Non-Compostable Waste: Minimum Wage Increase v2.0

Gov. Dayton and the DFL failed to pass another economy crippling part of the left wing Neo-Communist agenda last Legislative Session: a $1.3 Billion employer tax increase. But, they aren’t taking it lying down. You are hearing story after story about pushes to pass a massive mandated wage increase in the news.

What you are not hearing about, is the impact on employers and the economy. I wrote about this back in May during the Session.

RF Flashback: Winkler & DFL To Push $1.3 Billion Minimum Wage Tax Hike

Me Think Thou DOESN’T Protest Enough

Over the last 2 years, Twin Cities media was bombarded with anti Chip Cravaack stories and ads. Cravaack was the political new comer who stunned the nation in 2012 by knocking off 36 year incumbent and powerful Democrat Jim Oberstar. We had stories about Cravaack’s wife, kids, and just about every non-germain factor in his life regardless of the fact that CD8 finally had an actual listening and responsive representative in Congress who was working on issues that actually affected (for the positive) his constituents.

Cravaack was a Republican serving a traditionally Democrat District in a non-partisan and effective way, but that didn’t sit well with some of the inteligencia, so a Congressional Democrat retread was propelled into the forefront and despite his previous disdain for being in Congress, he rode the Obama machine to defeating Cravaack.

Fast forward to the 2013/2014 election cycle and we see a homegrown, passionate, genuine, and successful opponent to Nolan and you see nothing in the press.

Stewart Mills, yes, of the Mills’ Fleet Farm stores family, is off and running against Democrat Congressman Nolan and the silence on his candidacy from the media probably speaks volumes for the bias that helped Nolan defeat Cravaack.

Now of course the liberal machine will be quick to throw out the ‘just another rich Republican who was born lucky and didn’t earn it’ meme. Yes, thanks to the hard work of his family, Mills had a great opportunity to get a job, but he didn’t take it for granted. He went to school and got a good education. But he wasn’t the Tommy Boy son who came back from college and screwed around. He started at the bottom of the ranks, worked his way up, and eventually took all his experience and education, and helped innovate and improve Fleet Farms to make it serve the customers (aka: the Minnesota economy) and its employees better.

Stewart Mills is a 41 year old married father of 5 that lives with his family in the Brainerd Lakes area. Since the age of 14 he has worked in his family’s businesses in a variety of positions. Upon graduation in 1995 with a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration from Northwood University Stewart entered Fleet Farm’s store management program, working at a number of different Fleet Farm stores.

Stewart served as the Director of Personnel for Fleet Farm from 2000-2010 overseeing the administration and management of a workforce of more than 6,000, as well as health insurance, 401k, Profit Sharing and other benefit plans. Currently, Stewart is Vice President of Mills Fleet Farm, headquartered out of Brainerd, MN. Stewart is also the originator of, innovative health care plans, Mills Indoor Shooting and Archery, brands of Firearms and accessories, the “We Love It! Outdoors” Television series and numerous other forward thinking projects aimed at increasing the retail reach of Mills Fleet Farm, now and in the future.

That’s exactly the kind of can do attitude we need in Congress.

If you live in CD8, or another District and want to find a great candidate to help bring common sense and Minnesota values back to Washington, check out Stewart Mills for Congress.

Winkler & DFL To Push $1.3 Billion Minimum Wage Tax Hike

I got a couple of comments and emails about my last post:

Winkler & DFL Massive Minimum Wage Hike And Union Kickback?

The responses were that the 282,000 people Rep. Winkler said were going to get a pay increase above and beyond the 93,000 that get the minimum wage are people currently making less than the proposed minimum wage who would see a bump.

I was told the DFL commissioned a study that these numbers were derived from.

So let’s look at the actual cost of the payroll increases the DFL is proposing in terms of employers bearing the cost. The second line of 375,000 is the number of workers Winkler claimed would see a pay raise. I approximated the $1.86 as half of the full $3.35 pay hike as an average.

