Franken Is In Trouble

For those thinking there is no way Senator Al Franken can lose, here’s proof you are wrong. The Strib is already bending over backwards to mislead voters of his Progressive Agenda.

Did Al Franken really cast the ’60th vote’ for Obamacare?

He was in fact the 60th vote. The leftwing power grab of Democrats resulted in a Republican winning the special election in Massachusetts. This story is junk journalism and why we have so many empty suits and pantsuits in Washington.

We would not have Obamacare if not for Al Franken stealing the 2008 election recount.

Thou Shalt Be Disenfranchised – MN Election Scam Exposed

There’s a glimpse into the scam that is Minnesota’s election laws. Do you know that it is illegal to make your ballot in any such way as to make it identifiable. So like if you write your name in for a Judge or Soil and Dog Catcher race so you can go back and see if your ballot really counted? Yeah, that’s illegal. So is posting a picture of your ballot online or on the Facebook. Don’t do that!

Well, in the closest Minnesota election in quite some time, we see a good reason why I think ballots should be traceable. I believe there is stuffing of ballot boxes. A few votes here and there, those over votes, ext etc. Well, if there was a way to trace the ballot to the voter, we could prove it. But with our fraudster friendly laws, there is absolutely no way, especially when you have a Chief Election official who refuses to match the number of signatures with the number of actual ballots…. but I digress.

In the election of Rep. Franson (R) and challenger Cunniff (D) you have a slim margin of just 1 vote. Its in recount and litigation phase now and guess what. There was an error on election day and some voters were given the wrong ballots. So now 35 ballots will be drawn out at … (AHEM) “random”.

That means people who cast their votes will have their votes erased. They don’t get a redo and due to an error, their right to vote was thrown in the garbage.

ST. PAUL, Minn. – Minnesota’s closest legislative race is headed for court before it reaches a probable recount.

First-term Republican Rep. Mary Franson currently leads Democratic challenger Bob Cunniff by a single vote. But there was a counting error that could alter the margin. Douglas County auditor treasurer Charlene Rosenow says some voters received the wrong ballots on Election Day so 35 ballots are likely to be pulled at random before a pre-recount tally is certified.

Franson has asked a judge to get involved. A hearing on the lawmaker’s request was set for Monday afternoon.

Recounts are automatic when the difference between candidates is less than one-half of one percentage point. The manual recount is slated to start on Nov. 28.

Democrats have a 73-61 majority pending a reversal in the Franson-Cunniff race.

How would you like to be one of the people who is going to have their ballot thrown away?

This is why I believe we should not only have our own names or some identification on our ballots, not to mention run offs in Minnesota. Not the Communist instant run off voting, but in a case like this, rather than waste all this time and money recounting and suing, you have another election on the first Tuesday after a Monday in December between Franson & Cunniff.

Whenever anyone doesn’t get the 50% +1, you have a run off. Just think if in 2010 what would have happened if the December election (shudder) between Dayton and Emmer head to head with out any distractions or spoilers. Another examples is the 2008 Fanken Coleman race where 10’s of millions were spent on the recount and court battles, the process took months and months, imagine if we just had a run off 30 days later.

Just some humble proposals to be thrown out and fall on the deaf and defiant ears of the new ruling class of Minnesota.

Yippie Ki-Yay!

Tonite we’ll see if hard work paid off, but today there is still more to do. #GOTV #mngop #mnred Calls, wave signs, leave no vote uncast


I was going to try to write a post for today convincing people not to be idiots. It would have talked about how the people who left the 2008 Rochester convention so upset with the Republican Party and Norm Coleman that they voted for Dean Barkley and then plotted to take over the party and have their revenge in 2012. Well we have them to thank those Liberty loving Americans for Obamacare and the laundry list of other radical leftist oppressive policies Obama accomplished in his first 2 years with Senator Al Franken.

I was supposed to go enjoy my Summer, I was lead to believe there were better Republicans than me who cared more about the country than me, who could help the party more, blah blah blah well ….

