Really REALLY Late Debate – Quitters

I was on a special 3 hour Late Debate last night. Brodkorb called in for the 1st hour to double down on his its all Emmer’s fault spilled milk. If his employers (Senate Republicans) don’t leash him (and let’s be honest, he doesn’t work alone) a top Republican Caucus aide is going to do serious and lasting damage and help tear the party apart. You quit, Sutton quit, if the debt is all Emmer’s fault, why quit so unexpectedly?

You can listen here.I’ll be doing some more posting this week on my thoughts, opinions, and reactions. But first some work and making up for less than 3 hours of sleep after the late night in studio appearance.


“Electable” Romney vs. “Conservador Compasivo” Perry & Abstention

Tim “The Era of Small Government is Over” Pawlenty says Mitt Romney is electable. The media & establishment’s other choice we’re allowed to consider is another compassionate conservative from Texas named Rick Perry.

I guess true conservative principles and a track record of conservative governing is not to be included in this 2012 nomination.

In other words, we may be ignoring the conservative principles this country needs to undo the Obama damage. We’re already slipping into the media ploy of us picking a guy that Democrats would approve of. In other words, we’re letting the media and cronies inside the beltway that helped screw up our economy and country to pick who we’re allowed to have as our nominee.

I’ve said it many times, anyone can give a speech to a room full of Republicans (except Ron Paul & Huntsman – ha ha). Point is its easy to sound conservative, to say the things that activists want to hear. Its another thing entirely to get your self elected and actually be conservative.

Neither Romney nor Perry have a good track record of that. Heck, Perry is only in the GOP field because it was easier to switch parties than to move our of Red State Texas. He was a Texas House Democrat until he eyed the Governor’s mansion. He could have just moved to another state to run for Governor and eventually President as a Democrat. After all, he did support Al Gore.

I trust neither one of them to be handed the keys to the bureaucracy and actually change the course of America. Sadly it appears that these two are all we will be allowed to have for the top of the ticket. The next question of the race is who is #2? Either one of them would be well served to pick up a VP who is an actual conservative firebrand. Bachmann, Rubio, Ryan, etc.

Don’t get me wrong, if the choice is actually between those two, I abstain. I’d still prefer Bachmann to win this and don’t agree with the hacks in the center right talking head circuit, nor the media who bet heavy that she’d lose.

Oh and goody, Sarah Palin may end up handing Obama his plurality win by pulling a Ross Perot.

It should be easy to defeat Obama, the problem is we’re too busy watching politicians stroke their egos, “commentators flexing their muscles, and the media playing Jedi mind tricks on the activists again.

It is astonishing to me to watch purported conservative and Republican leaders who quickly abandon their principles, passion, and convictions at the first sign of pressure. it tells you an awful loot about how strongly they believe in what they say they have in common with you. Remember who abandoned the true conservatives first folks.

“polyester impersonation of a conservative Rick Perry actually is”

Nice little diddy about why Rick Perry is afraid of Ron Paul.

One of the cardinal rules of politics is “never attack down,” meaning a front-runner should never attack or respond to an opponent who is far behind. Yet that is what Rick Perry is doing. He is intimidated by Ron Paul, and responding to Ron Paul. Why? The answer is that Ron Paul is a true libertarian and a true conservative, while the latest version of Rick Perry, the man who once championed Al Gore, is a phony conservative and can’t even pretend to be a phony libertarian.

Read the rest