# of employees Hourly Rate difference Hourly Employer Labor Cost Increase Annual Employer Labor Cost Increase
93,000 $3.35 $311,550 $648,024,000
375,000 $1.68 $628,125 $1,306,500,000

The DFL’s expectation is that employers like Walmart will just sock it to their stockholders and pay ‘the man’. They assume that businesses are all sitting on hoards of cash because evil Republican administrations and Legislatures of the past decade let them amass their fortunes.

What the DFL fails to realize is threefold. Well they don’t understand business, they think they … (can’t get into a rant here)

1) Most investment into businesses that can expand or grow comes from outside Minnesota. There really are few homegrown and locally funded success stories, so if you have higher costs of running businesses (or branches) in one state vs. another, the cheaper state to operate in is the preferred target for growth. If you don’t believe me, just ask Dayton & the DFL why the had to exempt a major business from the high taxes and mandates in Minnesota in order to get them consider relocating here? Go to border cities and look at whether the Minnesota side has more new businesses than the Minnesota side. Fargo vs. Moorhead for example.

2) The fact is that businesses don’t pay taxes, their customers do. You have to account for the materials and labor to produce a good for sale or provide a service. If they lose money on every single transaction you will not be in business long. (As long as you aren’t in say electric cars, solar panels, or making batteries subsidized by government for example….) Businesses are already feeling the pinch of Obamacare. Health Insurance rates have been skyrocketing and are going to increase even more next year.

Companies aren’t in the business of creating jobs. They are in the business of selling a good or service as efficiently as possible. You don’t need 3 people to change a light bulb for example. If it costs $7000 more next year to have that employee to change light bulbs but you can’t raise prices to pay for that mandated wage increase and remain competitive, the business will find another way. Automation, outsourcing, elimination.

3) At some point it just gets too costly to be a big business.Democrats gave us a great example of this in action already. Due to the “Large employer” thresholds in Obamacare. You’ve already had scores of businesses reducing work hours (below FT to avoid requirements) or reducing overall employment to remain in the lower brackets. The higher your employment force, the more the IRS requires you to pay or provide per employee. Businesses avoid the taxes. Its the same for wages.

In the cases where the taxes are unavoidable, the companies just raise the prices on their goods and services. So in the DFL’s utopia where whatever politicians demand, business just pay, and no one loses their jobs due to the minimum wage hike, Minnesotans will end up paying at least another $1.3 Billion to live in Minnesota each year.

The money to pay for payroll has to come from somewhere.

Now Walmart is the Big Corporate bully Winkler and DFLers aim to harm, but their broad brush isn’t going to hit Walmart. Why? Because Walmart already pays an average wage above what the DFL is even proposing.


Associates in Minnesota: 20,121
Average wage: $12.34*
*For regular, full-time hourly associates in Walmart Discount Stores, Supercenters and Neighborhood Markets, as of January 31, 2013


Ah, you say that the asterisk points out that’s only for full time employees. And I respond that Walmart only employs 20,000 people in Minnesota. They are only 6th in terms of size of workforce in Minnesota. If you add up the top 50 employers (including Government, Higher Ed, & hospitals) its only 510,203 Minnesotans or about 1/3 of the workforce. But wait, that includes the non-hourly people. The top 50 employers in Minnesota actually only employ about 1/5th of the employees.

In that year [2011], an estimated 93,000 hourly workers in Minnesota were paid the minimum or less, out of the total estimated hourly workforce of 1.53 million. (Including nonhourly workers, the overall workforce totaled an estimated 2.44 million.)

Source: MN Dep. of Labor & Industry

Meaning, this Winkler & DFL push to increase the minimum wage is going to hit mom and pop shops hardest. The big companies and employers can either absorb the higher cost of labor, or adapt (Automate, outsource, or eliminate)

The smaller employers that are scraping by who don’t have shareholders to sock it to. Most don’t have trust funds over the horizon or Renoir’s hanging on the wall to sell to pay their handful of employees the $6,760 a year wage increase. Something has got to give and not to the state.

