The Great Thriftmas Miracle

US retailers report weakest holiday sales since 2008

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We all have been feeling it. Something wasn’t right. They kept saying in the news that the economy was back, that shoppers were out in force, that everything was ok and people were thrilled Obama was reelected.

But people aren’t out there shopping, they are looking for something for nothing. Seeking out huge deals and only showing up for the loss leaders, not big ticket items at full retail. We’re the discount bin nation now. We have learned patience. Why buy something at full price that will be obsolete today when you can get it next week at 40%?

Add to that the awakening on how bad the fiscal mess in Washington is, Americans are finally realizing that the chickens of the great society are finally coming home to roost. The average Joe’s out there on the street are starting to dig down to see the truth, not the spoon fed lies of the media, to see that the next few years are going to be very VERY bad for America.

Obamacare is coming to tax us to “health”. Obama’s scam payroll tax credit is ending, and rightly so as that was money not going to the Social Security Fund. Income taxes are going to go up. Businesses will not be looking at wage or benefit increases with all the red tape and added costs thanks to Obama.

Let’s also not overlook that not all electoral capitulation was done in Washington, in Minnesota Democrats rode the socialist GOTV wave to winning single party rule of all levels of Government. uHaul is now the busiest business in Minnesota as the question is not if taxes will be raised, but how how. Not if money will be wasted by the social engineers on trains and other useless stuff, but how many more billion dollar boondoggles that make traffic worse are going to be added..

Americans are finally looking in the mirror and realizing that the party is over, that the bills are going to come due. That this Christmas was not going to be on someone else’s credit card.

The stark reality Americans are facing is that the fiscal cliff is not located in Washington, and that the only way out of the mess created by promises made for votes cast is that literally everyone has to pay their fair share.

As I have pointed out, even if you took every penny away from the rich, you would only balance the budget for one year.

Merry Thriftmas America. Its a miracle. You woke up and you finally realized things aren’t all rosy, but it may be too late.

Drugs Kill More People Than Guns, Abortion Takes 1.2 Million American Lives Annually

The horrific story out of New Town Connecticut has reignited one of the biggest power struggles in America. Should citizens continue to have the right to keep and bear arms?

Before the bodies are even buried, the people who have hated the idea of an armed population are racing to demand stricter gun laws. Billionaire authoritarian Michael Bloomberg is the champion of taking away freedoms and the idea of Americans owning and possessing guns is his next target. He’s been leading a nationwide smear campaign against gun owners for years. Members of Congress and the media are Also politicizing the tragedy for stricter gun laws.

Never let a crisis go to waste…..

Ironically enough, the same people demanding that law abiding citizens lose their right to possess and purchase firearms, vehemently defend the slaughter of over a million innocent lives each year in America via abortion. Hell, the “war on women” that Democrats claimed the Republicans were waging during the 2012 election was over the funding of “women’s reproductive rights” AKA abortion more accurately called infanticide.

Let’s compare side by side some statistics. Are more lives taken with a gun or by abortion each year?

In 2008 there were 1,210,000,000 abortions performed in the United States.

In 2009 there were less than 12,000 homicides due to firearms.

Planned Parenthood, Emily’s List, NARAL, etc are major power players in Washington. They have right of first refusal on anything Democrats want to do.  The President himself is a wholly owned subsidiary of Big-Abortion. In fact one of Obama’s first acts as President after being sworn in in 2009 was an Executive Order allowing American Tax Dollars to be used to fund abortions across the globe.

Over a million lives prematurely taken each and every year in America and that barbaric act is considered sacred and defended by the same people who want to erase the 2nd Amendment for the hope that it will prevent senseless acts of violence and deaths. Yet, abortion is …..

You cannot honestly demand an end to private gun ownership for the safety of people, while defending a million abortions a year as a sacred right. Nearly 5 million abortions have taken place in the United States since Obama took his oath of office and yet guns are supposedly the greatest danger to the public?

Tell me again what the greater threat is?

There were more deaths due to drugs in 2009 than there were total injuries due to firearms. Yet here we are considering legalizing drugs in America.

Drug induced deaths 39,147

Injury by firearm: 31,347 (includes 18,735 suicides)

Tell me again why we need to disarm the public?

If it is for the chance that a crazy person may do something really bad with a gun, maybe the problem isn’t the gun but the society that puts everyone at risk by allowing crazy people to walk freely and doesn’t lock them up.

