BREAKING – Extremist Conservative Now Favorable – Liberal Consequences #tcot #IAmCitizen

I’m sure the casual observer of politics hasn’t caught it yet, but Democrats are in a bit of a pickle. You see, they have run the country and state of Minnesota “Legislatively” and in Congress respectively for the last 4 years. They mounted dishonest campaigns in 06 & 08 about being real fiscal stalwarts and better suited to operate Government in order to keep America and Minnesota running smoothly or get it back on track.

They won those elections on 2 points:

  1. Republicans were acting like big government liberals, spending and allowing government to grow unchecked
  2. Democrats used the Republicans’ straying from fiscal conservatism and out flanked Republicans to the right in campaigns and fooled voters into thinking Democrats were actually fiscally responsible and conservative.

Well, let’s just say the election chickens have come home to roost now with Democrats controlling Washington for 4 years, and the White House for the last 2. That’s resulted in the largest expansion of government spending, entitlements, and unfunded mandates in modern times, if not ever.

Their campaign promises have all gone unfulfilled. Their claims to be fiscally responsible and looking out for the little guys and gals were just propaganda to get control of government to force more people to be dependent on it. Why? Because when you have people relying on Government for daily basic needs, you can demonize any opponent talking of unsustainability and proper role of Government.

And that’s just what Democrats have done. When Congressmen like Bachmann, Kline, Paulsen, Boehner, Ryan, etc talk about record deficits and the need to reign in spending and government growth, they call them extreme obstructionists- the party of no…. When Gubernatorial candidates like Tom Emmer talk about reforming and streamlining government they hammer them about stripping “services” away from the poor victims and elude to corporatism and elitism.

But after years of failed liberal policies and one of the longest recessions in modern America (normally 14 months if memory serves, we’re going on 4 years), the American people are catching on the the idea that Government is not the gravitational center of the economy. Americans realize that Obama, Pelosi, Dayton, and Democrats in general are not only as far removed from Constitutional conservative government, but they are in fact non-violent enemies to the principles our country was founded on.

Personal responsibility, limited government, liberty, and freedoms are what allowed this nation to grow into the most powerful and productive society on Earth. It wasn’t Government programs or members of Congress who built this nation, it was the people. Democrats, deep down in their political hearts, oppose the people, either by individual efforts or banded together in groups or businesses, doing great things.

You see, to them, Government is the center of the universe. they believe in control and central planning. As much as they want to “spread the wealth around”, it isn’t to make everybody rich, its to spread the misery around to achieve control over the way of life and standard of living.

This recession which is about to be going on 4 years is not the result of conservative policies being fully implemented and having failed. Its the culmination of decades of liberal programs and mandates inflexed with spineless Republicans trying simply to put their own spin on the government interventions for political gain. They followed polls rather their principles.

No, Republicans are not excluded from blame for the 2007 recession, but they had nothing to do with why it has lasted this long. Democrats “inherited” the recession in late 2008, but did nothing to correct the errors that led to it. This was a Government induced recession.

High gas/energy prices, an inflated housing and financial bubble, and increased regulations and red tape all lead to this recession. The policies and legislation that led to those factors or prevented free market solutions to stave off the natural market corrections were not bred by conservative ideology. Liberalism is not a Democrat exclusive trait. Republicans can be liberals, but more importantly, due to the exponential growth of Government over decades, and the increasing dependency of people and businesses on Government and its bureaucracies, our economy was incapable of correcting itself as needed to limit the impact of the recession. Instead we’re seeing the recession of 2007 ripple on into 2010 with no real end in sight. While technically no longer a “recession” (at 1.5+/-% GDP growth) we’re clearly in a recovery-less economic malaise and no return to the economic levels we were at like normal.

Wow, so I haven’t blogged any long form rants in a while and as you can see, things are stacking up in my brain. Cribnotes:

  • Republicans are to blame for this recession- BUT not for enacting conservative policies. Rather for failure to reform or repeal liberal ones. More importantly, their role in this recession was removed in November of 2008 when Obama and the Democrats used to mantra of being centrist conservatives to sweep the elections.
  • Starting in January of 2009, Democrats took ownership of the recession. Yes, they did inherit a recession. But it wasn’t one created by conservative ideology. Heck, the Fed Chairman under Bush was reappointed by Obama and is doing more of what he did to meddle with the markets and attempt to control the economy from the marble offices of Washington.
  • Democrats have done nothing to reverse course on terrible liberal policies that lead to exponential growth in government and reduction in true free markets and actual economic forces.
  • We no longer live in a free economy, proof of that is that Government tells us what we can and cannot buy and when we don’t listen to their demands, and want to continue to have, say – the incandescent light bulb, they ban the sale of it.