They disappeared as soon as the work needed to be done.

America needed help and they were nowhere to be found.


Yippie Ki-Yay …

Thou Shalt Caucus – The Mitt That Fits 2.0

I am giving you a direct order to show up at your Precinct Caucuses at 7:00 PM tonight. You can find your location here. 

I’ll be casting my vote reluctantly for Romney. There was never a perfect candidate in this race and the better choices all dropped out. Heck, I’d vote Pawlenty over these 4 guys.  Those remaining offer glimpses of greatness on some issues, but come up well short on others. Some would be huge disasters and drag the entire ticket down. Some would work against what I believe such as liberty, border security, and shrinking government.

Romney has done what the other 3 haven’t, been a very successful business man. While all have some experience in the private (real) world, only Romney has run a business that was more than a lemonade stand or self promotion firm. While Reagan 2.0 would be great, and despite some of them saying they are Reagan clones, no one is. There is only one Reagan.

6 months ago, who’d have thunk I’d come full circle and be supporting the guy I didn’t want to get the nomination, but considering my options, he’s still the Mitt that Fits.

RF Flashback circa February 2008: The Mitt that Fits

I’m confident that had we nominated Romney over McCain, Obama wouldn’t have had such an easy path to victory. Romney would have at least put up a fight, McCain laid down and rolled over.

Plus, don’t forget, theta’s that whole ticket mate thing. Romney gives Republicans favorables with some big business people that the others won’t, maybe Mitt will give us a rock solid Vice Presidential nominee to galvanize us.

Vote with your head not your emotions. While our vote is non-binding, it is getting national coverage in the first time in like forever, so flippant votes cast in spite our out of rage will make us all look like morons.

Oh and help me change the MNGOP Platform


Serious Concerns Regarding McCall’s Loyalty Arise

There is a serious amount of concern being raised by Republican activists regarding Terry McCall’s loyalty to the Republican Party. The fact is the chances of Ron Paul winning the Presidential nomination are slim to none. In 2008, McCall admits that he could not even hold his nose and vote for the endorsed candidate John McCain.

In an email yesterday, McCall admitted he didn’t vote for McCain in 2008.

McCall for Chair email 12/28/11: “as a deeply principled conservative I could not vote for the Republican candidate”

This is what has turned many people off. There’s a time to hash out who is the best candidate and who is right on the issues, but come the 1st Tuesday after a Monday in November of an election year, you just need to suck it up and vote for the Republican. I know that many people think that a generation of this is what led to the current state of the GOP and our country.

I counter that if you pick a good candidate to be on the ballot, you don’t have to hold your nose. But at the end of the Primary/Nomination battle, you have to unite because in the end it is us vs the DFL. You can hold true to your principles, but that comes with consequences, and that means you can’t lead an organization with the primary goal of electing Republicans.

There’s 3 key examples of where I see Terry McCall as MNGOP Chair as a huge risk.

1) Every vote counts – Senator Al Franken. Norm Coleman was a Republican Senator who many conservatives had lost trust with. Hundreds of normally reliable Republican voters ended up voting for Dean Barkley or just staying home because their principles wouldn’t allow them to simply mark the ballot for Coleman. We all probably know a few people who did that. Those votes mattered.

The decision for conservatives to send Coleman a message resulted in the radical liberal Al Franken getting an election certificate. Had just a few hundred conservatives sucked it up like I did and do what was best for the country in voting for Coleman, we wouldn’t have Obamacare. Franken was the 60th vote to force that upon us and we have principled conservatives to thank. You can argue that, but the truth is if Coleman was there, Obamacare wouldn’t have passed. Fact.

2) Paul doesn’t win nomination and runs 3rd party or a more appealing Libertarian emerges as a 3rd party candidate. This is a big one. As I said, the chance of Paul winning are nil. That isn’t going to stop his supporters from trying, the question is, what do they do afterwards? More importantly, what will they do when other people oppose them in support of their guy. One thing about some Ron Paul people is that they hate anyone who doesn’t support Paul and refuse to work with them. there’s even been a field staffer who “lost focus and effectiveness” after the Paul dream died n 2008.