The $1.3 Billion of increased wages is going to come out of someone’s pocket, and I got news for you, it isn’t the employer’s. A lot of people will lose their jobs. McDonald’s and other service industries are reducing the need for people where there are high minimum wages. They have automated deep fryers and some restaurants are even eliminating waiters and waitresses with iPads or kiosks where people punch in the order and runners just drop it off or you go an pick it up at a window. Its a hybrid of fast food like service all to eliminate the cost of labor.

Winkler & DFL Massive Minimum Wage Hike And Union Kickback?


The contention among many people is that the DFL’s desire to pass massive minimum wage hike is that its just a union kickback. Many union contracts are tied to the minimum wage. It may be as many as 282,000 union employees have their contracts tied to minimum wage. Its something that is hard to research, but I may have just found a clue.  (See end of this post!)

Let’s start off with the simple facts first.

According to the MN Department of Labor and Industry only 93,000 Minnesotans actually get paid the minimum wage. There are some interesting tables in that link that show the demographic breakdowns of who is really being paid minimum wage in Minnesota.

DFL Rep. Ryan Winkler is the chief proponent of the massive minimum wage hike coming to the House floor on Friday.

The bill HF92  broadens the definition of a large employer (Currently: Gross receipts of over $625,000. Revision: Down to $500,000 a yr.). That means more employers are going to be hit with higher cost of doing business but not because of business growth. Its because a politician wanted them to. The DFL House bill would require some employers to pay more even if their business didn’t grow. Basically, Winkler is just moving the goal posts.

Winkler’s rate increases are staggering. They will be increasing as much as 62% on some employers in just 3 years and after it hits the proposed auto-pilot in 2016, it could skyrocket.  (Currently $6.15 for large employers & $5.25 for small employers.)

I made this handy chart to compare the changes being proposed by Rep. Winkler.

Winkler Steps

Large Employer

Small Employer



% change



% change






















Starting in January of 2016, the rate is “indexed” to the Consumer Price Index.

2016 and beyond



62% ?


$9.00 ?

71% ?

Note: Starting in 2016, the Minimum wage rate would go on autopilot. Every year that rate is required to be “adjusted” by Winkler which means there is no telling how high it could go.

Here is a news story on the Winkler bill where the DFLer may have tipped his hand at why he is seeking such a massive increase in the minimum wage.

Minimum-wage legislation headed for the House floor

By ECM on April 30, 2013 at 2:28 pm – by Howard Lestrud – ECM Political Editor

It is expected that minimum wage legislation approved on a voice vote by the House Ways and Means Committee on Monday will be brought up on the House floor on Friday.

The committee advanced a bill that will give 375,000 Minnesotans a pay increase, said House chief author Rep. Ryan Winkler, DFL-Golden Valley.

375,000 Minnesotans would receive a pay increase due to the minimum wage rates going up according to Rep. Winkler?

The Department of Labor & Industry only reports 93,000 Minnesotans receiving the minimum wage. Who are the 282,000 other people Winkler claims will receive a pay increase?

Could they be the union employees who have their contracts tied to the minimum wage?

Could this be another kickback or sweatheart deal for the unions who worked so hard to get the DFL majorities and elect Governor Mark Dayton?

Follow The Money: Principles For Sale?

Its quite disappointing for those of us who volunteer for the conservative cause to see so many people undermine our values and all our hard work for what appears to be the big paycheck.

You have to wonder if this:

Minnesota GOP should back same-sex marriage

  • Article by: BRIAN MCCLUNG

May have more to do with this:

American Unity Fund Pushes Republicans To Back Gay Marriage

Than some grand demographic shift.

Another well known name is also mentioned in this story who has a record of selling his or her principles.

Its important to remember that even in the Liberty Coalition dominated 2012 MNGOP convention that traditional marriage remained in the Party Platform.

Beware of the people who are deemed smart and thought leaders, they may be simply lobbying on behalf of a their paycheck, not their principles.

Like Bringing A Spork To A Howitzer Fight

Another Example Of How To Win So That You Can Be A Happy Hyphenated Republican

Minnesota United For All Families alone spent $12.4 million on the 2012 election.