If you think that banning normal lightbulbs is a conservative agenda item, you’re likely someone who has scrapped their Obama bumpersticker off with deep voter’s remorse. And that’s just one example of how Government is dictating what the economy does.

In 2006, and 2008, thanks to unprincipled Governing by Republicans, Democrats were able to bamboozle the American and Minnesotan voters into trusting them. They ran as conservative Democrats, but after the glitzy campign ads stopped airing and oaths were taken, all those promises were forgotten and it was back to the liberal status quo. (There’s lots of internal GOP crap that allowed this, but I’ve worn out my keyboard on this blog covering that)

It wasn’t conservative policies “that drove our economy into the ditch” as Democrats have been saying. And since January of 2009, if the economy really was in a ditch, why have the Democrats continued to pretend their plugin hybrid was a swamp buggy and continued to get further and further away from the pavement?

In the last 2 years Democrats have done nothing to stave off the recession and economic malaise, instead they’ve done more of the same on steroids. Massive wasteful spending, debt creation, dependency, regulatory burdens and uncertainty preventing prospective investment or attempts to recreate lost jobs.

Democrats may not have been in the White House when the recession started, but their policies were in place. Since taking charge of the Oval Office helm, they’ve actually made things worse while ticking off some agenda items and repaying some campaign debts.

They haven’t taken the task of governing responsibly.

When your family has faced tough times, huge fiscal challenges, or sudden responsibilities, (like far too many of us have lately) you’ve been forced to make changes in the way you do things.

When you are underwater in your mortgage, you don’t take out a second mortgage to add an addition.

When a family member loses their job and you need that income to make ends meet, you don’t run out and get a facelift or brand new timeshare.

When your healthcare expenses are getting out of hand, you don’t order up a cadillac plan and turn over control to people 1000’s of miles away.

When a family or business for that matter, faces tough times, they make choices based on what will fix the problem and if they don’t there are serious consequences. Short sighted cash back refinancing of a home, maxing out the credit cards, buying too big a house, taking a risky loan, buying too fancy a car, addiction to three $5+ a cup lattes from the local boutique status symbol bistro, or on the business side, taking a risk and expanding during a faux boom era. There’s lots of mistakes that led to people and businesses ending up underwater or in Chapter 11. When massive numbers of people and companies run out of money and lines of credit it creates a recession. People stop consuming, there’s no demand, hence no profits to pay people.

The economy is a multi-faceted machine with tons of gears and moving parts. It really is quite hard to cause a massive recession like we’re in. It doesn’t happen overnight and professionals should be able to see it coming. We’re a diverse enough economy that we can absorb high gas and energy prices. Amazingly we can handle a war now with out retooling everything for the effort.  We can survive turbulent stock markets. We can probably also deal with serious problems with the credit world………

But add all of those together, shadowed by the threat of further government intervention, takeovers, banning of consumer goods or industries altogether, tax hikes, and you have yourself what the economy of 2010 looks like.

OK, now I really need to sum this up. (or not)

The reality of today’s American economy in shambles – is not – the result of conservatism, in fact liberalism caused the various problems I just mentioned. Democrats run away from being called liberals, but demonize conservatives. They, like Obama this week, blame conservatives for problems caused by liberal ideas or people or bureaucracies. Barny Frank and Fannie and Freddie come to mind.

“Never let a crisis go to waste”

Here’s the rub, the economy is going to recover. It always does. The question is, when, but more importantly, what will it look like after all the manipulating and “fundamental transformation” that Obama and Democrats do? Why yes, they are kicking America when she is down. They are taking this crisis and using it as cover for changing America into something she was designed not to be.

They know that Americans will reject them if they are honest about this. They knew that in 2006 and 2008, if they ran as bold liberals hell bent on expanding government and trying to turn America into Europe or a socialist country, they’d be rejected at the polls. Well, in 2010, after 2 years of their “CHANGE” the voters have wised up, hence the new and improved Democrat campaign of 2010 where they’re sounding like conservatives.

I saw a snippet of Dayton’s new ad trying to pretend he’s not a trust fund baby, but rather a taxpayer watchdog and not a friend of the government bureaucrat. Its a lie, but he’s not alone. Taxin Tarryl Clark running in MN’s 6th Congressional District is also pretending she isn’t a tax and spend, grow and intervene liberal.