Can we afford to take that risk with state party chair?  McCall’s campaign guru Corey Sax is a perfect example of this. Will people take key roles in the party with a Chair McCall only to walk away and leave us all hanging? Its a huge risk because McCall has already proven his principles matter more than party. Its easy to make a promise, and I’m not trying to smear individuals. Some outspoken folks have made their own beds and are easy targets. Others have been pleasant surprises and who I am glad to welcome to the trenches.

But given McCall’s 2008 vote against the Republican candidate, I’m not willing to take that risk. Because it is about even more than just a vote, its about being the message bearer for the GOP and in 2012, we could be in play. Calm down, I’m talking about the Senate race and Klobuchar. She’s been a rubber stamp for Obama and the GOP POTUS candidate could end up making some swings through Minnesota to tie her to Obama. Will we have a State Party Chair who is washing his hair the day the press tour is scheduled?

3) Darth-Brodkorb – Imagine McCall going full metal jacket and trying to rig the endorsement process. What if he sees his role as making sure we pick a candidate he can live with? We just saw Michael Brodkorb attack the Delegates of the State Convention for picking the wrong guy in 2010 and saying he will make sure that won’t happen again (whoops, he spoke too soon).

We all know that Paul supporters are still angry over Rochester. One of their problems is that they don’t realize people like me were angry too. The convention was a disaster and divided the base. What if next year’s state convention turns into pay back? Can we afford to see the party dissolve into a civil war? Are McCall’s principles going to trump his judgement?

The Party Chair must remain neutral. They cannot play favorites. Their opinion doesn’t and can’t matter. I helped lead the charge when former Chair Ron Carey said that he was going to head up the Mike Huckabee campaign in Minnesota. He decided that we activists weren’t supporting and working for the right candidate. He didn’t trust us.

Will McCall trust us? More importantly, if the candidates we select don’t share 100% of his principles, will he still wrk for them like they do? What if one of our candidates doesn’t jive with the platform, will he pull support for them?

Party Chair is a huge responsibility and frankly Terry McCall is not someone to hope won’t do what he did just 3 years ago. What if a Congressional candidate gets endorsed ahead of a Paul/Liberty preferred one, will the State Party not help go after Ellison, McCallum, Peterson, Walz, etc because the Chair doesn’t really care for such and such..

Sorry, we’ve had former Chairs who have done similar things, they have all the power. We’ve also had Chairs who have dumped tons of money into helping dud candidates. We’re talking about hundreds of thousands wasted on a candidate they liked who had no chance. What if a Liberty candidate gets endorsed, but has zero chance, will the party pour money into a losing effort?

All big risks folks. You have a safe choice in this race where you don’t have to worry about any of this. That’s Pat Shortridge. A vote for Terry McCall is simply rolling the dice and hoping that none this happens. Hoping that he won’t do what he did before, and that was turn his back on the Republican candidate. Again, which is fine for him to do as just a voter, just not as Republican Party Chair.

I coined a phrase that is key in politics, the only candidate who can represent you 100% of the time is yourself. I’m not saying sell out to the Ramstad/Horner RINOs, but you do have to at some point turn the guns outward and start fighting for the Republican Party, not against the people on your enemies list. And rather than have this post get any longer, I’m just going to end this.

I don’t trust McCall to not be the guy so beholden to his personal principles, that he won’t help elect the Republican candidates, and I don’t think you should either.

Pawlenty’s Romneyfication – Career Suicide Watch

Pawlenty Proves He’s a ‘Company Man’ – Pro-Romney

Hey, I ultimately supported Mitt Romney in 2008, but that was after there was no one besides Huckster & McCain. It was the less of 3 evils. If only Fred Thompson had the energy and desire to have run a campaign.

But Tim Pawlenty’s rash early endorsement of Mitt Romney is baffling. No doubt Tim Pawlenty was not going to retire his political aspirations, but to pick Mitt Romney this early, well, maybe its career politician suicide.

