Mall of America Exposes Own Security Weaknesses

Did the video showing Mall of America security staff training make you feel safe? Because I know nothing screams – able to prevent a suicide terror attack – like an open hand chest slap.

They won’t allow a law abiding citizen to carry a firearm in the mall btw.

Don’t shop at the Mall of America folks. Its a magnet for crazy and is eventually going to have something very horrible happen there. You will be a defenseless victim due.

Minnesota Democrats Aim To Infringe On Your Civil Rights

The notion of the Democrats being the party of tolerance and civil rights for all is one of the biggest running scams going in Minnesota politics. Their war against law abiding firearms owners is well documented, but they are taking a page out of the Obama administration’s IRS scandal and trying to force organizations that they disagree with politically to release the names of all donors while they secretly buy election after election with their Progressive organizations funded by a handful of billionaires and the labor unions.

Minnesota: Legislature Considering Ominous Bill Designed to Suppress Political Speech, Anti-Gun Legislation to Receive Committee Consideration

Your immediate action needed to stop suppression of political speech in Minnesota

House File 1944 and Senate File 1915, dangerous, politically motivated measures aimed at suppressing political speech by membership organizations such as the NRA, are moving quickly through the Minnesota legislature.  These fatally flawed bills pose a grave risk to freedom of speech in Minnesota and impose excessive regulatory burdens on political and commercial interests.  Additionally, this legislation would inhibit the NRA’s ability to provide candidate information at critical times before an election.  Your action is needed immediately – please contact your state Senator and Representative TODAY and demand their opposition to any legislation that inhibits your First Amendment freedom needed to protect your Second Amendment rights.  Contact information for state Senators can be found here.  Contact information for state Representatives can be found here.  Click here to find out who represents you.

HF 1944 and SF 1915 would require organizations like the NRA, who engage in political speech, to immediately disclose the names of many of their donors, including those who pay membership dues.  These bills are intended to suppress political speech by organizations such as the NRA and others who communicate with their members.  These bills are overly broad, vague and would chill election-related speech.

HF 1944 is eligible for House consideration AT ANY TIME.

SF 1915 is scheduled to be considered by the Senate Judiciary Committee this Friday, March 21, at 12:00 noon.  Please contact members of this committee and urge them to OPPOSE this misguided legislation.  Committee members’ contact information can be found here.


The state legislature is also considering several measures, House File 3067 and Senate File 2690, to impose additional regulations, serious penalties and red tape on permit holders who choose to carry their firearms while visiting the State Capitol Complex.  At this time, a law-abiding permit holder can carry in the State Capitol Complex as long as the permit holder has notified the Commissioner of Public Safety of their intent to do so in advance.

The additional superfluous proposed regulations would do nothing to improve the notification requirement or process, but instead would create traps for law-abiding permit holders.  This proposed legislation would go so far as to mandate an arbitrary “renewal” period for those permit holders who previously sought permission to carry on Capitol grounds, requiring that “within 30 days of the renewal date of a person’s permit to carry, the person shall renotify the commissioner of the person’s intent to carry,” or the permit holder could face a felony.

Anti-gun legislators have been attempting to ban the carrying of firearms in the state Capitol, and since they have continuously failed at instituting a ban, are setting traps for law-abiding permit holders who choose to exercise their Second Amendment rights while petitioning their elected officials.  The carrying of firearms for self-defense by law-abiding permit holders is not a threat to security at the state Capitol.  It is an affront to law-abiding Minnesotans to insinuate that permit holders are dangerous criminals who should be feared while on Capitol grounds.  Minnesota gun owners should not have to choose between their own security and participation in the legislative process.

HF 3067 is scheduled to be heard TOMORROW, March 20, by the House Public Safety Finance and Policy Committee at 10:00 a.m.  Please contact members of this committee and urge them to OPPOSE this ill-conceived legislation.  Contact information for committee members can be found here.

SF 2690 is scheduled to be heard TOMORROW, March 20, by the Senate Judiciary Committee at 12:00 p.m.  Please contact members of this committee and urge them to OPPOSE this dangerous legislation. Contact information for committee members can be found here.

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MN Legislature Aims To Disarm Constituents

The aristocracy in Minnesota will never rest. They are still trying to take away your rights even out of session.

Minnesota: Ban on Permit-Holder Carry in the State Capitol under Consideration

The Advisory Committee on Capitol Security will hold two meetings to consider changing current law to ban concealed carrying of firearms by permit-holders in the state Capitol.   The first meeting will be held this Wednesday, August 14, from 11:00 am to 12:30 pm at the Minnesota State Capitol in St. Paul on 75 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. in Room 107.  This meeting will focus on discussion of current law and policy, and there will be no public testimony heard at this meeting regarding firearms on the Capitol Complex.  To view the agenda for this meeting, please click here.