Because even Democrats know that a majority of Americans and Minnesotans reject liberalism at first glance. They have to hide what really makes up their political ideology and what their true intentions are. Their victories are based on misdirection and dishonesty. They just need to get elected, then they can go back to appeasing the special interests and trying to implement massive tax hikes and expansion of government. Because that’s what liberals do.

Anatomy of the smears

I wish the media would truly point this out. Instead, a Democrat or their slushfund special interest allies runs ads calling Emmer and conservatives extreme, it gets coverage. The TV anchors adopt the mantra of every time Emmer and Bachmann are mentioned, “extreme” is used to describe them. It starts with the Democrat candidates, its repeated by the so-called political professor experts the press relies on to lend credibility to their talking point shows, then the reporters and anchors adopt it as a middle name for the Republicans.

Now, after thousands of ads across the country and tons of focus groups, the Democrats realize that their “change” is going to lead to a voter backlash. Those “extreme” Republicans are actually more aligned with the majority of voters. And that means the Democrats will be removed from power if they continue to point out the other guy is more conservative. Hence, now after 2 years of unchecked tax and spend liberal big government policies, Democrats are trying to sound like the conservatives they just got done spending millions to bash.

Why yes, the Democrats are running from their own record.

I’m Andy Aplikowski, an American citizen fed up with the lies and dishonest tactics of the Democrats trying so desperately to destroy this great country, and I approve this message. Not paid for or approved by any party or candidate. This is just me getting upset with the political world around me and the terrible way in which things are manipulated by Democrats, bureaucrats, and the media.

I am Citizen

End rant, let me know if this needs more expansion, It is just shy of a novel, maybe I could get a publishing deal out of this……

Must Be Ad Withdrawal Or Something – Great Ad From Rubio

I think I may be suffering from ad withdrawal or something… or sure, I can get one about how Tom Emmer boiled kittens in the Capital basement with Tim Pawlenty while Dick Cheney and Carol Molnau were planting charges on the 35W bridge – in every shade or bias on Minnesota TV right now, but there’s not anything countering them… yes, we have one independent expenditure, but its not the back and forth we (I) have become used to over the last 2 election cycles with hotly contested Senate elections.

I guess I just miss creative ads from the right like this one from Marco Rubio of Florida.

Given the spending limits for statewide elections in Minnesota, I fear conservatives like me waiting for a counter attack on our principle’s behalf, are going to have to wait until October. I fear that we don’t suffer from a liberal echo chamber like the 2008 Dem primary between Obama and Hillary, but this is what we have unless more outside groups come in.

Well there is the Republican party, I guess we can hold out hope that they have some fresh creative minds to come up with some clever ads – either highlighting the failed policies of Democrats like Rubio’s ad, OR ads talking about why people need to seriously consider electing a majority of Republicans based on their conservative platform……

For some reason I think people like me will have o browse YouTube for the latest and greatest ads I crave.

I must be a sick puppy if I am craving political ads.

If Only the Twin Cities Media Cared – MN Majority Makes Waves

Its kinda sad that the Twin Cities professional journalists are getting too lazy or just letting their bias decide what is news. I’m talking about the fraud that is Sen. Al Franken and the entire 2008 elections in MN. The recount simply shed light on the scam that is our election system in this state.

long held up (by the politicians and bureaucrats who made it happen) as the best in the nation, Minnesota’s election ponzi scheme is finally being examined for its utter lack of safe guards or quality control. If the Mark Ritchie’s Secretary of State’s Office was a fortune 500 company and the votes were somebody else’s investments, he’d be dragged down to Washington and grilled before a committee.

But back here in Minnesota, where there are mountains of evidence that fraud was committed, the local journalists are treating it as old news.

Luckily, Minnesota Majority never gave up. Luckily they don’t subscribe to the cut and paste talking point story ideas. They subscribe to right and wrong. they didn’t seek out to twist the story to suit their needs. They had concerns and investigated on their own. And you will never believe what they found out, or rather, you will very likely not see it since the local media is A) too lazy or B) too biased toward Sen. Franken.

Luckily the rest of the nation can learn about the sham, FOX News has a story and its also top center on Drudge Report.

Mark Ritchie and his electioneering are getting the exposing they have deserved for some time. No thank to the local press. All the data and information has been sitting there for them to go see. They’ve just been too lazy to go do it, or maybe they don’t want you to find out what really happened. As in Al Franken was able to steal the election.

That Sucking Sound’s Back

It seems to be back for 2010, the 2008 sit on your message hands and let the liberal Democrats have the undivided attention of the electorate, strategeriffic plan of the RNC/ McCain campaign, and MNGOP.