You cannot affect the change from the minority.

Add that to the millions and millions from other Democrat friendly groups, and you will begin to see down the rabbit hole.

What is the plan Stan?

“Redistripublicans” The Republican Tax Hikes

With Republicans Like These, Who Needs Democrats? 

If Washington Republicans would spend a few weeks outside of the DC beltway and media cone of disinformation broadcasts from their propaganda machine, they’d realize that America was not salivating at the idea of permanently increasing taxes on our most successful people and businesses making the US less competitive for the best and brightest in this global economy we live in.

If only the Washington Republicans had just looked at the fact that Republicans will be selecting the next Speaker of the US House since they were sent back with a majority in 2012 by voters and the uber liberal Democrats were not…..

Only in the mind of a Washington Republican can  you believe that the same voters who allegedly gave Obama and Harry Reid mandates also reelected a Republican House Majority to sit in the corner and rubberstamp socialisms march in America.

Washington Republicans were so paranoid by the pressures of reelection or polling or something that they allowed the media confusion of the issues to force them to literally author a major plank of socialism, redistribution.

From each according to their ability to each according to their needs. 

For more bad news and why the McConnell/Boehner deal is so bad read this and this

Of course we also need to be reminded that Government is trying to solve a problem that Government actually created and here we are allowing them to try to fix it but sticking us with a bill for THEIR promises of free this and that.

Spending will continue to skyrocket under this “Republican Plan”. No cuts, no reforms, no sunsetting…. But tax increases are now the law of the land.

With Republicans Like These, Who Needs Democrats?

From The INBOX: Andy Please Ready This

I was forwarded the Anoka County Watchdog email today and asked to read it. This portion of this week’s email is very important for everyone to read and remember the next time the election cycle heats up and the same people are telling us how and who we need to win.

Just take a look at campaign finance reports. To be honest, there are some flat-out
embarrassing fundraising numbers in there. You can’t win without the proper resources.
It’s that simple. It’s a fact that some candidates lost because they didn’t raise
enough money and/or didn’t door knock hard enough.

And that’s not anyone’s fault except the candidate’s. The candidate alone is responsible
for the effort. The result is influenced by many factors but a strong effort on
the part of the candidate is often times a necessary ingredient, especially for
Republicans, who have no “gimme” seats.

Which brings us to the amendments. Simply put, the amendments backfired, failing
to deliver the turnout punch many had hoped for.

In fact, the amendments went the other way, motivating turnout for the crowd opposed
to the amendments.

The Watchdog spoke with a political operative who was involved with a liberal organization
working to elect DFLers to the legislature.

This operative was of the strong opinion that the amendments, especially the marriage
amendment, increased DFL voter enthusiasm, especially in college areas.

He chalked up the defeat of Rep. King Banian (R-Saint Cloud) to the amendment battle,
as well as the legislative losses of both Travis Reimche and Phil Hansen in the
Moorhead area.

In addition to firing up college crowds, the gay marriage amendment no doubt helped
to contribute to the gender gap the GOP experienced.

Moreover, the campaigns for both these amendments were horribly executed. The people
responsible for these campaigns were outraised, outspent, outhustled, outworked,
and outthought.

Remember, the forces behind these amendments had the initiative. The ballot questions
were selected and passed by the legislature at the time of their choosing.

The ball got fumbled in a big way and many people paid a price for it.

To watch the photo ID amendment drop like a rock in the polls made both the Emmer
and Bills campaigns look like Karl Rove masterpieces.

Talk about a need to rethink things. We thought the Emmer campaign was the worst
major campaign in party history. And then came the Bills campaign. And then came
the photo ID campaign. And the marriage amendment campaign.

Four catastrophic campaigns in back to back cycles.

We’re making it way, way too easy for the Left. This has got to stop.

May these people never work in politics again. Find another line of work.

How Much More Will It Take For You To Stand Up?

