Why Is Parenting a 4 Letter Word Nowadays?

Bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase Uncle Sam…..

When I was a boy, they called it parenting. In today’s America, we apparently need the Federal Government to take care of families and more to the point, raise kids. Well, I use families loosely as in far too many cases, there is only one parent. And by raise, its more indoctrinate and warehouse. But you get the point. The “family” is no longer part of the equation.

[Source: MPR] ecoming a Promise Zone doesn’t involve any up-front money, but it will give north Minneapolis a competitive advantage when applying for federal grants.


Duncan could not guarantee that Minneapolis will qualify for any federal grants, but said it opens the door to dozens of government funding sources.

That could mean more money to fund increased educational opportunities for students, find housing for families, improve job prospects for the unemployed and lower crime rates in the neighborhood, he said.

Its a tragedy that any kid doesn’t have the chance to receive a decent education. A parent is homeless or jobless. Yes we should help them however reasonably possible. But we also can’t sweep any and all bad decisions and choices that got our society in Minnesota to this point.

But don’t be fooled. What Duncan showed up in Minnesota for was not to highlight the Federal grants to the Northside Achievement zone, it was to help bully the Legislature into passing Dayton’s all day Pre-K. That’s just state funded day care by union  dues paying teachers.


Why is good parenting no longer the solution? Why are we refusing to start by highlighting the things being promised by the Federal Government as what would help kids learn, could/should be part of the nuclear family?

This all day pre-K push is simply to grow unions, make kids dependent on government run day care, and provide more union resources to help elect Democrats.

Who was the only protesters actually afraid of the consequences of rioting in Baltimore? The one whose mom caught him. Folks, America’s kids needs more of this. Role models and learning right from wrong.

Franken & Klobuchar Support Abortion Over Sex Trafficking Victims

They have decided to withdraw support for a bill to combat sex trafficking because it would prevent the funds being diverted to take innocent lives.

Abortion provision jeopardizes bipartisan sex-trafficking measure

Democrats, including Klobuchar and Sen. Al Franken, say that Republicans sneaked a provision in the 68-page bill that would prevent funds reserved for trafficking victims from being used on morning-after pills or abortions.

Which is it, do Klobuchar & Franken want to provide abortions or help sex trafficking victims?

Amnesty Whopper: Underage Aliens Will Get Free Abortions

The new American dream: Send your pregnant underage daughter to the United States to get a free abortion.

You can’t claim to be compassionate if you support barbarism like this.

There are already a million abortions each year in the US. Are we now going to be the abortion provider to the world?

Think of it. We already take the lives of a million innocent lives each year. We are being forced to open our borders to people from poverty stricken countries and we are going to welcome them with free abortions.

What exactly are we trying to tell the world about what makes us tick?

I guess this is what fundamentally transforming America looks like.

Mall of America Exposes Own Security Weaknesses

Did the video showing Mall of America security staff training make you feel safe? Because I know nothing screams – able to prevent a suicide terror attack – like an open hand chest slap.

They won’t allow a law abiding citizen to carry a firearm in the mall btw.

Don’t shop at the Mall of America folks. Its a magnet for crazy and is eventually going to have something very horrible happen there. You will be a defenseless victim due.

New Look For RF & What’s Next For Me?

New theme here at RF. Probably going to be making a few more changes not to mention get back into writing. I’ve really missed writing.

I’m also doing some deep soul searching into my own political involvement. Looking back at the last couple years, what I did, what I was unable to do, and what is next for me.

As I start the next chapter of my life as a husband, its time to evaluate whether or not its wise to commit to a unpaid volunteer role that is a full time commitment.

Maybe its time for me to run for something – higher party spot or maybe its time to put my name on a lawn sign of my own.

I don’t know. All I know is that I am tired of the status quo, cronies failing upward, and carrying so much damn water for the cause while others around me don’t lift a finger.

As 2014 winds up and 2015 begins, a new chapter of the MNGOP will begin. The question is, will it have me to kick around and take advantage of anymore?

Minnesota Democrats Aim To Infringe On Your Civil Rights

The notion of the Democrats being the party of tolerance and civil rights for all is one of the biggest running scams going in Minnesota politics. Their war against law abiding firearms owners is well documented, but they are taking a page out of the Obama administration’s IRS scandal and trying to force organizations that they disagree with politically to release the names of all donors while they secretly buy election after election with their Progressive organizations funded by a handful of billionaires and the labor unions.

Minnesota: Legislature Considering Ominous Bill Designed to Suppress Political Speech, Anti-Gun Legislation to Receive Committee Consideration

Your immediate action needed to stop suppression of political speech in Minnesota

House File 1944 and Senate File 1915, dangerous, politically motivated measures aimed at suppressing political speech by membership organizations such as the NRA, are moving quickly through the Minnesota legislature.  These fatally flawed bills pose a grave risk to freedom of speech in Minnesota and impose excessive regulatory burdens on political and commercial interests.  Additionally, this legislation would inhibit the NRA’s ability to provide candidate information at critical times before an election.  Your action is needed immediately – please contact your state Senator and Representative TODAY and demand their opposition to any legislation that inhibits your First Amendment freedom needed to protect your Second Amendment rights.  Contact information for state Senators can be found here.  Contact information for state Representatives can be found here.  Click here to find out who represents you.

HF 1944 and SF 1915 would require organizations like the NRA, who engage in political speech, to immediately disclose the names of many of their donors, including those who pay membership dues.  These bills are intended to suppress political speech by organizations such as the NRA and others who communicate with their members.  These bills are overly broad, vague and would chill election-related speech.

HF 1944 is eligible for House consideration AT ANY TIME.