Now, granted it could be that I have been completely cut out of the loop to the point that no one has yet to ask me to even put up a lawnsign, but it sure seems the TC media is devoid of any displays of why people should choose the Republican agenda. Oh sure, lots of nasty charges and complaints filed. But zip, zero, nada on a plan, details for the reform, why should people return the GOP to power. How about some TV or at least web ads about what we stand for. What we will do in Jan if elected.

Positive vision for Minnesota and America!

Um, the entire debate right now is taking place on the left side of the isle.

I am incredibly worried folks. I’ve talked to many of you who thought it would be different, but are starting to share the same angst that I have.

Anyways, Just needed to throw this off my chest, get it out there in the hopes that this filters up and down the center right side of things so someone with the power to kick the right people in the ass or open up the right check books sees it.

Feel free to discuss. Consider it an open thread. For the status quo GOP, against. Suggestions, complaints. I’m really too busy to dig too deep into this and write, but as I sad, I’ve talked to enough of you who are scratching your heads that I know there a re a lot of us.

Let’s let our opinions be seen.

From The INBOX: Senate Bonding Bill – My Thoughts “They Didn’t Get The Memo”

Got this one overnight.

I wish you would comment on the 9 Republican Senators that voted for the bonding bill.

For those that didn’t know, the Minnesota Senate Democrats passed a Billion Dollar Bonding Bill yesterday, oops, I should say the Senate Democrats and 9 Republicans voted for their pet project and fiscal irresponsibility bill yesterday.

Now the Republican Party does appear to have some new life, and by new life I mean showing signs of at least NOT going down swinging.

Point 1) It appears that we now have someone in the state party structure who may know of private Senate phone numbers to the Senate floor, which of course will be used against us in the future, but it was a nice touch. The age old practice of the party not getting involved in Legislation finally seems to have been laid to rest. It is a cautionary hope though that this didn’t break any rules, or inspire the Democrats who own the Senate Rules and gavel to inflict maximum pain on our slim minority out of vengeance. But again, it was a nice try.

Point 2) Another sign of life in the party, they didn’t just sit back and let this terrible Bonding Bill fly though the ethos without nary a postmortem comment. And even more impressively, they didn’t let the fact that 9 moron Republicans ended up voting for the waste, fraud, and abusive credit line spending stop them from trying to hold Democrats accountable to their own bad ideas. Rather then let the Democrats OWN the Bonding Bill, 9 Republicans just had to make sure they could…. well, dare I say, avoid having someone send out a lit piece saying they voted agains project such and such?

I’m sure the notion of the party sending out a sternly worded press release going after Democrats when Republicans were on the wrong side didn’t sit well with the Senate Caucus, but hey, the Party doesn’t work for them. The Party release is a little too Pawlenty focused for my taste, but hey, that’s me. Maybe the party’s new Chair is really going to put a little bit of the grassroots’ water in that bucket he is carrying up the 2010 hill too.

So good news on the party front there. And I feel coming from me a tip of the hat to the actual state party on this may mean something. Signs of progress.

Now as for the 9 Republican Senators who apparently think those checks your credit card company send you are free money that you are required to spend, well, that is a bad sign for the Senate Caucus.

Republican Senators Steve Dille, Dennis Frederickson, Joe Gimse, Bill Ingebrigtson, Michael Jungbauer, Paul Koering, Gen Olson, Pat Pariseau and Dave Senjem all voted for the bill. (same link as above)

I am using that as a basis for who the 9 were because as of 7 AM this morning, the official roll call or Senate Journal was not displaying the full list of names in the 52 to 14 vote.

Leadership seems rudderless there again and it is going to be another troublesome Session if they don’t stand firm and separate themselves from the dreadful agenda of the Democrats. More problematic is that the Republican Party and conservative/Tea Party movement is running against wasteful spending. Throw the bums out seems to be in order, unlike in the House where the Republicans, at least most of late, have displayed how they are different.

The House learned this lesson already with the Veto Override and the 2008 endorsement process. Republicans were held accountable by the grassroots and those who were using the (R) behind their name ended up facing the wrath of principled conservative Delegates and some even lost their seat at the table of unlimited power and career politicians.

The Senate in Minnesota is by design, an unaccountable body. Unlike the House which is up every single even year election, the Senate is only up every 4 years. And unlike the US Senate where they serve 6 years terms and a portion is up every major election, the Minnesota Senate can mail it in when the public is watching and use their non-election Sessions to bring home the bacon and expand Government beyond its Constitutional authority.

