Some People Just Want To Watch The World Burn – Post Primary Caviling

cavil |?kav?l| verb [ no obj.] make petty or unnecessary objections:

I’m fairly confident some people were rooting for Jeff Johnson to lose last night. Not because they supported another candidate in the Republican Governor Primary, but because they wanted to see the Republican Party and its grassroots activist driven endorsing process to fail.

Jeff Johnson won, and some people are trying to paint “low turnout” on the GOP side as proof the endorsing system is still a failure. The media is also glomming on to this as a way to help undermine Johnson’s chances against DFL Governor Mark ‘Give Me A Minute So I Can Change My Mind’ Dayton in November.

All the focus on failure is on Republican turnout.

2010 GOP
Candidate Totals
Total 130408
2014 GOP 
 Candidate  Totals
Total 183941

Wait, the GOP turned out 53,000 more voters than in 2010.

I think why you see some people trying to paint the narrative of GOP voter apathy is because DFL apathy has reached toxic levels.

2010 DFL
Candidate Totals
Total 442137
2014 DFL  Totals
Total 191162

The DFL saw a 251,000 drop off in voter turnout and barely drew more voters than the GOP in 2014.

If voter and most importantly DFL activists and supporters were proud of the work that Dayton and DFL leaders have accomplished in the last 4 years, there would not have been such a huge drop in turnout. We are talking over 50% drop off in turnout. Don’t forget, Dayton won with only 43% in the 2010 General election. An election that as also plagued with low turnout of only 55% overall. AKA: Dayton actually only had 25% of eligible voters want him to be Governor.

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The bottom line: Republican turnout was higher than 2010, DFL turnout was down over 50% from 2010.

While Republican turnout was lower then I’d like, the overall numbers reveal to me that the DFL has a huge enthusiasm problem and I sure like Johnson’s chances.

Seifert’s Kitchensink Strategy Returning?


The shelf life of Marty Seifert’s pledge to not repeat his nasty and brutal negative campaign of 2010 lasted about 24 hours. Just Tuesday he claimed on Facebook that he wouldn’t attack other Republicans in the race. (emphasis mine)

Over the next few months, you will hear from me as I seek your endorsement to defeat Mark Dayton next November. My discussion of issues will take aim at the failed policies of Mark Dayton, not other GOP candidates.


We need a candidate with a positive and uniting message who will offer the voters of Minnesota creative solutions. One who will offer new leadership under common sense government. I want to appeal to your hopes and dreams for a better future, not your fears.

And yesterday in the St. Cloud Times the old Marty “Kitchensink” Seifert started to rear its ugly little head.

Seifert told the Times that Thompson’s campaign fundraising — he had about $50,000 in the bank heading into 2014, with about $28,000 in unpaid debt — raises the question of whether he can match better-financed rivals in a potentially costly primary.

“There’s state reps that have more money than that, and I don’t know how you’re going to take Scott Honour out in a primary,” Seifert said. “As people want their endorsed candidate to be successful, they have to look at certain things, like name ID, resources and a statewide organization. And we have all three.”

So much for that positive, issues based uniting campaign.

I have also heard from people who have had Seifert say things about the other Republicans, or making statements that he is the only one who opposes or supports an issue when its a complete falsehood. He’s a crafty and polished politician who, in my opinion, is really good at telling people what they want to hear, and sanding off the truth confidently enough to people’s faces, that they believe it.

The 2010 Seifert campaign ran one of the most disturbing and brutal whisper campaign to spread lies and misleading messages about his opponent, and frankly I don’t think he has changed his ways.

If he wants to run a campaign focusing on the failures of Dayton’s policies, then he needs to stop lying to activists that he is the only one who opposes Common Core or has produced any type of plan. Heck Farnsworth has position papers out.

I’m tired of politicians who lie. If they lie to get elected, what makes you think they won’t lie once they get elected?

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Thou Shalt Be Disenfranchised – MN Election Scam Exposed

There’s a glimpse into the scam that is Minnesota’s election laws. Do you know that it is illegal to make your ballot in any such way as to make it identifiable. So like if you write your name in for a Judge or Soil and Dog Catcher race so you can go back and see if your ballot really counted? Yeah, that’s illegal. So is posting a picture of your ballot online or on the Facebook. Don’t do that!