On Tuesday, August 20, this committee will meet again from 10:00 am to 11:30 am at the Minnesota State Capitol in St. Paul on 75 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. in Room 107 to discuss policy changes to current standards regulating firearms on the Capitol Complex.   Please attend this meeting and OPPOSE these changes to current law that would ban concealed carry in the state Capitol.  Public testimony will be heard (though time may be limited).  If you wish to testify, please submit your name in writing to  To view the agenda for this meeting, please click here.

Please plan to arrive at least an hour before each meeting.  Remember, with a permit, concealed carry is lawful in the Minnesota State Capitol and other state buildings in the area if you have notified the Commissioner of Public Safety of your intent to do soin advance.

There were how many murders overnight in the Twin Cities? We have rampant gang warfare being carried out on the streets, but the highbrow lawmakers and bureaucrats are more focused on taking guns out of the hands of peaceful law abiding citizens. They are far less dangerous than violent criminals.

More Proof That Google Should Be Feared – The Friends of Schmidt

The Obama Brownshirts “Organizing Against America” is pushing propaganda to restrict your Constitutional Rights. Here’s a snippet from their email this morning.

Something big happened in the Senate this week:

The Judiciary Committee voted to move forward on a bill that would make universal background checks the law for all gun sales. That’s hugely important for one simple reason:

If Congress goes on to pass this bill, fewer dangerous people will be able to obtain guns. Period.

It should be a no-brainer. This is something that 92 percent of Americans — and a whopping 74 percent of NRA members — support.

So let’s get this done. We’re going to need to keep the pressure on our elected officials by raising our voices together and saying “It’s time.”

I wanted to test the notion that Google controls searches to influence your information gathering to benefit their ‘friends of Schmidt’.

I searched “NRA member poll” and was proven right of why I fear Google far more than any other company.

Let me know if you spot the scary detail considering most people use Google to make themselves more educated.

Google’s “results”

Search Results

  1. Does the NRA agree with Wayne LaPierre?…/nra-leadership-members-divide-on-uni…

    Jan 31, 2013 – Nearly three quarters (74 percent) of NRA members supported requiring a background check system for all gun sales, according to a poll

  2. NRA Members strongly oppose new gun restrictions, poll finds…/nra-members-strongly-oppose-new-gun…

    Jan 25, 2013 – The poll finds more than eight in 10 NRA members oppose bans on high- capacity ammunition clips and semi-automatic assault weapons, with 

  3. Strong Majority of Americans, NRA Members Back Gun Control – US › News

    Jan 28, 2013 – I do not know a single NRA member or TSRA member that supports the new proposals. If this poll was extended to Texas the must have only 

  4. Even NRA members favor sensible gun control…/baltsun_121509.sht…

    A recent poll shows National Rifle Association members overwhelming favor closing Or that the same poll shows NRA members do support many pro- Second 

  5. News for nra member poll

    1. Conn. Senator Murphy urges NASCAR to reconsider NRA race sponsorship [w/poll]

      Autoblog (blog) ?- 3 days ago
       to reconsider calling one of the sport’s upcoming events, the NRA 500.members” over the “proper response” to the tragic school shooting.
  6. PollNRA members strongly oppose new gun-control measures…/279259-poll-nra-members-strongly-oppose-new-gun-…

    Jan 25, 2013 – Members of the National Rifle Association overwhelmingly oppose the gun control measures proposed last week by President Obama, 

  7. Poll finds gun owners, even NRA members, back some restrictions…/us-usa-shooting-denver-guns- …

    Jul 24, 2012 – NEW YORK (Reuters) – Most gun owners – even current and formermembers of the National Rifle Association – support some firearms 

  8. PolitiFact | Rep. Jackie Speier says poll shows NRA members…/rep-jackie-speier-says-poll-shows-nra-member

    Jan 23, 2013 – On the president’s list of gun-control priorities: require background checks for all gun sales. That step has widespread support, even among gun 

  9. NRA member survey: gun rights organization touts its own 98…/nra_member_survey_gun_rights_organiz…
    Abby Ohlheiser
    by Abby Ohlheiser – in 95 Google+ circles – More by Abby Ohlheiser

    Jan 25, 2013 – Mother Jones flagged the poll, noting that, if it’s even accurate, it corners NRA members as more extreme in their opinions than gun owners at

  10. PollNRA households support background checks – Kevin Cirilli…/ny-poll-big-backing-for-assault-ban-8…
    Kevin Cirilli
    by Kevin Cirilli – in 59 Google+ circles – More by Kevin Cirilli

    Jan 17, 2013 – Among those living in a household with an NRA member In New York, a separate poll found overwhelming support in New York for an 

Peter Dreier: Wayne LaPierre Does Not Speak for Most Gun Owners…/wayne-lapierre-nra-background-checks…