I have said it before that I want to see Sen. David Hann from Eden Prairie drop out of the Governor’s race and become Senate Republican Leader. Senjem is just not cutting it. Far better then Dick Lobbyist Day was, but not making the grade from my point of view. The idea that 9 Republicans decided to vote for this bill means that Senjem has no control, and the fact that Senjem voted for it himself means he has neither the fortitude nor wisdom to lead the Republican Caucus to the 2010 goal of shaving the Majority gap the Democrats hold.

One of the reasons I am so against Marty Seifert’s candidacy for Governor is that he was not a strong leader of the House Caucus until he heat was on. Now sure, Minnesota Representatives, especially Republicans, are not used to having the public actually watch what they are doing and become engaged activists. (note: the Party used to not engage on Legislation, which I touched on above) The Senate Caucus used to hold the party and grassroots at arms length and decide what really mattered and “voted their conscience”. We had 3 parties with 3 different platforms and agendas in the past. The Senate Republicans clearly haven’t gotten the memo.

On day 3 of the 2010 Session, the Senate Republicans are in disarray on the major focus of this entire session. They have either drank the DFL’s vote for it or else koolaid, or still don’t give a rip about the grassroots or broader agenda (read platform) of the party base. And more disturbing is that with the entire nation growing more and more angry with the out of control deficit and debt spending in Washington, why the Republican Caucus in Minnesota didn’t want to stand clearly at odds with the DFLers on this center piece example of out of wasteful pet project pork spending of money that you don’t have is beyond calculation. And exactly how can the Senate Republican Caucus be taken seriously on spending and budget balancing maneuvers that lie ahead when they aren’t even in agreement with what wasteful spending looks like and as “laid on the table in this Bonding Bill”.

But here’s where we all come in. BPOU (or Legislative District) Conventions are upon us for the next few weeks. Mine is this Saturday. I’m in a new District and getting to know my elective Representative and Senator.

Now luckily, I have both a Republican Senator and Representative, but unfortunately, my Senator seems like a dud. Now as noted above, it appears my Senator did not vote for the Bonding Bill, but my very brief interaction of Sen. Johnson (49) on Caucus night left me wondering if I had a Senator with Senatitus on my hands. I had heard that she was simply mailing it in or using the Republican Party to get elected and had no real connection with the grassroots. And well, she didn’t disappoint on helping me figure that out Caucus night.

Arrogant, disconnected, and self serving are the words that came to mind after her very brief few words. No prepared speech, no points on Legislation or the Senate GOP goals for the session, just a basic ‘Hi I’m your Senator, goodbye’. Um, take us for granted much?

So what can we learned from this HUGE vote by the Senate Republicans on Day 3?

They need to be held accountable, all of them. I got a call from a person looking to challenge Sen. Johnson last night, and I hope that all across the State, Senate Republicans are all going to face challenges, so that they have to earn the right, and more importantly show respect to the base. I know that in fighting and wasting time on seats we already hold is counter intuitive to strategists and staffers, but we clearly have a group of politicians who have not woken up the the entire notion them working for us. We will fight against anyone standing on the wrong side of the responsible limited Government line, ANYONE.

As we all (hopefully) participate in our BPOU endorsing conventions, we must make these Senators explain what they will be doing.

  • Will they be going along to get along with the Democrats?
  • Or will they be standing strong against their wasteful and power lustful ways?
  • Will they go ahead and vote for bills to expand government even further and take more of our money, rights, and freedoms away?
  • Or will they bravely stand up and vote against them in order to show the Minnesota public that there is another way?

That Minnesota doesn’t have to have Progressive Democrats hell bent on bringing socialism/Marxism home one baby step at a time, running the Senate and state Government.

My advice to anyone out there who is upset about not only this bonding bill actually passing, but that these 9 Republican Senators voted against responsible limited government by voting for this waste, fraud, and abusive credit line spending bill is to either vote against the motion to endorse or vote for a new guy or gal challenging the incumbents. Make them work for their 2010 endorsement, I don’t care how long they have been in office. If they have a challenger, and that person would make better votes and has a pulse, by all means don’t be afraid to stand up and support them. Because if the true purpose of this party is to get good conservative Republicans elected, even a defeated incumbent would surely help out someone who is more willing to represent the party’s shared and stated goals. Or so one would hope that career politicians would act like Ron Erhart.

I myself think I may makes some waves in my new District by supporting Sen. Johnson’s opponent for endorsement.

