If Domestic Violence Didn’t Hit Their Pocketbooks, NFL Wouldn’t Care

Hours after this NFL ad about how super totally serious the NFL is about stopping domestic violence….

A former NFL star and network broadcast commentator/analyst was caught doing this….

<iframe width=’640′ height=’360′ scrolling=’no’ frameborder=’0′ src=’https://screen.yahoo.com/warren-sapp-got-arrested-super-133211707.html?format=embed’ allowfullscreen=’true’ mozallowfullscreen=’true’ webkitallowfullscreen=’true’ allowtransparency=’true’></iframe>

The NFL can’t be taken seriously on their new found morals, until they change their true ways. The only reason they are putting on a good game face on domestic violence is because they think they can get rich on it. In the end, they don’t care what thugs and animals do to women. They only care about how much money they can make.


From the INBOX: Wayzata School District Helping DFL GOTV Operations?

I have been forwarded a handful of emails between a Wayzata school district employee and someone the Paul Rosenthal (DFL) and Ron Erhardt (DFL) campaigns had reached out to , to help Get Out the Vote for Democrats in a South Metro District (SD49).

The Wayzata School District Employee Handbook [link pdf] references District Board Policy & Regulation #631 on the use of email & internet usage (top of page 11).

Policy #631 [link pdf]

Section 4. (Emphasis mine) 

“C. Political and Commercial Activity

Because all electronic mail messages or other forms of communication sent using the District System will be identifiable as originating from the District, the District System shall not be used for political lobbying, unless the lobbying effort directly supports the School Board’s legislative platform. The District system may not be used to endorse political candidate.”

The Wayzata school district employee is the Deputy Field Organizer for Paul Rosenthal has been using his Wayzata School District email account to help recruit for a political campaign, a clear violation of the District’s policies.


Wayzata School email DFL GOTV

Everyone is entitled to help a campaign, but school district resources shouldn’t be used.


Never Forget

Spetember 11th, 2001 is a day some Americans refuse to remember. Some don’t remember. And the media won’t show you the following.

Maybe this will help.


Resources & Photos

We must never forget these images and videos.

University of Intolerance

The University of Minnesota is a bastion of liberalism. The blank check it receives from state taxpayers each year removes any accountability for results and encourages the Progressive indoctrination of young impressionable voters – er minds. They preach tolerance and diversity, but in reality they seek a collective society where we all think as one. Like many major universities, they are not educating students, they are manufacturing progressive citizens.

Of course, hypocrisy in their diversity and tolerance drive is a mere pothole.

Activists prod U of M to cancel Condoleezza Rice speech

A group of student and faculty activists at the University of Minnesota is goading U of M organizers to cancel a speech by former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice planned for April 17 at Northrup Auditorium, the Star Tribune reports.

The activists object to her involvement in the war policies of the George W. Bush administration, and they object to her $150,000 speaking fee, the newspaper reports.

Any objection to the war policies of President Obama? The Obama administrations continuation and escalation of “the Bush wars” is not too widely talked about, but a reality. Spying on American citizens, unleashing the IRS not only to control health insurance care, an undeniable right in the eyes of progressives, but also to silence free speech and alternative thoughts.

They demand an open and honest debate, but can’t stomach the thought of giving someone who thinks differently then them, the chance to be heard. My suspicion is that it is out of fear that people will not drink the liberal kool aid that only Republicans and conservatives can do wrong.

It would be interesting to see a list of speakers the University has paid and allowed to speak over the years. Chances are the Rice speaking fee is not unique, and that there are also some much more controversial people welcomed by “activists” with open arms.

Me thinks this may be to provide cover for President Obama and Democrats heading into a couple of challenging election cycles. After all, if people hear about what Obama is doing, what Hillary did in terms of foreign policy, and how it wasn’t just Bush and Republicans, that maybe the tool that Democrats used to gain power – Endless war! – could easily be used against them to capture millennials.