Well, in the closest Minnesota election in quite some time, we see a good reason why I think ballots should be traceable. I believe there is stuffing of ballot boxes. A few votes here and there, those over votes, ext etc. Well, if there was a way to trace the ballot to the voter, we could prove it. But with our fraudster friendly laws, there is absolutely no way, especially when you have a Chief Election official who refuses to match the number of signatures with the number of actual ballots…. but I digress.

In the election of Rep. Franson (R) and challenger Cunniff (D) you have a slim margin of just 1 vote. Its in recount and litigation phase now and guess what. There was an error on election day and some voters were given the wrong ballots. So now 35 ballots will be drawn out at … (AHEM) “random”.

That means people who cast their votes will have their votes erased. They don’t get a redo and due to an error, their right to vote was thrown in the garbage.

ST. PAUL, Minn. – Minnesota’s closest legislative race is headed for court before it reaches a probable recount.

First-term Republican Rep. Mary Franson currently leads Democratic challenger Bob Cunniff by a single vote. But there was a counting error that could alter the margin. Douglas County auditor treasurer Charlene Rosenow says some voters received the wrong ballots on Election Day so 35 ballots are likely to be pulled at random before a pre-recount tally is certified.

Franson has asked a judge to get involved. A hearing on the lawmaker’s request was set for Monday afternoon.

Recounts are automatic when the difference between candidates is less than one-half of one percentage point. The manual recount is slated to start on Nov. 28.

Democrats have a 73-61 majority pending a reversal in the Franson-Cunniff race.

How would you like to be one of the people who is going to have their ballot thrown away?

This is why I believe we should not only have our own names or some identification on our ballots, not to mention run offs in Minnesota. Not the Communist instant run off voting, but in a case like this, rather than waste all this time and money recounting and suing, you have another election on the first Tuesday after a Monday in December between Franson & Cunniff.

Whenever anyone doesn’t get the 50% +1, you have a run off. Just think if in 2010 what would have happened if the December election (shudder) between Dayton and Emmer head to head with out any distractions or spoilers. Another examples is the 2008 Fanken Coleman race where 10’s of millions were spent on the recount and court battles, the process took months and months, imagine if we just had a run off 30 days later.

Just some humble proposals to be thrown out and fall on the deaf and defiant ears of the new ruling class of Minnesota.

Gerry Mandering 201 – Old 6th Meet New 6th

As usual the h8ers are already lashing out at Bachmann. Sorry folks, I think this will expose just how “interesting” the Redistricting of the 6th District really was.

Here’s the old 6th.

And the new 6th.

Notice anything? Yeah, the area where Bachmann lived was removed and an area that appears to be almost the same size was added on the far side of the District. Now I don’t know exactly where Bachmann lived, but in the past, efforts were made …..

Why not Blaine the new 37 or Lino, Centerville, & Hugo the new 38?

I’m sorry, the pictures sure do make me wonder if this was fair?

#MNGOP Paid $10,500 To Research Pot – Update

Aye carrumba.

Is now an okay time to say I told you so? Or should I sit back and allow 2 people to claim ALL the credit? At least I can say I never changed my tune, not everyone can do that.

Oh well, onward and …….

Anyways, that link is to a story that digs into the Republican Party problems created by the Sutton/Brodkorb/Carey regime.

Update: And to clarify: I’m not claiming I was the only one, nor that I knew of these details. Its just that there were a lot of us asking to see the books and to know what was really going on long before some people have taken to the glitz. Some of us have been raging against the machine for years and have been destroyed for doing so.  This shouldn’t be about grandstanding or credit for me or anyone, if it is for anyone, then you’re no better than the people who created the mess.

Its not about me, you, or them, this should be about what’s best for the party as a whole. That’s all I ever wanted. A better party. A party that isn’t run by an individual or by some weird alliance or cronyism. Dare I say where best practices rule the day, not who has won favor or who owes who.

#Daytonomics “Jobs Plan” Recycled From Obama

Governor Mark Dayton and DFL leaders in the Legislature have announced their bullet proof job creation plan for Minnesota.