Look, we need to send these Republican Senators a lesson early or we will have an entire Session where they are voting like drunken Democrats.

Angry Al Shining For All To See But Just Getting Warmed Up

It is pretty sad that this real Al Franken didn’t come out before the vote in 2008 or the subsequent absentee ballot stuffing afterwards. Oh sure, some of us saw who this guy really was back when he parachuting in on his bag of carpet in 2005-6, but the general public didn’t. Franken was able to hold it together long enough to steal the election. The media ignored the entire issue, as is their role for all Democratic candidates. But he is an actor, albeit bad one, but I tried to tell Coleman’s campaign that they better not goof around with him. He managed to come across cool headed enough to earn the trust of like 40% of Minnesotans (and assorted ACORN transplants).

Oh well, Angry Al Franken managed to steal the election and got sworn in. He now becomes the latest example of how Minnesotans have a terrible track record on statewide elections. Al Franken, especially now that he is getting national media spotlight attention, is going to get even worse. His ego feeds his motives. Oh sure, he is a genuine radical lefty, oh sorry, Progressive, so his ego isn’t driving his politics, but it is driving his demeanor.

Here’s a story about him grilling some NBC & Comcast Execs like he was still back collecting those Million dollar checks from the Boys & Girls club (or where ever Soros was funneling the money through) to sit behind a microphone and spew hate towards Bush, Coleman, and Republicans in general and lie about their actions, motives, and intentions.

And what tells me that we haven’t seen the full devastating Al Franken yet, is that he is lashing out at fellow Democrats too.

He is a man driven by passion, but with out the ability to see the forest through the trees or even exhibit reason and control over his actions. He’s like that guy who stands on the corner with signs saying something about this and that, when everyone stops looking, he gets louder, and when he draws a crowd, he doubles down and starts preaching. Al Franken is just getting warmed up my friends.

What his Progressive politics drives him to say and think, his mind refuses to comprehend as unConstitutional or bad for the public in general. He is a soldier for the wing of America and the world that wants to completely tear it [Capitalism and America] down piece by piece in order to divvy up the pieces so there is an equal chicken in every pot, but 2 in the ones for the people who think the right way.

Oh yes, I am talking about how Progressives like Franken believe it is OK for some companies and people to have monopolies, to have unfettered brute force to impose their will, so long as their will is with in the parameters of Karl Marx or the elite left.

It is scary to see a man like Franken who has no control or sense of his surroundings, an attack dog, a bully who will kick and pull hair all so he can terrorize people into caving in this position. It scares me that someone who truly hates the way America works as “my” Senator in Washington.

Pay attention folks, Washington Democrats may have made a huge mistake drafting Al Franken to join their ranks. They found a guy able to steal an election, but they will never be able to control him. He is a radical Progressive who thinks that the Democrats in Washington are too moderate, that profits are evil, and the redistributing wealth is just plain God’s work.

Folks, this is what the real base of the Democratic party wants. If not for the fears of the bigwigs of losing the old blue dogs and elderly people who think the Democratic Party is still the party of JFK and Scoop Jackson, the people like Al Franken would be in total control.

Now can President Obama and Harry Reid put Al Franken back in his box? Can Amy Klobuchar calm down here enraged compatriot so that she doesn’t have to start agreeing with him? You see, Al Franken is what most Democratic Senators really are, Progressive Radicals hell bent on destructing this country, but most Senators are able to hide their true selves, and the adoring media are in cahoots so they never bother to expose them or investigate their intentions and motives.

But Al Franken is out of his cage and on the loose now. As much as it embarrasses me to have a Minnesota Senator making such a colossal ass out of himself, I have to say that I want Franken to get his message out far and wide. Franken is trying to take down the framework of our economy, but he may just end up taking out the framework for Socialism in America. He could destroy the Progressive movement in America if he is allowed to continue to spout off his angry self at will.

For the sake of the future of America, I hope Al Franken becomes the poster child for Democrats.

Will Tim Walz want Franken campaigning for him if he is now the national bully for the guy trying to bankrupt most employers in the country? Will Tarryl Clark be so keen to have Franken show up for her if he is exactly the kind of Democratic member of Congress who really should have been vetted more properly by the press to expose just what his real intentions were?

50 – 40 Now The Real Battle Begins For The 2010 GOP Endorsement

In my opinion, only 50% for Seifert is a bad night for him. Running as the heir apparent with the establishment behind him, only managing 50% is a poor showing and considering that he has spoken before most of these Caucus goers a time or dozen over the last few years, well, it kinda gets worse. You see, Seifert has been stealthily running for Governor – a la Pawlenty for Prez – the last few years. He saturated Republican meetings and events as Minority Leader so his face and name was highly known. I think I remember the stories about him going through 2 transmissions at an event or two.