I’ll be honest, it really bothered me when Bush hating liberals hung their flags upside down during the 2Ks. But now that the President of the United States and members of Congress are actively persecuting (and some may say prosecuting) Americans due to their wealth, health, or desire to defend themselves, is it time to say something?

Its not something one can safely do in the 21st Century. In the past one could speak out in the town square and slip into the shadows, but now, you get your file marked or that the FBI’s DCAC is watching what I say online and on the phone, you can’t hide after you speak out in opposition to your own Government.

How many more freedoms have to be erased before I stand up? How many more lives have to be lost? How many more people have to be ruined for political ideology? Law abiding Americans can’t be trusted, yet we have to cater to the whims of the UN which would rather slit our throats than …..

Are you OK living in a nation with a Government that thinks the requirement to do business or exercise a freedom should be submitting information that could be used against you criminally? Fingerprints, full background checks, tracking information that will stay with you permanently so your every single move can and will be monitored….

Sen. Feinsetin wants to treat law abiding citizens like criminals, and I am supposed to just say OK, oh well, they gamed the electoral process and bamboozled enough Americans into thinking they can get free stuff by voting Democrat?

A powerful member of the United States Government is proposing a law to disarm Americans.

The Chairman of the Senate Select Committee  on Intelligence (as of Dec 2012), in fact, wants to disarm the American people! The Chair of the Senate Committee tasked with keeping America safe is more concerned with Americans owning guns, than the guns pointed at America. Its also worth noting that Feinstein is on the Judiciary Committee. Which is why this law looks exactly like entrapment. This isn’t just an assault on the 2nd Amendment, it gashes a big hole in the entire Bill of Rights.

No, don’t worry little American, turn over the information that the DOJ will later use to incriminate you, don’t worry, you can have your guns, but we’re going to persecute you first, mark you with a digital scarlett letter next, and be ready to swoop in and arrest your ass……

See also: SAFE Act.

Many of us held out hope that maybe the Supreme Court would protect us from Obamacare, we were wrong. The 2012 elections? Nope, a nation of sheep was fooled. Most Americans know its wrong to go kick down your neighbor’s door and take the milk out of their fridge, but unfortunately, its now a widely held belief that its OK to envy your neighbor’s property and hire the Government to go take what’s theirs and give it to you. (See Idiocracy)

Its time America. Stand up.

USA flag distress


MPR Joins Klobuchar In Proving They Failed Math

Klobuchar suckersLet me just start off here with this…. Its the spending stupid … Its how everyone should be looking at the “fiscal cliff” debate. But because we are allowing progressives who hate free markets and capitalism to define the debate, here goes.

MPR’s DFL talking point regurgitation series “Poligraph” is out with its latest volley to help the Democrats appear credible. In the latest installment, they bend over backwards to bail Amy Klobuchar out for her cut and paste progressive talking points / ambulance chaser approach to being a public official. MPR is bailing Klobuchar out on the Democrat talking point that just raising taxes on “the rich” will solve the budget mess.

In a recent interview on ABC’s This Week, Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-MN, talked about the so-called fiscal cliff. She pointed out that the Senate had already passed a plan that would extend the Bush-era tax cuts for those making less than $250,000 and eliminate them for those making more than that.

The proposal would take a big chunk out of the nation’s deficit, she said.

Not true. We’re running trillion dollar deficits nationally. “Big dent”? More like tiny drop.

“As you know, if we go back to the Clinton levels for people making over $250,000 we literally save $1 trillion in 10 years,” she said.

One trillion is in the ballpark.

This ponzi scheme of a political debate is based on the Democrat’s secret weapon, the 10 year budgeting guidelines. Its the practice of taking a single year’s line item and assuming that you can bank it each and every year. It also is very handy in helping deflect factual analysis of the overall proposals. People get confused by large numbers. Wow, you can take “nearly a trillion dollars from the rich and it will cut one trillion off the deficit? Let’s just do it already!”