The argument being used now is why do Americans need an “assault rifle”? Why do we need to legalize drugs which kill more people than guns, and that includes suicides? Why do we need to to continue to allow over a million abortions a year in America  as a form of birth control? Why do we need to allow crazy people who don’t know right from wrong to walk freely amongst us and put us all at risk?


Great piece from John Fund on the subject. (Emphasis mine)


A few things you won’t hear about from the saturation coverage of the Newtown, Conn., school massacre:

Mass shootings are no more common than they have been in past decades, despite the impression given by the media.

In fact, the high point for mass killings in the U.S. was 1929, according to criminologist Grant Duwe of the Minnesota Department of Corrections.

Incidents of mass murder in the U.S. declined from 42 in the 1990s to 26 in the first decade of this century.

The chances of being killed in a mass shooting are about what they are for being struck by lightning.

Until the Newtown horror, the three worst K–12 school shootings ever had taken place in either Britain or Germany.

Almost all of the public-policy discussion about Newtown has focused on a debate over the need for more gun control. In reality, gun control in a country that already has 200 million privately owned firearms is likely to do little to keep weapons out of the hands of criminals. We would be better off debating two taboo subjects — the laws that make it difficult to control people with mental illness and the growing body of evidence that “gun-free” zones, which ban the carrying of firearms by law-abiding individuals, don’t work.

Read the whole thing.

Alive I Am

Too busy to blog am I too.

But what do you need to know besides Pat Kessler is a biased hack?

“I’m still not completely clear why people don’t like her.” Pat Kessler WCCO political reporter.

Listen to this segment of the Dan Barreiro show with Pat Kessler. Jump ahead to 28:30 in the tape to where Dan let’s Kessler “get something off his chest.”

Susan Rice is the current United States Ambassador to the United Nations. She was sent out by the Obama administration to blame American citizens for a terrorist attack. The Obama administration wasn’t just operating on bad information, they wanted to change the facts of the case to make Americans look bad.

If Pat Kessler either doesn’t know why people don’t want Susan Rice to represent us on the world diplomatic stage as Secretary of State, or is too lazy to figure it out….

My head is about to explode.

Conservatives and Republicans need to refuse to talk to Kessler from now on. His bias and hackery is with out apology now.

Chris Matthews and Donna Brazile are more impartial than Pat Kessler.



Outgoing Republicans To Blame For Lower Property Taxes

A headline you will not see. But of course you have been deluged for years about how Republicans were raising property taxes. Whoops, they went down, good thing Democrats won the election by lying about the facts of the whole matter.

And yes, this does not mean that Municipal Welfare isn’t needed. State Spending is going to go through the roof, and yes, you will all pay for it one way or another.

Road Rage

They’ve already taxed billions away from us, each time saying, this time its going to solve the problem, but now they are going to go for the jugular.

Plan calls for $20 billion in Minnesota transit tax hikes

Key word: Transit. This isn’t a transportation plan, this is social engineering.

Also worthy of note: Raising driver’s license fees when they used that as a barrier to pass Voter ID.

Sadly,  imbeciles allowed Republicans to lose to Dayton a second time, allowing him to buy the Legislature. And now he is going to tax our asses off. Way to go lobbyists and strategists who suck but still get paid.

But of course, the same people who leveraged Republicans into the mistakes in legislation, amendments, and messaging are not being turned away….

As I said, road rage.

MN’s Congressional Divas Helping The Stalinist

I was already very “over” Congressman Kline & Paulsen, and now they are wetting the bed on taxes.

These 2 divas need to go find something else to do, like oh say, maybe building up the election machines in their districts so that we can retake the State House in 2012…. but that would be hard and these 2 prefer the path of least resistance.

Because its way easier to get good press about surrendering on raising taxes than it is to talk about the out of control spending. That’s right, spending that is so out of control that even if we took away took away every penny that the “rich” make next year, we’ll still not have a single year of a balanced budget. Then of course there is the dirty little secret that these rich people will find a way to avoid this tax increase. Its as simple as just not paying themselves as much as they are. They are rich afterall and don’t need all that money, so they just won’t pay themselves as much.

Which will then lead to the only real way to deal with paying for all the spending in Washington, middle class tax increases.

But nope, hey, let’s give the government even more money, which of course will reduce economic activity, which will cause more employment chaos….

The key to installing socialism upon an unsuspecting or unwilling population is creating enough chaos that they think the only hope is government.

Yes, Obama and the Democrats are trying to install socialism upon America. We’re in the Stalinist phase of the transformation right now. Baby steps. Progressives have been installing bits and pieces of socialism for decades.

And morons like Kline & Paulsen are more worried about getting elected than they are protecting the nation.