Frankly in my opinion this is 1 of 2 things:

1) He’s been promised the VP slot *IF* Mitt Romney wins the endorsement.

2) He’s more worried about making sure the actual conservative candidates don’t win.

Its baffling to me why he did this. We all know he can’t stand the principled win of the Party, but to spit in their face this early, well, it makes no sense. He had basically called Romney a coconspirator to Obamacare? And now he says he’s the best candidate to run against Obama?

Do as I say, not as I do – much?

I’m Questioning WHEN They Are Patriotic

I’ve already seen it, celebrities and elites just glad that bin Laden’s death happened under Obama’s watch, not Bush’s because “he’s a good man”  and such. Well, I’m sorry, but I can’t get the memories out of my head regarding the full blown war against everything the Bush Administration was doing in the war on terror. Bush lLied & People Died, Code Pink, Murtha’s Cold Blooded Killers line, Bush Betrayed……   Cowboy diplomacy….. Water boarding, Rendition, And Olberdork’s spittle filled rants

Well, where is Code Pink & Olberdork today? Its priceless hypocrisy including a video of Olberdork railing against Cheney & a Constitutional Crisis.

I can’t forget how for 8 years, Democrats, Liberals, & Progressives did everything with in their power to undermine the Commander in Chief, but now that its a Democrat sending our troops into sovereign nations to shoot first and inform our “allies” later, the very same people who would impeach Bush & Cheney for raising their voices in a Library are praising Obama carrying out the orders Bush first made about a decade ago.

Look, Obama deserves credit for not listening to his base and sending the SEALs in. But if his own party, and the main stream media are to be taken seriously, they must be questioned why its OK for Obama to assassinate bin Laden, but not Bush?

Obama is literally continuing the Bush wars, and heck, he’s escalating them. But the people who were once the attack dogs trying to stop any progress on the war have put down their bull horns and have picked up their pom poms.

Its intellectually inconsistent and frankly more proof that this country may be unsustainable. Its clear that we have a segment of our political class who are not loyal opposition. What if McCain has won the 2008 election and he got Osama? Would Olberdork & and the rest of the liberal press be so proud of their country? Would they be as willing to set aside their journalistic integrity to celebrate the death of bin Laden? Because, they were not willing to wear our flag on their sleeves when Bush was President.

I Wish Karl Rove Would Shut Up Or Put Disclaimers On That Giant Forehead Of His

I’m sorry, I know its sacrilege, but I am completely against elitists like Karl Rove poohpoohing 2012 hopefuls when he is simply a hired goon. Its troubling that he gets away with it, but its even more so that the establishment in the GOP circles are blatantly sending him onto FOX to pimp for candidates and crush grassroots passion.

I’m sorry, but Karl Rove is largely to blame for Obama and Democrats controlling this Country right now. Their win at all costs, sell your principles to pass something, is why the voters lost faith in the GOP and actually believed Democrats were the more fiscally conservative choice.

Karl Rove has never met a liberal policy he opposed, if he could manufacture it into Republican votes.

Again, I know, you’re not supposed to speak badly about Rove, but I’m tired of the establishment leading us to slaughter while they reap millions in rewards. Amnesty, green crap, light bukbs for pete’s sake…. you name the bad liberal idea that Republicans pushed, allowed to happen, or didn’t stop during the Bush Presidency and Karl Rove’s finger prints and spinmeistering are all over it.

So excuse me for not taking his criticism of Sarah Palin’s TV show to heart. You’re largely responsible for all the crap that Obama has passed because you funked up the GOP so badly during your 8 years. Do me a favor and either clearly display who the hell is paying you on your forehead, or shut the fak up. I’m tired of you telling us who and what to believe. You’re great with maps, but dreadful as a conservative leader.

Karl Rove, I don’t trust you. You’d sell your principles if it gave you 5 points in a poll….. oh wait you have done that before!!!!!!!!!!