Don’t Be Economic Girly Man – Pansy Boehner

Whoops, too late.

Obama, Boehner move closer to ‘cliff’ deal

Its almost like Nancy Pelosi is still Speaker.

Hey John, its the spending you idiot. You suck at poker, now stop trying to gamble with the future of our Country. You’re playing with socialists, solving the problem is not their goal, socialism is. They’ll take whatever you give them that’s closer to Communism than Capitalism, so give them nothing.

If you don’t have the spine to do so, resign. You’ve done enough damage already.

Meet The Rich & Then What – UPDATE

The Numbers Don’t Support Taxing The Rich As A Fiscal Cliff Solution

Bring. It. On. – UN Coming For My Guns

As a guy whp’s had a truck most of my life, I’ve ended up helping a whole ton of people move over the years. Its just what happens. Hey, Andy has a truck, and if you’re lucky, you get some gas money. Its code. You have to help people move if you have  truck.

Well, there’s a similar thing when it comes to helping the defenseless. People with guns are more than likely willing to help defend those with out. Be it cops, our military turning scumwads in long dresses into puree, etc. There’s one group out there that wants a monopoly on gun usage, the United Nations.

What made America was guns. We’d never have crossed the Mississippi, heck, the Pilgrims would have been hosed with out guns for hunting and such. Guns gave Colonialists and early Americans the ability to take care of themselves. The UN hates that.

Guns today still help Americans feed themselves, provide for relaxation and entertainment, plus provides for self defense. The UN Hates that.

Your Democrat and RINO members of Congress & The US Senate are willing to surrender Constitutionally protected God given right to keep and bear arms over to the UN.

Stock up, buy some guns. Buy ammo. Don’t do it to use it, do it to piss off the gun grabbers like Senator Klobuchar & Barrack Obama. Go hunt, trap shoot, to the gun range and enjoy your self. Go hunting.

You are an American and no one can take that away. And if they do, trust me, they will have barked up the wrong tree. Its not a warning. Its a statement of fact that you will never get Americans to surrender their guns.

You see, there’s another reason we have them, to defend ourselves from a Government on a tyrannical radical bent.

Don’t tread on me, and do not touch my guns.

Out of my cold dead hands…..

(post written after 6 hours out in the heat)

Tim Pawlenty’s Conservative Renaissance – Fleebagging Before It Was Cool

Renaissance |?ren??säns; -?zäns|- a revival of or renewed interest insomething

In 2008, Republicans picked the worst possible candidate to represent the party’s conservative desires and principles of limited government to run against Barrack Obama.

I know a lot of you like Tm Pawlenty, some out of genuine fondness others due to your paychecks being the result of his aspirations. Its fine, I understand he has his pros, but I come from a school of thought that you have to grade people on merits, not accomplishments, and never on what they “want” people to know about them (the spin). Their records but more importantly how they handled the responsibilities they had, are the true test of what they will actually be like in office.

I ask an honest question in hopes of honest introspection and analysis from you and the media.  Why is Tim Pawlenty being given a free pass on his abandonment of Minnesota and the MNGOP?

He spent more time in the last 15 months campaigning for Republicans in the other 49 states than he did in his 8 years as the Head of the Republican Party in Minnesota?

Can you imagine what Minnesota would actually look like politically if Tim Pawlenty was concerned with what Republicans in his own state cared about rather than cranking up his name ID nationally and getting Republicans elected everywhere but Minnesota?

The electoral accomplishments in the 2010 Minnesota Legislative elections happened in spite of Tim Pawlenty. And you can’t help but wonder if his own seat changing party hands has something to do with him fleebagging on us during the lameduck last Legislative session. He had one foot out the door when the heat in the kitchen was highest.

The true test of a candidate’s principles is if you would be upset if a Democrat supported a policy or signed a bill. On a ton of huge issues, Tim Pawlenty let down conservatives in his state who worked very hard to get him elected at the expense of other Republicans.

It was only after the era of Tim Pawlenty that Republicans regained the House majority they had when he first got elected. I’ve spent a lot of my blogging time highlighting how Minnesota came up on the short end of the stick when it came down to Pawlenty or the Republican party as a whole, on this here blog.

Is Minnesota and more importantly, the Republican Party of Minnesota better off after 8 years of Tim Pawlenty?

My answer is no. What’s yours?

Note: Who was the 1st major name to glom on to John McCain in 2008? Tim Pawlenty

Meet The Real Tim Pawlenty On Energy

The Link That Made My Head Explode – TPaw Jumps The Shark

The Era Of Tim Pawlenty Is Over – Big Government Republicans Need Not Apply

Oh heck, I created a special category for it. McPlenty. Browse away to see the critical side of view on Tim Pawlenty.