Israel: Just Because America Crapped The Bed…

Newsflash to the Democrats and mind numb robots who reelected Barrack Obama. Just because you want to appease terrorists, doesn’t mean that Israel does to. Your outrage that all of a sudden terrorists start attacking Israel and God forbid Israel defends itself by projecting force, proves you are the perfect Obama voter(Clueless and helpless).

If anyone actually believes that Israel is going to bow to the cease fire demands of an American administration that has repeatedly taken preferential footing with Israel’s enemies, your short bus is waiting to take you home now.

The world was waiting to see what would happen with America. Now that we have capitulated and projected weakness, we can’t assume that the rest of the world will follow suit. Don’t forget, Israel was attacked, meaning that the terrorists saw Obama being reelected as a permission slip to erase Israel off the map.

If you want to blame someone for this America, go look yourself in the mirror. The world is going into chaos mode both financially and politically, it needed a strong America to lead it out of the mess, instead we became just another nation lining up for free soup and pot brownies.

With America. Long live the Idiocracy!

Warm & Fuzzy Bias Of The Day

Its OK that Dayton and the liberal special interests bought the Legislature with negative ads… MPR

Interesting warm and fuzzy spin story on how the left wing cabal made one party rule happen in Minnesota.

But if the Koch brothers, ALEC, or a business owner dares to donate to a candidate or party, they are satan.


Thou Shalt Be Disenfranchised – MN Election Scam Exposed

There’s a glimpse into the scam that is Minnesota’s election laws. Do you know that it is illegal to make your ballot in any such way as to make it identifiable. So like if you write your name in for a Judge or Soil and Dog Catcher race so you can go back and see if your ballot really counted? Yeah, that’s illegal. So is posting a picture of your ballot online or on the Facebook. Don’t do that!

Well, in the closest Minnesota election in quite some time, we see a good reason why I think ballots should be traceable. I believe there is stuffing of ballot boxes. A few votes here and there, those over votes, ext etc. Well, if there was a way to trace the ballot to the voter, we could prove it. But with our fraudster friendly laws, there is absolutely no way, especially when you have a Chief Election official who refuses to match the number of signatures with the number of actual ballots…. but I digress.

In the election of Rep. Franson (R) and challenger Cunniff (D) you have a slim margin of just 1 vote. Its in recount and litigation phase now and guess what. There was an error on election day and some voters were given the wrong ballots. So now 35 ballots will be drawn out at … (AHEM) “random”.

That means people who cast their votes will have their votes erased. They don’t get a redo and due to an error, their right to vote was thrown in the garbage.

ST. PAUL, Minn. – Minnesota’s closest legislative race is headed for court before it reaches a probable recount.

First-term Republican Rep. Mary Franson currently leads Democratic challenger Bob Cunniff by a single vote. But there was a counting error that could alter the margin. Douglas County auditor treasurer Charlene Rosenow says some voters received the wrong ballots on Election Day so 35 ballots are likely to be pulled at random before a pre-recount tally is certified.

Franson has asked a judge to get involved. A hearing on the lawmaker’s request was set for Monday afternoon.

Recounts are automatic when the difference between candidates is less than one-half of one percentage point. The manual recount is slated to start on Nov. 28.

Democrats have a 73-61 majority pending a reversal in the Franson-Cunniff race.

How would you like to be one of the people who is going to have their ballot thrown away?

This is why I believe we should not only have our own names or some identification on our ballots, not to mention run offs in Minnesota. Not the Communist instant run off voting, but in a case like this, rather than waste all this time and money recounting and suing, you have another election on the first Tuesday after a Monday in December between Franson & Cunniff.

Whenever anyone doesn’t get the 50% +1, you have a run off. Just think if in 2010 what would have happened if the December election (shudder) between Dayton and Emmer head to head with out any distractions or spoilers. Another examples is the 2008 Fanken Coleman race where 10’s of millions were spent on the recount and court battles, the process took months and months, imagine if we just had a run off 30 days later.

Just some humble proposals to be thrown out and fall on the deaf and defiant ears of the new ruling class of Minnesota.


I was interviewed by the St. Cloud Times about the 6th District Race,. The Meme/Angle was “IS BACHMANN DONE EVEN THOUGH SHE WON?!?!?!?!?!!!!!”  Ha ha. But me and a few others were in there pushing back on the wishful thinking of the media and Democrats that Bachmann is going to run away and hide.

GOP analyzes Bachmann’s close call

BTW: I tried to point out how Congressman Keith Ellison threatened his opponent, but no one with a press pass seems to care about that yet.