Problem is its no where near original and it failed miserably. But nothing like a good Socialist to keep trying failed policies. You never know, eventually they may get lucky. NOT

President Obama unveiled this very plan in 2009. Its done wonders for the national unemployment, hasn’t it? See if for yourself at

A New American Jobs Tax Credit: Obama and Biden will provide a new temporary tax credit to companies that add jobs here in the United States. During 2009 and 2010, existing businesses will receive a $3,000 refundable tax credit for each additional full-time employee hired.

Dayton’s plan:

• A $3,000 tax credit for each unemployed Minnesota worker, veteran or recent college graduate hired for a full-time job in 2011 and a $1,500-per-hire tax credit for new hires in the first six months of 2012. The $35 million initiative could fund up to 10,000 new job, the DFL estimates.

At what point does Dayton pivot from creating jobs to saving jobs just like his economics professor Joe Biden?

One of the worst Presidents when it comes to the economy, and Dayton tries to copy his failed policies.

Bachmann’s Future – Money Matters #mngop

CCO has a story about what Michele Bachmann can do with any money she may have left over from her Presidential campaign. Option 4 is an interesting topic.

• You can save it for another race

If she does decide to run for reelection, she could transfer her Presidential money to her Congressional campaign, but, as I understand it, donor limits also transfer. Chances are, a lot of the people who maxed out in her 2010 race, where she broke the record for fundraising in a US House race, have maxed out already in her Presidential campaign. That means that they can’t help her in a Congressional campaign now.

While Bachmann is very good at gathering small donors, there’s no way she can raise $10 million for another race, in 10 months. She’d need 50,000 people to donate $200 in order to raise the $10 million she’d need to buy her own press again. Now, to be honest, the DFL has no one to run against her, so she may not need to run a campaign like she did in 2010. In that race, a hostile media refused to cover her positives or the fact that she fits her District and her opponent didn’t. So Bachmann controlled the message with ads.

If the 6th District ends up redistricted with out any gerrymandering, a Bachmann reelection is a mere formality if there’s no opposition. Now, the media will try to make it interesting, but with out a DFLer who anyone has ever heard of, its going to be a cake walk and a shoe string budget will work.

But, should Bachmann face a tough opponent or have her District changed, she’s going to need to be able to raise mega-bucks again and the question of whether her Presidential run has already maxed out where Republicans usually get those donations remains to be seen.

I still don’t think she will run for reelection. This money matters angle adds to my belief. Time will tell, I just hope she won’t decide in June she’s out and leave Republicans hanging to replace her.

Cravaack for Anoka County Board!

Some of us thought the battle to stop Anoka County from wasting money on choo choo boondoggles was won last election. We are wrong. The new (ahem) conservative Board is still pushing the old liberal nannystater’s train fiascos. Not only expanding Northstar and making it far less efficient, but also supporting the Northern Lights Express (aka just because no one takes a greyhound or Amtrak to Duluth anymore, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t spend a billion dollars …..

But Congressman Cravaack is saying what other Republicans should. No way no how!


If Only We Were The Granite State GOP

The New Hampshire GOP Chair is under fire and seems to be needing to polish his resume. He’s being removed for not meeting the expectations and for poor performance. Oddly enough, reading this paragraph made me winder why there is no similar revolt in the MNGOP Executive Committee.

Some Republicans are unhappy about recent GOP losses in special elections for House seats. Some raised concerns about the lack of cash in the party’s accounts.

We’ve lost special elections, performed horribly as a statewide election machine in the 2010 elections, and can’t even afford a tin cup to go beg for money to fill our $750,000 to a million debt donut.

If anyone thinks 2010 was the first step in making Minnesota a red state, think again. With out major changes in structure, attitudes, and policy, the Republican Party of Minnesota will suffer the same types of losses it had in the previous couple of elections.

I hate to be critical, but the more I hear about what’s going on behind the scenes and how our Executive Committee seems comfortable with it, the more depressed I get. We’re broke – and by broke I mean we hold more IOUs than we have cash on hand, have a 6 figure paid Chair now, still have a highly paid Executive Director (last one was over $90K I believe), staff that while all nice well intentioned people – don’t seem to be doing anything different, and we can’t find a candidate who will stand a chance against Klobuchar.