Lord knows you won’t see it from very many other people. I get a lot of crap for my haranguing of Tim Pawlenty, but at least I am consistent. Which is something Tim Pawlenty, his record, his cheerleaders and defenders, and his recent rhetorical renaissance can’t.

A Caucus Of Wimps, Girly Wimps, Girly Limp Wristed Wimps

It seems the only reliable thing in America right now is the pathetic Republicans in the US Senate. Yes, only the Senate Republicans are stuck on stupid and cannot muster the courage to stand for their principles nor fulfill their role of the COnstitution. It is almost as if Obama has hired another Czar who was tasked with killing the doctor who was trying to transplant a spine into the NRSC’s frail body. I mean this right here is political suicide from my point of view in the conservative base. 

WASHINGTON — Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor won virtual assurance of rapid confirmation Thursday when Senate Republicans announced they do not intend to block a vote that would make her the first Hispanic on the nation’s highest court.

Sotomayor’s path to becoming President Barack Obama’s first Supreme Court appointment was enhanced by a two-pronged strategy:


  •  During more than 15 hours of questions over three days from members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, she revealed little about the type of justice she would be, declining to disclose her views on the most significant and polarizing legal matters working their way through the courts.


  •  She deflected critics’ allegations that her public speeches showed a bias based on her sex and ethnicity, assuring the committee she is a moderate jurist and not a liberal judicial activist.

    By the time she stepped out of the witness chair, Sotomayor had earned the grudging respect of even conservatives on the committee who are not likely to support her.

  • I’m willing to say what the pansy asses little girly men in the Senate won’t, she lied. She pretended to be a conservative this week. She put on the mask of Roberts, Alito, and the conservative Republican mold in order to be palpable enough to be confirmed. 

    And that’s the whole point here. A radical liberal Democrat judicial appointment had to fool the nation into believing that she was a strict constructionist conservative even though her rhetoric completely refutes that…..

    And the Senate Republicans cave…..

    It is a darn good thing that there isn’t a US Senate race in Minnesota this cycle, because I would likely work against the Republican just for spite because his or her buddies in DC are so dang incompetent it is amazing they manage to brush their teeth with out ending up in traction. 

    Murtha Pacifist in Chief, A Decade of Defeatism

    Rep. John Murtha is in no way going to allow the United States to be victorious in the war on terror.

    WASHINGTON — A powerful Democrat and Iraq war foe said he intends to introduce legislation in the coming weeks that would effectively end President Bush’s plans to send 21,500 more troops into Iraq by setting limits on which troops can be sent.

    Using an unusual medium — a recorded interview posted on the Internet — Rep. John Murtha, D-Pa., said his bill would prevent troops from being sent back to Iraq too soon or too poorly equipped. Troops being sent back to Iraq for another tour would have to stay in the United States at least one year before being redeployed. The bill would also end “stop-loss” policies by preventing the president from retaining troops in Iraq after their enlistments expire.

    • House Speaker Pelosi Says Bush Has No Authority to Invade Iran

    Murtha, who is chairman of the defense subcommittee to the House Appropriations Committee, said he is formulating legislation with teeth because he doesn’t think Bush’s plan to send more troops to Baghdad and al Anbar province would accomplish the goals of bringing peace to the country or returning troops home sooner.

    Murtha has a history of being a pacifist. He was the one who got President Clinton to retreat from Mogadishu after Clinton sent Army Rangers into a battle under equipped. You remember Black Hawk down, don’t you? Probably not, most Americans quickly forget what defeat does to our enemy. But Al Queada remembers. We were fighting against al Queada in Somalia, and bin Laden boasted of our retreat then as a victory for his holy war against the US.

    Representative Murtha was pivotal in that defeat.

    Continue reading

    Pansy Republicans Are Aiding Our Enemy’s Ally – Murtha

    Rep. Jack ‘RUN’ Murtha had major plans ahead for ensuring defeat.

    Stepping up his campaign against the White House, Murtha, chairman of the House defense appropriations subcommittee, told Tom Andrews, a former congressman-turned-activist, in the online interview that he would attach so many conditions to an upcoming spending bill for Iraq that the Pentagon would not be able to find enough troops to carry out the president’s “surge” plan.

    So while all you see in the MSM is how Congress is passing this non-binding resolution, you had better look behind Pelosi’s power curtain. She has placed the pacifist Murtha in charge of exactly the right Committee to put an end to any and all US military force.

    Sadly Pansy asses like MN RINO Jim Ramstad are helping Democrats force America to lose the war against terror. You were either with us or against when this war started, it is a damn shame members of the US Congress are now against us, the United States.

    Lalalalalalalalalalalalala, I Can’t hear you!