Add to that the economic coma the country has been in the last 6 years, growing list of failed government take overs of major industries, the domestic spying, financial suicide pact of continued Quantitative Easing and cheap money, propping up Wall Street to avoid the economic corrections needed to create private sector job growth, boondoggle energy ponzu schemes, etc etc



I Trust Dave Thompson and Michelle Benson

It’s hard to say that about politicians nowadays but I do trust Dave Thompson and Michelle Benson. I’ve known them both since before they were politicians and am proud to say that they are still the same people even though they now hold election certificates. Power didn’t go to their heads and they haven’t fallen prey to the ‘pandering to win’ tendency that most Republicans do.

Before this blog I was a talk show junkie and would listen to them all, but Dave was my favorite. I remember listening to Dave on the old – good – AM 1500 talk station where he conveyed the very same conservative principles that I held dear no matter the party affiliation. Believe it or not he and I had a few battles on email about the merits of the Iraq war. He wasn’t sold on the idea. He railed on politicians of both parties for betraying the trust of the people that they will consider the Constitution as the governing document of the country. Some say that is a negative, I say that proves he is a real conservative.

Dave Thompson is honest. When you hear him propose a policy or debate on an issue, he’s not doing to sway some particular portion of the Republican base for the current race at hand, he’s doing it because he actually believes it. He is a consistent conservative not a windsock Republican. His long time radio listeners will know that. Its easy to send out a cookie cutter post card or champion some obscure rule change, its another to make a living putting your livelihood on the line being an unapologetic conservative no matter the consequences.

But Dave didn’t stick to radio. 1500 underwent a format change and he was cast back into the private sector. He took a stab at running for Republican Party Chair, a campaign I also supported, but lost. The man he lost to was the very same one who ran our party into the $2 million of debt and darkness. How’d that work out for us?

But then his local BPOU drafted him to run for office. Uh oh I thought, was my Dave going to go to St. Paul and end up corrupted by the system? Turns out no. While he did vote with leadership on some ugly votes, he was fighting behind the scenes to avoid those votes being bad in the first place. He didn’t agree, but the old saying of “we either hang separately or hang together” comes to mind. Republicans screwed up our time in the majority, but that wasn’t Dave Thompson’s doing.

Before the 2011 and 2012 session where we had the House and Senate, I knew a Dave that railed against Governor Pawlenty and Majority House Republicans who were increasing spending and passing billion dollar budgets bonding bills. A few of Dave’s current opponents in the GOP Governor’s race were voting however Pawlenty wanted. Do your research folks. Voting records, donations to radical environmentalists, and activism. There is a clear choice for who best represents you.

I trust Dave. I know the real Dave and that his vision for Minnesota Government should be is spot on with mine. I trust him to do the right thing and lead us out of this socialist – sorry – Progressive agenda the DFL has us on. He will fight the good fight and lead with honest principles and straight talk not platitudes to win favor with Minnesotans, not one coalition or another or cheap scorecard points to further his career.

I was 100% with Dave Thompson before his pick of Michelle Benson as his Lieutenant Governor, but now I am 200% on board.

But who is Michelle Benson. I was honored to have her as my State Senator for 2 years before redistricting. She is the hardest working politician who maintains a solid family and friendships like she isn’t being pulled in a thousand directions like most politicians. She researches everything and doesn’t cast votes or make decisions with out all the facts. She works hard and works in her sleep.

Team Thompson may be the most qualified ticket to ever run for office in Minnesota. What they aren’t well versed on, they research before they make a decision or take some other (R)publican’s opinion on. What they believe in, they will fight tooth and nail for, and what is failed policy, they will try to derail and improve for the benefit of all of Minnesota.

I ask you all to take a serious look at all the candidate’s for Governor. A true an honest look at the a careers, records, and what they have done and accomplished with their time in the spotlight and most importantly when out of it. Some have used one office or position to run for the next. Some come around only when a seat comes open or it suits their needs, not ours. Some are saying one thing today despite in contradicting their previous views and votes. Some are clearly politicians who will work for the highest bidder.

Some in this race don’t respect you and I who attend Caucus and volunteer for BPOUs and MNGOP call centers do and care about or what makes us do all this – seriously. They think their high paid strategists and glitzy insider and 5 figure only donor tactics is all we need to do to win or care about. Like we should just surrender our Constitutional Government because a few rich guys from Minnetonka are tired of social issues or that the Vikings are threatening to leave, or if we don’t move that highway for Best Buy, their gone….. etc.