I know I am biased in this since I am a Tom Emmer supporter, but considering Seifert’s “commanding lead” in dollars, his insider status, and inheritance of a campaign operation – only garnering 50% last night is a bad performance. To add insult to injury, the tsunami of new faces from 08 has subsided, and the Ron Paul Revolution seems to have run its course. So the voters last night in GOP Precincts, was much more in line with the usual crowd, as in the people who have seen Seifert speak numerous times.

Look, I’ll congratulate him on winning, but I just want to point out that his inability to pull away at the midway point is not showing momentum. And that Emmer’s 40% was more then the handicappers who write the big checks and pull the strings could have imagined.

Up to now, there was no real clue who the Delegates who vote for  the endorsement would be for sure. The lists from 08 were rendered useless due to the incredibly high turnout to Caucus in 08 by people who thought it was a primary. People got elected as Delegates, but didn’t show up or follow through on attending. Up to this point, the candidates had a monstrous list of people to contact with most probably asking to not be bothered again to get off their couch. (Not intended to be incendiary, just pointing out how turnout was down by two thirds and the people being contacted, are Caucus attendees)

Here in odd-10 here, now we finally have ourselves the actual pool of people for the candidates to work with. The list of 60,000 attendees from 08 is now down to 20,000. Of that, 2,000 or so will become State Delegates through the various District and CD Conventions. So while Seifert managed to eek out half of the vote last night, it does not speak as a mandate by the base that Seifert has been anointed.

At this point, the advantage goes to Emmer. Seifert made himself the heir apparent, but there is a spirit of change in the air out there. There is still angst over the status quo with in the Republican Party, the establishment, so I have a gut feeling that this thing is just getting started. Last night was where we informally winnowed the field down to 2. (Hopefully the others got the message and will gracefully bow out now to save us time sitting in uncomfortable seats at the upcoming conventions listening to their speeches eventhough we have no intention of voting for them)

Last night, the teams got done with warm ups, and the opening coin flip was a good one for Seifert but didn’t take it all the way for a touchdown, in fact, the game is just getting underway this morning.

The point is Seifert should have run the tables last night. Had it been 50 to 25 with Hann nipping at Emmer’s heels, yeah, then I’d admit this baby would be over, but it was only 50 to 40 and everyone else was in the dust. So while Seifert takes the “win” last night, Emmer closed the presumptive gap as we now move into regulation play.

Will The Real Useful Idiots Please Stand Up

As if we needed the proof that Obama played the media like a well tuned Stradivarius.

The Obama campaign’s press strategy leading up to his election last November focused on “making” the media cover what the campaign wanted and on exercising absolute “control” over coverage, White House Communications Director Anita Dunn told an overseas crowd early this year.

In a video of the event, Dunn is seen describing in detail the media strategy used by then-Sen. Barack Obama’s highly disciplined presidential campaign. The video is footage from a Jan. 12 forum hosted by the Global Foundation for Democracy and Development in the Dominican Republic.

“Very rarely did we communicate through the press anything that we didn’t absolutely control,” Dunn said, admitting that the strategy “did not always make us popular in the press.”

And what does the press do after Obama runs away with the election because no one knew the real Obama agenda? That’s right, go into spin mode. It is service week, and gosh isn’t it amazing how every single hollywood lib on TV is saying we should visit some particular website and serve……..

Folks, the “media” has turned the entire over the airwaves TV system over to the White House.

That ain’t good.

She explained that the campaign favored live interviews so that Obama’s words could not be edited — “so that what the voters heard we determined, as opposed to some editor in a TV station.”

She said Campaign Manager David Plouffe put out Web videos so the campaign could avoid talking to reporters and focus the media message.

Would you like to know why it is important for people to talk with the press? Why it is important for politicians, especially Presidential candidates, to take questions from the media?


You can pretty much chalk this up to the tactics of a dictator: Oh yes, Obama was willing to do and say whatever he needed to to get himself elected. The media, rather then expose his liberal agenda coverup, played right along. Oh sure, they whined, but they didn’t tell people the truth.

That is, President Obama’s entire strategy to get elected was a propaganda operation.

He manipulated the American people.

This is not the behavior of an American President. No wonder Chavez, Castro, and the UN ThugDictator AllStars love him so much.