Jan 31, 2013 – Nearly three quarters (74 percent) of NRA members supported requiring background checks for all gun sales, according to a poll released 

And Yahoo’s

  1. NRA members strongly oppose new gun restrictions, poll finds. Posted on January 28, 2013…/nra-members…poll-finds.aspx – Cached

  2. NRA Pollmembers oppose confiscatory gun policies as well as bans on high-capacity magazines and ‘assault’ weapons.…of-10-members-oppose-a… – Cached

  3. A new poll by Republican pollster Frank Luntz reveals that NRA members and other Americans who own guns strongly support a sensible approach to gun laws that balances ……/nra_member_poll.shtml – Cached

  4. Strong majorities of National Rifle Association members reject newly proposed gun restrictions, according to a survey released Thursday by the gun ……/25/nra-members…poll-finds – Cached
    More results from »

  5. To rebut bogus surveys by pollsters on the payroll of antigun groups, NRA-ILA conducted a national scientific poll of NRA members and found near unanimity among NRA ……/1/survey-finds-nra-members-united.aspx – Cached

  6. After the Newtown shooting, Senator and National Rifle Association member Joe Manchin … 2011 Gallup poll but more in line with data from ……/12/…nra-what-the-polling-shows – Cached

  7. new poll of nra members by frank luntz shows strong support for common-sense gun laws, exposing significant divide between rank-and-file members and nra leadership… – Cached

  8. Members of the National Rifle Association (NRA) overwhelmingly oppose the gun-control measures proposed last week by President Obama, according to a survey released ……/279259-poll-nra-members-strongly-oppose… – Cached

  9. New Poll Of NRA Members By Frank Luntz Shows Strong Support For Common-Sense Gun Laws, Exposing Significant Divide Between Rank-And-File Members And NRALeadership …… – Cached

  10. “Even members of the NRA, when they were polled recently, were under the impression that everyone has a criminal background check.” Jackie Speier on Tuesday, January …… – Cached



Notice anything? Notice what is missing from Google’s results? 

5 Million Abortions since 2008 Yet Gunhaters Anonymous Comes To Minnesota

Because if evil people just couldn’t get their hands on guns, they wouldn’t dare be violent. A group of people protected by guns, gathers to figure out how to take yours away yet ignores millions of innocent lives lost……

This anti-American summit, is a great example of the bias and laziness of the Minnesota media.

Here is the WCCO story.

Summit In Minneapolis To Address Gun Violence

And here is one from Milwaukee Public Radio

Barrett to Talk Gun Laws at Regional Gun Summit

Notice how they went out of their way to find an opposing point of view?

BTW: Barrett is the guy who ran for Governor of Wisconsin in 2010 and again in the recall against Scott Walker. He has wanted to infringe on the rights of Wisconsinites for years, they have rejected them repeatedly. So he has to take his Bloomberg funded gun grabbing crusade on the road to Minnesota.

Could this Bloomberg funded group be behind this “summit”?

Oddly the group says it wants to take away your freedoms and humiliate you, to prevent this.

More than 48,000 Americans will be murdered with guns during the President’s next term. How can President Obama face that fact without a strategy to end gun violence?

There have been 5 million abortions in America during Obama’s 1st term. Yet gun restrictions is the put everything else on hold priority for the country?

Apparently abortion is protected by the Constitution somehow, but guns…. the framers never meant that the people could possibly possess the same sorts of firearms as the government….

The war on guns has been being waged ever since socialists realized that the only way to turn America into another failed European socialist empire was to disarm us. This isn’t about protecting people from gun violence.

If the loss of lives is such a motivating factor to restrict Americans’ freedoms then why aren’t people talking about all the other things that kill so many people?

Its a sad statement on America when those who are supposed to serve us, are trying to criminalize our most cherished and important rights.


From The INBOX: A Question About Liberal Logic

Here’s a question for your readers…
If passing a law forbidding you to own an assault rifle is all they need to do to make us safer, then why not just pass a law against killing people in schools or shopping malls?
Think about that for a minute.
Great question, which deserves expansion to prove the lunacy of the gun ban logic.

Why do bars have parking lots?

Its illegal to drink and drive, so why do we allow people to drive to bars. (Obviously excluding Minneapolis and St. Paul which have essentially banned driving and parking anywhere in their urban utopias)
Isn’t it pretty much entrapment or accessory to murder depending on “luck” to allow people to so easily do such a deadly, dangerous, and clearly illegal?

(Source STRIB) Drunken-driving deaths in Minnesota last year were down 40 percent from a decade ago, but there’s still a lot of work to do to save needlessly lost lives, the Minnesota Department of Public Safety Office of Traffic Safety said Friday.