They think the problem with this party, and why we have been losing these last few years is people like you and I and what we believe in. That somehow people who stand for the convictions and principles that this country was founded on is what’s wrong with this party. Not for me.

There is a movement to kill not just our endorsement but also the grassroots. Lobbyists, high level strategists who get 5 figure a month salaries, and career politicians who care more about winning than our principles are working against us all.

Dave Thompson is the only candidate for Governor that I actually trust not to let me down. Not to pander. Not to avoid fight the good fight. I can’t honestly say that I trust any other Republican running  to be Governor and actually do what they are saying they will do. And some aren’t actually saying what they will do – just what you want to hear – or are saying they will do what they will do what you want to hear even though that isn’t possible.

Dave Thompson isn’t going to make promises he can’t keep unlike some running against him. He’ll work to reduce the effects of the radical left wing socialist policies until a time we can actually repeal and replace with true free market ones. Some in this race and pandering by saying to scrap certain laws knowing full well that its impossible given a DFL Senate Majority for another 3 years or an Obama veto pen in the White House. Repeal it, scrap that, fire this director… gains applause and headlines, but doesn’t solve the problems created by Democrats in the first place, and in most, makes life and business for Minnesotan worse.

Don’t ever listen to what a candidate says on stage at a convention, in a lit piece, or crafted video. Look at their records, their life’s work, their records, and their contributions to the party while not in office. I’m willing to state that I believe that Dave Thompson brings more to the table on that basis than any other candidate, and for true conservatives, that should matter most.

Dave and Michelle came to public office begrudgingly. Dave was drafted to run for the Senate and Michelle did so because the sitting Republican was at best absentee and unreliable on votes. Local BPOUs trusted them to represent them and they did well by them.

We as a statewide party would be wise to take that to heart. I know Dave and I trust him. I know Michelle and I trust her. We can trust Dave and Michelle.


School District Exposes Phat Fringe Benefits

In this story about how Anoka Hennepin School District is dealing with the ramifications of Obamacare, they expose a number that will make any taxpayer shudder.

The school district has 6000 employees. They currently contribute between $648 to $1,042 to an employee’s premium. Doing the math, that almost $4 Million a month that the school district pays out in just medical benefits.

A) That’s a really generous employer contribution

B) That’s easy to do with other people’s hard earned money which is forcibly taken away from them.

$48,000,000 a year in just medical benefits.

ICYIM: Thompson Raises $120K without PCR Subsidy

Here’s the email from the Dave Thompson for Governor campaign announcing his 2013 fundraising numbers and pointing out how he didn’t take PCR donations.

When we launched our campaign in June, the most frequent criticism coming from establishment Republicans and liberal Democrats alike was the same: “Dave Thompson will never have the resources to compete with Mark Dayton.”

Now it is true, I’ve always put principle above politics, and have sometimes taken positions that put me at odds with my own leadership or special interests in St. Paul. And thus far I have decided not to take the public subsidy that would force me to abide by certain spending limits. Governor Dayton has not agreed to abide by the limits, and I must ultimately be ready to compete with him.

So I suppose I can see why people might doubt our ability to build an issue-based campaign, and at the same time raise the money that is necessary to compete across the State of Minnesota.

But I’m proud to make sure you are among the first to know that, thanks to your support, encouragement, and personal generosity, I can honestly say that we’ve shut down the nay-sayers and put our campaign on solid financial footing as we enter 2014. And I have done this without taking PCR money. Instead, I encourage my supporters to use their PCR eligible money to support House candidates and Party units.

At the end of this month, the Thompson for Governor campaign will report that we raised over $120,000 in 2013. That is more than the last Republican nominee raised in the year before the 2010 election, and it is a solid start on what will undoubtedly be an expensive and hard-fought campaign.

So today I’m not asking you for a dime. I’m simply asking you to accept my humble thanks for everything you have done to get this campaign on the path to victory.

As we head into 2014, I know that while we will be outspent, we will absolutely have the financial resources and campaign infrastructure to secure the Republican endorsement, win a primary election if necessary, and defeat Mark Dayton in November.

And none of it would be possible without you. So…thank you. It will be an honor to serve as your governor.


Dave Thompson
Thompson for Governor