I don’t care if you believe in socialized medicine or not, having a President who is more skilled at tricking his own citizens then he is staring down the Soviets….. oh sorry, Far Northeast EuroAsian Peace Partners …..

I pray that the useful idiots in the media wake up and realize that what Obama has and is doing is harmful to our Democracy.

You shouldn’t have to lie/mislead/fool the American public Mr. President.

Memo to local media hacks: This would be a good time to approach the Democrats in our Congressional Delegation and ask them what they think about the President’s Press Secretary admitting that Obama waged a propaganda campaign against American voters.

Point: Obama had to hide the liberal (progressive) agenda and pretend/portray himself as a centrist, Democrats share this agenda and tactic.

Conclusion: Minnesota Democrats operate in pretty much the same manner as Obama’s propaganda project did. Controlled settings, scripted outcome, softballs, and dodged questions…… Just saying.

Palin, Romney, Pawlenty, Newt – Hide The Babies In Iowa

I am glad I don’t live in Iowa, and it ain’t just because of the nightlife, or lack there of. The 2012 GOP Primary is on the eve of ramping up and I see a battle brewing. Of course the DC elite and establishment of the center right …. er right of left, is going to try to trash Palin. She may be the most natural candidate to come along since the Gipper, and that scares the other ones who have trained and planned their lives’ journey via political office. 

Yes, I do think Sarah Palin is a serious contender for 2012, and I think she is taking aim at the anointed one. I know that Pawlenty had his heart set on the VP slot under McCain. He carried a lot of water for him, and the choice of Palin was a huge blow to him. He’d have been the automatic choice in 2012, but now he has to earn it. And in turn, Palin needs to get to the head of the pack. 

Hence her surprise announcement to get Alaska out of the crosshairs and herself free of the bounds of political defenses. As Alaska Guv, he was hamstrung in defending herself from the elite and liberal attacks. But as a free citizen, she has free reign to campaign and take some jabs at her competition. 

And the idea that she is opening the door for her Lt. Gov. to take the helm and run as the incumbent, rather then her use her lame duck term to campaign for another position is a shot at the Northstar State’s Pawlenty. He is also not seeking reelection, but he is not handing off power to his Lt. Carol Malnau. He is riding out his term. 

I think since they weren’t in the mix in the early POTUS scramble in 2008, they may be a little better positioned on the inside lane. Chomping at their heels are Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich. Romney had already deployed the strategy of not running for reelection as Guv in order to use the office to run for President, it didn’t necessarily work, but then again, the 2008 primary was little about the grassroots. Romney did become a favorite of the anti-McCain in the base, but it was more of him being the only alternative. Whether he has done enough to overcome his former liberalness remains to be seen, and don’t forget, he wasn’t seen on the campaign trail as was Pawlenty and Palin. He made the pundit and media circuits, but Palin and Pawlenty were barnstorming. 

And then there was Newt. Early this year I thought for sure he was running. He was trying to suck up all the oxygen in the room when it came to responses to Obama and the talking head tours on TV. Whether it was his website or his appearances on the news networks, Newt was trying to become the face of the opposition. But then he went overboard on a few things (to be honest they weren’t memorable, but turned me off) , and he seems to have drifted back, but I think he wants to be President and this is his last hurrah. 

I think these are the Tier one or inside lane contenders in the marathon that is the 2012 GOP POTUS battle. There will be more, and it isn’t a sprint. Chances are we could have a come from behind Mine That Bird like candidate.

As I said, Palin is the natural candidate that the base can relate to and drives the left nuts, but unfortunately, same with the GOP establishment. I just heard a clip of RNC CHair Steele saying he doesn’t think she can contend given her personal issues. She would be fighting the GOP elite and establishment, and that would make it hard. 

Pawlenty is the second coming of McCain, although more polished, he comes from the McCain mold of Republicans. Oh sure, he sounds like the second coming of Reagan at times, but let’s not forget his affliction for all things Green, spending appetite that has only been trimmed by the recession. He may be a contender and a capable face of the party, but whether he can carry the water for the conservative base while trying to reshape the party into his own visions remains to be seen.

Romney is a given contender given his 2nd place finish to McCain last time and his vast personal wealth, but if he can define himself as a true blue conservative who can be the principled opposition to Obama remains to be seen.

Newt? Well, I am confident he was running, but unfortunately the much younger conservative base mixed with the elder ones who remember his past discretions are an unwelcoming crowd.

So the early favorite of the grassroots in my mind is Palin. And of the establishment is Pawlenty. I think that would be your one and two if we had a national primary and the election was today.