Follow The Money: Principles For Sale?

Its quite disappointing for those of us who volunteer for the conservative cause to see so many people undermine our values and all our hard work for what appears to be the big paycheck.

You have to wonder if this:

Minnesota GOP should back same-sex marriage

  • Article by: BRIAN MCCLUNG

May have more to do with this:

American Unity Fund Pushes Republicans To Back Gay Marriage

Than some grand demographic shift.

Another well known name is also mentioned in this story who has a record of selling his or her principles.

Its important to remember that even in the Liberty Coalition dominated 2012 MNGOP convention that traditional marriage remained in the Party Platform.

Beware of the people who are deemed smart and thought leaders, they may be simply lobbying on behalf of a their paycheck, not their principles.

Hey Petersen Is My Senator And We Disagree

Yep. Senator Branden Petersen is my State Senator.

Nope, I do not agree with his decision to co-author the gay marriage bill being presented by the Democrats. I was in the area for a different reason and swung by his office at the Capital to provide Sen. Petersen the chance to do some constituent outreach. Let’s just say, neither of us were swayed. But I thank him for the time to present my opinion and what I think he should do as my State Senator.

I encourage everyone from Senator District 35 to call or visit Senator Petersen and ask him to reconsider. 

I would ask only people from SD35 call Petersen.

I know there was an email sent out from a certain someone, but that is not the productive way to change one’s mind. If you live in another District, call YOUR Senator and remind them how you feel on the issue.

Sen. Branden Petersen is in the State Office Building Office 127

Phone: 651-296-3733


Please be respectful. While we disagreed on this issue, we did so with respect.

Sidenote: It was nice to see some of the other great Senators I’ve gotten to know over the years while I was there. To them I say keep up the good work and go have a talk with Petersen please. 


Here’s the results on the amendment in SD35. (See all by HD here)

Legislative District 35A

4102 precincts in contest. 15 of 15 precincts reported.
Yes 11167
No 10372
Estimated Blanks 190
Estimated Total Number of Voters 21729
Estimated Percent of YES* 51.39%

Legislative District 35B

4102 precincts in contest. 13 of 13 precincts reported.
Yes 12534
No 11118
Estimated Blanks 217
Estimated Total Number of Voters 23869
Estimated Percent of YES* 52.51%

Like Bringing A Spork To A Howitzer Fight

Another Example Of How To Win So That You Can Be A Happy Hyphenated Republican

Minnesota United For All Families alone spent $12.4 million on the 2012 election.

You cannot affect the change from the minority.

Add that to the millions and millions from other Democrat friendly groups, and you will begin to see down the rabbit hole.

What is the plan Stan?

Kluwe: Brothers & Sisters Can Get Married!

Good news to all of you brothers and sisters out there who just want to enjoy the same freedoms as the breeders. You will be able to get married soon if you vote no.

That’s right ladies and gentleman, the Minnesota media is doing their duty and every single time a center right point of view manages to vreep through the filters, they will make sure equal billing is given to the liberals. In fact, they will let the liberals respond to the conservatives with no rebuttal so….

The bias in the coverage of the marriage amendment is clear from the start. Its not a proposal to ban gay marriage, by statute that is already in place. What this amendment aims to do is simply protect marriage as the union of one man and one woman. While it should have provided for civil unions, it does not prevent them.

But instead we are getting the gay bully treatment where people…

Screw it, I have to get back to work. This is what we are coming to as a nation, where unless you conform, you will be bullied. Accept homosexuality as the new mainstream or we will bully you into submission….

Hyper Partisan Ricthie & Swanson Powergrab On Amendments Rebuffed

Score one for the home team.

Minnesota Supreme Court rejects challenge to voter ID; throws out Ritchie’s rewritten titles PiPress

In a victory for Republican lawmakers and allied groups, the Minnesota Supreme Court has ruled that two constitutional amendments will be presented to voters in November in the form the GOP-majority Legislature intended.

In two 4-2 rulings Monday, Aug. 27, the court dismissed a challenge to the wording of the proposed voter ID question and rejected Democratic Secretary of State Mark Ritchie’s attempts to rewrite the titles of the voter ID and marriage amendment questions.


Now if the MN SCOTUS would just throw Ritchie out of office……

DFL Bullying Gay DFLer Off Ballot In Duluth

At first they refused to jump to conclusions, now they are racing full speed to erase this from history so that voters dfon’t mistakenly connect Democrats with a Democrat’s own public sex with a minor.