SF 1915 is scheduled to be considered by the Senate Judiciary Committee this Friday, March 21, at 12:00 noon.  Please contact members of this committee and urge them to OPPOSE this misguided legislation.  Committee members’ contact information can be found here.


The state legislature is also considering several measures, House File 3067 and Senate File 2690, to impose additional regulations, serious penalties and red tape on permit holders who choose to carry their firearms while visiting the State Capitol Complex.  At this time, a law-abiding permit holder can carry in the State Capitol Complex as long as the permit holder has notified the Commissioner of Public Safety of their intent to do so in advance.

The additional superfluous proposed regulations would do nothing to improve the notification requirement or process, but instead would create traps for law-abiding permit holders.  This proposed legislation would go so far as to mandate an arbitrary “renewal” period for those permit holders who previously sought permission to carry on Capitol grounds, requiring that “within 30 days of the renewal date of a person’s permit to carry, the person shall renotify the commissioner of the person’s intent to carry,” or the permit holder could face a felony.

Anti-gun legislators have been attempting to ban the carrying of firearms in the state Capitol, and since they have continuously failed at instituting a ban, are setting traps for law-abiding permit holders who choose to exercise their Second Amendment rights while petitioning their elected officials.  The carrying of firearms for self-defense by law-abiding permit holders is not a threat to security at the state Capitol.  It is an affront to law-abiding Minnesotans to insinuate that permit holders are dangerous criminals who should be feared while on Capitol grounds.  Minnesota gun owners should not have to choose between their own security and participation in the legislative process.

HF 3067 is scheduled to be heard TOMORROW, March 20, by the House Public Safety Finance and Policy Committee at 10:00 a.m.  Please contact members of this committee and urge them to OPPOSE this ill-conceived legislation.  Contact information for committee members can be found here.

SF 2690 is scheduled to be heard TOMORROW, March 20, by the Senate Judiciary Committee at 12:00 p.m.  Please contact members of this committee and urge them to OPPOSE this dangerous legislation. Contact information for committee members can be found here.

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I Was Getting Here As Fast As I Could

One of them days that makes me think I have reached the top of the climb. The last year of my life has served me plenty of lemons and I think I may have just finally figured out how to turn them into lemonade.

Woke up late and tired as heck from a late night of campaign finance reporting. Got to work and installed some new memory in a work computer so I could upgrade the operating system. Managed to squeeze in a few surprise appointments and last minute tasks before the big meeting tonight. Not to mention some parts to repair a front end loader arrived a week early. As tired as I was, the work portion day felt like it was productive. Go home, kick back, and relax?


There was a vacancy in the CD6 State Executive Committee position to the MNGOP. It was a position I had run for and lost a couple times and been talked out of seeking a couple other times. Our Full Committee met tonight and I was appointed to the unopposed tonight. I’m now the Treasurer and Finance Director along with Stave Vice Chair.

Some have said don’t complain. I know a lot of times I tend to whine. Its not so much as complaining as it is me speaking to me. I’ve gotten a lot of crap over the years about posting so much personal stuff online. I do a lot of it because it is more me speaking to me than it is me whining.

The appointment happened at the beginning of the meeting, and I found myself sort of distracted during the 3 candidate portions. I was thinking back to all I have been through in politics and life the last 10 years. So much has changed, but some things have remained.

I was having trouble reconciling the State Campaign Finance report for CD6. The software is dreadful. Add to the mix having to run a Windows app on a Mac and you triple the angst and effort required. I’ve spent a dozen plus hours in the last few days scouring spreadsheets trying to find the discrepancy. Deadline is Friday for the 2013 year end report so I was under a deadline.

I got home at 10PM after the meeting and opened up the laptop and took another stab at the report. After an hour of having 8 spreadsheets open and comparing this with that…. I got it! Honestly I was really upset I couldn’t report that I had already submitted all of the CD6 reports at our meeting. I worry. I was determined to get it and I did.

But all that isn’t what inspired this post. I looked up from my laptop after submitting the report to an old episode of a TV show that did. After I got the report settled, a 2 minute summary of an episode captured my attention. An old joke my brother used to tell about a speeding ticket and snarky comments to the officer about ‘getting here as fast as I can’ sucked me in and drew my awareness.

Everything happens for a reason. Omnia Causa Fiunt.

My life hasn’t worked out to plan up until now. I’ve done many great things, survived many traumatic events, struggled, flourished, and yet here I am 38 years old and starting all over, but not knowing “why?”.

I know what I want, but sometimes it doesn’t happen on my terms. But tonight I was reminded that all good things come with time. Am I saying that my appointment tonight fixes everything? Nope. I am saying that sometimes you have to try and fail repeatedly. Pick yourself up, sludge on, and keep trying. Keep fighting, and keep doing what you know is right. You’ll fail sometimes, but eventually…… good things will happen.

Bob Saget for pete’s sake.

This post is not about politics. Its about life. When there is something you want, sometimes you have to wait for the right imd and not let other desires distract you affect your other duties. Always strive to be better. Do better, take better care of yourself and those around you. Whether family, friends, or acquaintances.

Everyday a new challenge presents itself. Things don’t go as planned. But every one of those road blocks or detours is an opportunity. Never give up. All good things come with time. Through a series of events today, unrelated, I was reminded of that.

Hang in there folks, the silver lining could be visible tomorrow. God Bless.

Weekend Plans

I’ve been running myself ragged with work and the new house stuff and its got my on end. I’m taking off for the cabin for a little RnR, which with a cabin means work, but a change of scenery and the opportunity for a boat ride or few.

I did have my meeting with Republican Governor candidate Scott Honour yesterday. I will be crafting a post to run Monday on the meeting.