This off year should be about cranking open the throttle and putting the DFL on defense, but we can’t even afford gas to fill the tank. Meanwhile we can’t mount a response to the notion that Dayton saved the state from the Republican shutdown even though he ended up coming back and agreeing to the Republican plan. Yes, its the biased media, but if we don’t find a way to get the truth out there, the DFL/media lie will be taken as gospel by voters.

I’m stupefied that the higher ups in the MNGOP leadership structure all seem pleased with the performance of the state party. How much worse does it have to get? Are the Executive Committee members all happy with what is going on? Do RNC members Johnson & Anderson realize their pleas for cash for MN won’t be taken seriously with such an incompetent State party to spend it?

Come on, someone show me you actually care about winning. Because I see only people trying to protect the people who have overseen the losing. Show me you actually care someone. Anyone.

Good grief. Am I the only one who sees us losing the House, Senate, and possibly a Congress seat or two, not to mention see Obama’s lap kitty Klobuchar run away with another fraudster’s election?

Come on! Its go time. We either get going, or people do. Now is the time. Heck, 6 months ago was the time.


Bachmann MIA – 3 Strikes On Her Road To The White House

This post will no doubt remove me from the Inaugural invitee list, but its a legitimate issue raised by others besides just me.

Is Congresswoman Michele Bachmann ignoring her responsibilities to her Constituents while she runs for President? I have 3 examples of Legislation that impacts the District where she is or has been MIA.

1) I wrote about the supplemental engine to the Joint Strike Fighter previously.

1st Rule In Government Spending; Joint Strike Fighter’s Two Engines

You don’ get a $14 Trillion debt with out lots and lots of wasteful spending. But every billion adds up and it seems silly to be so redundant. Bachmann has voted against killing the “zombie engine”. While competition is good in the market place, the stakes in the multi-billion defense industry is a bit “expensive” for the taxpayers to be funding.

If she is truly serious about cutting the deficit, this seems like a no brainer place to start.

2) Another instance of Bachmann turning a deaf ear to constituents looking for assistance in avoiding the job killing weight of Federal red tape and onerous Legislation hits close to home for me. I contacted the Congresswoman about the SAFE Act (and Dodd/Frank) and its detrimental affects towards my affordable housing industry. Repeated requests to join other law makers in revising the one size fits all stick it to the little guys in order to hit them darn Wall Streeters, have gone no where with her office. Our company is now faced with complying and being treated like a criminal or stop providing loans to low income individuals who have no other options for home ownership. If we can’t sell houses, and no one else provides loans, we’re going to have trouble keeping the doors open.

If nothing could have been done to revise, repeal, or reform the terrible Legislation, a simple sorry, would have been nice. Instead, nothing.

3) The 3rd instance of Bachmann not minding the home front has to do with Obama’s EPA and a major job provider in Bachmann’s home town of Anoka Minnesota, which she represents in Congress. Federal Premium makes bullets there. You may remember that the Congresswoman toured the Factory during her 2010 campaign. I was on the bus with her.

Here’s a story providing background on the issue. The EPA decided to ignore the enviro-wacko petition to ban the use of lead last year, but that is being challenged in court so there’s a push to pass Legislation to prevent a back door Ammo ban to protect hunting and fishing.

Bachmann has yet to sign on as a co-sponsor of the bill. There are 67 sponsors on the House version including Kline & Cravaack and even Democrat Senator Klobuchar has signed on in the Senate.

The Congresswoman is still not signing on to help protect both the outdoor enthusiasts and a major job provider in her District.

If she doesn’t win the nomination and decides to seek reelection, these issues will be something some voters, supporters, and donors will have to keep in mind.


Please Congresswoman Bachmann,

Sign on to stop the alternate Strike Fighter engine.

Sign on to stop the EPA from trying to end hunting and fishing.

I am supporting her for President, I just hope that in the next 18 months while she is in Congress, she doesn’t waste her seat and her powerful voice. We still need her to do the right thing.