Sounds so lovely, doesn’t it?  Wave your magic wand and the Trillion dollar deficits as far as the eye can see goes away. No more racking up debt, and wall of a sudden Amy Klobuchar grabs the wheel of the tour bus racing toward the fiscal cliff. jerks it hard left, averts the fiscal cliff entirely. Everything is good….

Its sad, but I bet many reporters in America see Klobuchar and Obama as some sort of socialist super heroes.

MPR even goes so far as to throw in a Democrat talking point that Klobuchar left out.

Still, the plan stands to lower the nation’s deficit, according to a recent report by the Congressional Budget Office, the non-partisan number-crunching arm of Congress.

They are using the Democrat logic that when Democrats want to increase a budget by 20% but them dang Republicans will only let it increase by 8% its a draconian cut to the bone.

Let’s be clear here. This tax increase Amy Klobuchar is pushing amounts to $82.4 billion a year in tax revenue. Let me do the math for you. MPR claims it will bring in $824 Billion over 10 years, so that is $82.4 Billion a year. Well if we are running Trillion dollar deficits and we cut 82.4 billion out of them, that’s an eight percent fix.

Meaning that over the next ten years, instead of adding $10 Trillion to the national debt, we’re only going to add $9.917 Trillion to the national debt if we just make them dangnamit rich people pay their fair share. 

What was the Federal Deficit this year? Well over a trillion. You see, when playing with numbers as large as we are, a billion sounds huge, 82.4 sounds enormous, and 824 billion sounds like the solution, but…..

RF Flashbacks:

The Numbers Don’t Support Taxing The Rich As A Fiscal Cliff Solution

Meet The Rich & Then What – UPDATE

Since Amy Klobuchar was sworn in as a United States Senator, the Federal Budget has added almost $6 Trillion in deficit spending to the debt all by itself. This excludes all the unfunded liabilities and other things…  ($5,951,974,000,000)

If her dream of a more progressive tax rate had come true and there was a return to the Clinton tax rates, and we would have booked the $82.4 Billion a year…… $82.4 Billion over six years = $494 Billion.

$5,951,974,000,000 – $494,000,000,000 = $5,457,974,000,000 

We’d still have racked up $5.5 Trillion is federal deficit spending under Amy Klobuchar’s first term had the Bush tax cuts for “the Rich” been repealed as Amy Klobuchar had said she’d make happen way back in her 2006 campaign. 

Why, yes, we still would have been running record deficits. Which is hard to believe if you pay attention to the Democrat talking points.

Oddly since Democrats took control of the US House & Senate in 2007 (AHEM same year that Amy Klobuchar was first elected), the deficits have skyrocketed. But revenue has been on a relatively steady pace, give or take a few hundred billion every year, but spending has increased exponentially after Clinton.

Its the spending stupid.

And yes, this spending happened under Bush, when he was trying to be compassionate and appeal to and work with Democrats. The key is, Spending is increasing at rates far greater than under any other President in modern times.

In 2001 the Federal Budget spent $1.86 Trillion. 

In 2011 the Federal Budget spent $3.6 Trillion

If we as a nation are going to rely on Government spending, we are ALL going to have to pay. If you took every dime from “the Rich” you’d only solve the problem for a year, then what?

To avoid the Fiscal Cliff, we must stop adding to the debt. That means not just balancing the budget, but running a surplus to start paying off the debt. Klobuchar is talking about $82.4 billion solving a trillion dollar problem. That’s an 8% drop in the bucket. If we can just keep transferring the national debt balance from one credit card to the other, maybe in 200 more years, that 8% increase in revenue can pay off the debt or something.

All things aside4, let’s just get back tot he math of this whole ponzi scheme.

$17 Trillion National Debt / $82.4 Billion = 206 years for the added revenue to come close to paying off the current national debt.

The numbers don’t lie. What Amy Klobuchar is suggesting as the cure for the fiscal cliff would take 206 years to solve. I don’t think we can wait that long.


MPR accidently gives us the info to prove the only way to avert the fiscal cliff while avoiding any spending cuts is to raise taxes across the board.