    Via RedState – Denying Iran

    There are many different ways to do this, between overt and covert military actions and economic and to a lesser extent diplomatic screw-tightening; what we should be aiming for is reaching the point where Ahmadenijad and the other Iranian leaders wake up every morning saying to themselves “how do we get those ****** Americans to stop?” At the same time, the longstanding fact of military life is that when you hit the other guy back, you had better be prepared for him to escalate, and know how you respond next. So the next steps are perilous – but continuing to let them attack without consequence is perilous, too. Our guys in the field need to know that we don’t take this (or, specifically, won’t let them take this) sitting down.

    But the Pacifist Congress is going to wave the white flag if Pelosi, the Democrats, and RINOs have their way. They have elections to win, and can’t be bogged down with defending America or the western liberty loving way of life.

    There is No Iran!


    Iran is our friend, if we could just get them to understand us……

    Poll – What Will Ramstad Do on Iraq?

    How will they vote on the defeat resolution in the House?

    I’m pretty darn sure Rep. Kline will vote against Defeat.

    I’m fairly confident Rep. Bachmann will vote against Defeat.

    But what will RINO Rep. Ramstad do?


    He’s voted with Democrats on just about everything so far the session of Congress. Will he vote for defeat in Iraq just like Pelosi and the Democrats?

    Has he for all intense purposes joined the cut and run caucus?

    House Begins Defeatist Debate

    Congressman Tim Walz DFLers CD1, leads off the debate. He led the Pledge. He’s Pelosi’s little pet pacifist.

    Do Democrats really think Americans voted to turn Iraq into an Iranian run terrorist hotbed?

    Do they really think the enemy in Iraq will just leave us alone if we leave them alone?

    When will these tools figure out Iran is at war with US?

    Additional Thoughts:
    It took 19 men highjacking 4 planes and knocking down buildings and murdering 3000 Americans to wake us up to the fact that terrorists were at war with us. Numerous administrations ignored the gathering threat until it was too late.

    What will it take to realize the stakes of defeat in Iraq?

    Over 3000 brave soldiers have died fighting against the enemy? Soldiers were killed fighting the enemy. How many civilians would be at risk if the US gave Iraq over to the terrorists who want to have resources and training grounds to kill us?

    Just saw a scroll on CSPAN that Pelosi’s Democrats are not allowing any opposing or alternate resolutions. Is this bipartisanship?

    One Republican who spoke s far did bring up that the Democrats have the responsibility to provide an alternative plan f they oppose the President’s. Having listened to a few, unknown Democrats, I would say the Democrats are offering a plan. Cut and run, retreat and defeat.

    They are waiving the white flag in the war on terror.

    God bless America, she really needs some serious help right now.

    At War With Iran, Or Rather They are With Us

    For those of you who are pessimists first and national security doves second, how much more evidence do you need to admit Iran is at war with us?

    This weekend we found out about hi-tech IEDs specifically designed to pierce the armor on our most heavily armored vehicles that are from Iran. Intelligence supports that top Iranian leaders are implicit in them being smuggled into Iraq.

    Today we find out that Austrian military sniper riffles sold to Iran have been found in Iraq.

    Folks, no matter how much you hate war in general, when there are people fighting a war against you, you have to do something about it.

    Oh and for you Democratic allies who think Bush is just trumping up things as Congress begins the defeatist debate, the charges of Iranian intervention in Iraq, is far from new.

    Via Global Security – BBC October 2005

    The roadside bomb has evolved steadily in step with the defences deployed against it to become the most dangerous threat facing US and British troops in Iraq.

    An armour-piercing version of the bomb – blamed for the deaths of eight British soldiers this year – marks the latest advance in the insurgents’ arsenal.

    The UK has accused Iran of supplying the new weapon to militants in southern Iraq, via the Lebanese Hezbollah militia group, although Tehran has denied this.

    Democrats want to negotiate with Iran as a way to solve the Iraq battle. An admission of Iranian involvement. Iran is fanning the sectarian violence in order to defeat the US. They are carrying out operations and/or supplying opposition forces in Iraq. That’s an act of war to me.

    Invade Iran? Not on the top of my list, but cutting and running is not going to solve the problem, and will in fact make it worse. We’re in a global war against terror. Our enemy in Iraq see it as the central front in the war, why don’t members of our own Congress.

    Iran IS the heart of terror around the world, and the government there is trying to get the US out of Iraq so it can continue its mission to dominate the world with a foreign policy of terror. If the US gives up in Iraq, Iran will know the US won’t have the intestinal fortitude to stop them anywhere else.

    Folks, war is hell. It never goes as you had planned, and schtuff happens. Iraq’s neighbors are terrorist hotbeds and sponsors of terror. They are actively fighting against US interests with in Iraq’s borders. Non-binding resolutions opposing dealing with the sectarian violence in Baghdad is nothing more than passing a battle plan for our enemies. When they know what we will not tolerate, that’s exactly what they will do.

    Why doesn’t Congress just take down that American flag flying over the Capital and raise the white flag of defeat in its place?