DFL leader moving beyond Gauthier

The top Democrat in the Minnesota House not only wants Rep. Kerry Gauthier, DFL-Duluth, to end his re-election bid, but he also wants his name off of the November ballot.

House Minority leader Paul Thissen, DFL-Minneapolis, told reporters today that he’s exploring the options under state election law to remove Gauthier’s name.

Just who is playing politics now?

Why the ush to cover this up? If it was a perfectly legal action and behavior, what’s wrong?

Don’t Democrats claim to be champions of individuals’ right to privacy, sexual liberation, and that homosexuals deserve to be free from bullying?

Why is the DFL bullying a gay Legislator?

Are they ashamed of Rep. Gauthier?

Go Figure

Last week the news of a Iron Range Democrat Legislator’s same sex rest stop rendezvous scandal, this week: the spectacularly good news of Duluth’s first gay bar. 

Anyone wanna bet that maybe people were trying to bury the news of Rep. Gauthier’s same sex rest stop rendezvous until after this gay bar opened its doors?

Also, if according to the gay rights marriage is a right, how can you have an exclusive club for gays?

Can we have straight clubs too?


Thou Shalt Be Proudly Gay ….Or Something

Did it happen? Were you transformed this weekend? Did you turn gay all in one weekend?

Of course not, kidding. Sheesh,. lighten up.

But seriously  Minnesotans were succumbed to brainwashing. If you didn’t notice the well thought out anti-traditional marriage campaign (thanks Mr. Cummins) threw one hell of a party this weekend and no one who turned on their TVs could help but see how hip this “pride weekend” thing is.

I mean, how cool is something called pride with Dave Matthews and other big names the kids (or used to be kids) like? An entire weekend of media coverage all for 10 0r so percent of the population? Wonder if the total crowd numbers and attendees will be counted? Also if they have a way of finding out if people coming to the concerts support gay marriage? (I bet the media will say they do)

Counter this with what the pro-amendment crowd does, a 2 hour rally which the press gives about 15 seconds of coverage, half of which is devoted to the protesters, not organizers, and in converse, the “pride festival of utopian gayness or something” gets glowing coverage with remotes and live updates all weekend long.

Bias? Yep, we have a perfect example.

Wait for it, I’m guessing we should have some “fresh” poll numbers mid next week and shockingly it will show that support for the amendment at all time low…. I wonder how that happened. Gee, what could it be?

Oh yeah, tons of positive media coverage of a controversial and misrepresented issue.

But don’t get me wrong, our side is not exactly giving us much to work with.

Marriage Amendment Passage Not Looking Good

A new poll shows that while the Marriage Amendment has more support than opposition, it would fail.

Of the 542 respondents registered to vote, 47 percent said they would vote for the amendment and 39 percent said they would vote against it. Ten percent of respondents said they would not vote and 4 percent said they were unsure.

Leaving the ballot blank counts as a no vote. (Source) – Emphasis mine.

Since 1900, the constitution has required the approval of a majority of those voting at the election—not just a majority of those voting on the amendment question—to ratify the amendment. Thus, if a person votes at the election, failure to vote on an amendment is the equivalent of a “no” vote. A notice to this effect is printed on the ballot. Historically, it has taken roughly a 60 percent “yes” vote to pass an amendment.

This may not be the slam dunk the proponents said it would be.

Sidenote to Jack & Ben:

Constitutional amendment ballot questions appear on the ballot just after the listing of state offices, before the listing of county offices.

Rep. Smith To Abandon #mngop ?

KSTP reporter Jay Kolls is teasing the notion of more civil warfare in the Republican ranks at the Capital. He’s the loan wolf journo so far on reporting on another “inappropriate relationship” between a Legislator and staffer. You can watch his story here. (HT Morning Take)

Rep. Smith is a moderate Republican who has been at odds with many in his party, both elected officials as well as activists. Time will tell if he is seriously thinking of switching parties, but I think its crucial that Republicans in his area (map pdf HD33A) get to the bottom of what’s going on here.

As Olson points out in his morning email, so far Kolls & KSTP are the only news outlet actually touching this one. More revenge from Brodkorb/Koch or just more medalling from DFL leaning individuals who want to see the GOP fail so they can retake the Legislature and help Governor Dayton fulfill his dream of destroying the MN economy with unbridled socialism?

Regardless, such loosey goosey sourcing and reporting is suspect of motives on this one. My guess, the standard is – so long as it makes people hate the GOP, go ahead and runs with it Kolls – is the Editorial discretion at the purported Republican leaning KSTP.