If tax cuts are extended for everyone, it would cost about $4.5 trillion. […]

Whoops, they accidently admitted that the Bush tax cuts did actually aid more than just the rich, and the lion’s share of the “lost federal revenue” went to people outside “the rich”. $3.7 Trillion of tax cuts went to people earning less than $250,000 a year. But you have had it drummed into your head the last 8 years how those Bush tax cuts only went to the rich. Klobuchar’s friends in Washington and allies in the media even went so far as to tell you that in order for the rich to get their tax cuts, the poor had to suffer.

Let’s look at the chart again. According to the White House, the lowest deficit in an Obama budget is $609 Billion. Meaning that even IF Klobuchar and he raised taxes on the rich, we’d still be running over a half a trillion in debt which is added to the national debt, which makes me wonder how a fact checking media outlet can say that this notion actually reduces debt. Oh wait, it reduces the expected increase…..

[…] But if they are extended for those falling in lower tax brackets, it would cost the government $3.7 trillion.

Let’s circle back to this here. If the Bush tax cuts which “cost” the federal government $4.5 Trillion would ever have happened, Bush would have run surpluses in almost every year. Of course this assumes lots of things, like these tax cuts not being responsible for ending the dot com 2001 recession among other things…..

In the 10 years of the Bush tax cuts, using Democrat and MPR verbiage, we’ve lost $450 Billion a year in revenue. If you go and add $450 Billion a year in revenue to the Bush years, we would have actually cut the debt. Again, this is odd, since we are being told by Amy Klobuchar that cutting taxes on “the rich” is what got us into this mess, yet if a deal isn’t reached, taxes on millions are going to be going up on January 1st.

They said that only the rich got tax cuts all through the Bush years. Amy Klobuchar made that the corner stone of her 2006 campaign. Yet, not only do we now see hundreds of billions of dollars in tax cuts to all levels of wage earners, that “the rich” actually got a small portion of the tax cut compared to the lower and middle class. Amy I calling her a liar, well, the math supports that notion.

You cannot fool the math

This entire debate over the fiscal cliff, or the so-called facts of the debate over the fiscal cliff, are all being waged on the revenue side of the ledger sheet. We’re being hood winked into thinking the problem is simply a matter of taxes and marginal rates. Marginal rates, like the kind that affect only 1 or 2 % of the public, which no one really can relate to, and that are very easy to blame and create public angst toward. Its the classic communist revolution ploy of pitting the haves vs. the have nots. But the real problem with the fiscal cliff is that we are piling on debt with no end in sight. The only way to actually avert going over the cliff is to pay down the debt.

Do I need to go over the math again? How an 8% reduction in a trillion deficit will take 200 years to close?

America is approaching the fiscal cliff based on liabilities, not year to year budgetary line items (discretionary spending & pork) and political battles over marginal income tax rates. We owe as a nation  than we are worth, and have bills coming due with no foreseeable way to pay. America is under water financially.

Remember that line from Obama about spreading the wealth around? This tax increase isn’t really about the fiscal cliff. Heck, like Minnesota Democrats, whether in surplus or deficit, they have always wanted to create a new 4th tier income tax on “the rich”. Each and every year, they want to do the same thing. Take away from some and give to others.

But we’re being told its to solve the fiscal cliff nightmare…..

Democrats want to adjust the deficit numbers by changing the digit in the far right of the numbers when we need to go from running deficits to running surpluses. The only true way to avoid the fiscal cliff is to turn the car around and drive away from the cliff.

I’ve heard one person say recent;y, what the compromise will look like is $100 Billion in new taxes, $100 billion in spending cuts, but they fail to address how we are still going to add $8 to 9 trillion to the debt over 10 years….

All Amy Klobuchar and MPR seem inclined to do is take the 1.1 Trillion pound brick off the accelerator and replace it with a 1.017.6 Trillion pound brick.

Marginal rates and tinkering on the wrong side of the ledger sheet is not going to fix anything.

Wake up America. We have a huge spending problem. Look at Europe. What Democrats have suggested has been tried before. Its failed there and it will fail here.