That calculation was part of the agency’s release of its final 2011 drunken-driving data, in which it said 111 people died last year as the result of drunken driving, compared to 185 in 2002.

The agency also cited these numbers: 29,257 Minnesotans were arrested for DWI in 2011, one in seven state drivers has a DWI on record, and 1,265 Minnesotans have 10 or more DWIs.

From 2007 to 2011, 651 people were killed in drunken-driving crashes in Minnesota, an average of 130 deaths annually. During this same period, 166,962 motorists were arrested for DWI.

If safety of society is going to trump all else, guns are not the primary threat of great bodily harm.

I’m Sick And Tired Of Being Treated Like A Criminal

I am growing tired of “my Government” treating me like a criminal.

I can’t even watch the news anymore with out hearing someone proclaim that Americans must be treated like criminals in order to keep us all safe. Ban gun sales, transfers, and require registration (for a later confiscation). But of course, don’t disarm the police.

I feel like I am watching TV in some other country where a new dictator is afraid of the public. We are being culled like cattle. Disarmed. Our movements limited. Our choices predetermined.

What the hell is going on in this country?



This Is Merely A Sentencing Hearing – Vigilante Corporate Raiders

Wall Street Tycoon Urges Uber Rich To Be Vigilante Raiders

Vigilante Raiders sounds like some beer league softball team, but its sadly closer to the advice being given by a Wall Street executive who wants the filthy rich to buy up a major US gun manufacturer and scrap it. Mind you this company makes far more than just guns, but this is the new American justice where punishment is politically based.

Benevolent Billionaires Should Buy Out Bushmaster

By William D. Cohan (Via

Business moguls who favor stricter gun-control laws — among them Bloomberg LP founder and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, financier George Soros and entertainment honcho David Geffen — are in the unique position of being able to put their money where their mouths are, and with a single bold move can change the raging gun debate in a way that intransigent politicians cannot.

All statist liberals who are enemies of freedom, liberty, and independence.

These well-intentioned billionaires (and others) should buy Freedom Group Inc., the world’s largest gun manufacturer, from Cerberus Capital Management LP, which has put it up for sale, and literally liquidate it.

Well intentioned?

This Op Ed appeared in the paywalled Star Tribune but you can find its original source at Bloomberg.

William Cohan is/was employed by JP Morgan Chase which was part of TARP and bailouts and was implicit in the collapse of this country economically and politicly. But don’t take my word for it. 


How Much More Will It Take For You To Stand Up?

I’ll be honest, it really bothered me when Bush hating liberals hung their flags upside down during the 2Ks. But now that the President of the United States and members of Congress are actively persecuting (and some may say prosecuting) Americans due to their wealth, health, or desire to defend themselves, is it time to say something?

Its not something one can safely do in the 21st Century. In the past one could speak out in the town square and slip into the shadows, but now, you get your file marked or that the FBI’s DCAC is watching what I say online and on the phone, you can’t hide after you speak out in opposition to your own Government.

How many more freedoms have to be erased before I stand up? How many more lives have to be lost? How many more people have to be ruined for political ideology? Law abiding Americans can’t be trusted, yet we have to cater to the whims of the UN which would rather slit our throats than …..

Are you OK living in a nation with a Government that thinks the requirement to do business or exercise a freedom should be submitting information that could be used against you criminally? Fingerprints, full background checks, tracking information that will stay with you permanently so your every single move can and will be monitored….

Sen. Feinsetin wants to treat law abiding citizens like criminals, and I am supposed to just say OK, oh well, they gamed the electoral process and bamboozled enough Americans into thinking they can get free stuff by voting Democrat?

A powerful member of the United States Government is proposing a law to disarm Americans.

The Chairman of the Senate Select Committee  on Intelligence (as of Dec 2012), in fact, wants to disarm the American people! The Chair of the Senate Committee tasked with keeping America safe is more concerned with Americans owning guns, than the guns pointed at America. Its also worth noting that Feinstein is on the Judiciary Committee. Which is why this law looks exactly like entrapment. This isn’t just an assault on the 2nd Amendment, it gashes a big hole in the entire Bill of Rights.

No, don’t worry little American, turn over the information that the DOJ will later use to incriminate you, don’t worry, you can have your guns, but we’re going to persecute you first, mark you with a digital scarlett letter next, and be ready to swoop in and arrest your ass……

See also: SAFE Act.

Many of us held out hope that maybe the Supreme Court would protect us from Obamacare, we were wrong. The 2012 elections? Nope, a nation of sheep was fooled. Most Americans know its wrong to go kick down your neighbor’s door and take the milk out of their fridge, but unfortunately, its now a widely held belief that its OK to envy your neighbor’s property and hire the Government to go take what’s theirs and give it to you. (See Idiocracy)

Its time America. Stand up.

USA flag distress