Minnesota Aims To License Illegals To Drive, What Could Go Wrong

01-how-about-no-bearWhen people break a fundamental law, why would they care to follow all the others? Source: PiPress

Advocates of a push to grant driver’s licenses to people living in the country illegally packed a Minnesota House hearing Wednesday, at times breaking into tears as supporters explained how the change would affect them.

The move has support from a broad coalition of businesses, religious leaders and law enforcement officials who say it will make roads safer as more people take driver’s safety tests and buy car insurance. But some argue giving licenses to those without legal resident status will make it easier for them to commit voter fraud.

Ana Serrano told the House Transportation Policy and Finance Committee that the move would help her parents, who immigrated from Mexico years ago. They rely on her older brother to drive them around Willmar because they can’t legally obtain driver’s licenses.

State Rep. Rod Hamilton, who’s carrying a bill to make the change, said he initially was skeptical of the idea. But the Mountain Lake Republican said the he since has realized the effect on public safety the move would have.

Public safety officials also think no one should own guns, fence in their yards, and that they should be able to listen to phone calls and read emails with out a warrant….

I can’t begin to describe how maddening it is that any Republicans are supporting this red carpet for voter fraud and amnesty. . .

Some People Just Want To Watch The World Burn – Post Primary Caviling

cavil |?kav?l| verb [ no obj.] make petty or unnecessary objections:

I’m fairly confident some people were rooting for Jeff Johnson to lose last night. Not because they supported another candidate in the Republican Governor Primary, but because they wanted to see the Republican Party and its grassroots activist driven endorsing process to fail.

Jeff Johnson won, and some people are trying to paint “low turnout” on the GOP side as proof the endorsing system is still a failure. The media is also glomming on to this as a way to help undermine Johnson’s chances against DFL Governor Mark ‘Give Me A Minute So I Can Change My Mind’ Dayton in November.

All the focus on failure is on Republican turnout.

2010 GOP
Candidate Totals
Total 130408
2014 GOP 
 Candidate  Totals
Total 183941

Wait, the GOP turned out 53,000 more voters than in 2010.

I think why you see some people trying to paint the narrative of GOP voter apathy is because DFL apathy has reached toxic levels.

2010 DFL
Candidate Totals
Total 442137
2014 DFL  Totals
Total 191162

The DFL saw a 251,000 drop off in voter turnout and barely drew more voters than the GOP in 2014.

If voter and most importantly DFL activists and supporters were proud of the work that Dayton and DFL leaders have accomplished in the last 4 years, there would not have been such a huge drop in turnout. We are talking over 50% drop off in turnout. Don’t forget, Dayton won with only 43% in the 2010 General election. An election that as also plagued with low turnout of only 55% overall. AKA: Dayton actually only had 25% of eligible voters want him to be Governor.

RF Flashback: Mr. 25% Governor Dayton- La La La La La La La

The bottom line: Republican turnout was higher than 2010, DFL turnout was down over 50% from 2010.

While Republican turnout was lower then I’d like, the overall numbers reveal to me that the DFL has a huge enthusiasm problem and I sure like Johnson’s chances.

I’m Sure Another e-book Is On The Way Too

This is why I vented yesterday.

Republicans in Minnesota are more concerned with critique than rolling up their sleeves and working. From Blois Olson’s MorningTake.

EMMER: A blogger’s post about a web commercial for a contractor featuring CD6 GOP frontrunner Tom Emmer picked up steam locally and in Washington media circles Monday.  The video has Emmer giving an endorsement to the company, in front of an Emmer for Congress sign.  The coverage of the ad by Washington media could help other MN06 candidates who are trying to keep national groups from falling in behind Emmer.  Meanwhile, expect more questions about Emmer’s work as a lobbyist and on issues like national popular vote’ – to arise.  Some GOP insiders suggest there is Emmer fatigue, even though he’s still the favorite.

Its really easy to point fingers at mistakes. What’s really hard, is to do more than just complain and actually get someone elected. No not by burying the opponent in so much mud that the people hate everyone involved. But by taking one’s self perceived monopoly of campaign and political know how and turning it inward and not using it to cultivate areas of the state where Republicans have no presence, like say, CD4, and help polish up a candidate there to run against the entrenched socialist Betty McCollum?

I understand the hypocrisy of me lecturing insider attacks, but if you notice, I don’t do them much anymore. Because I learned how damaging they are. Do they work? Sure, but is it worth tearing apart the base of the party simply because you despise a particular someone or would prefer your friend won instead?

If the merits of your candidate are how much the other guy sucks, its not a good idea to be loud and proud with that notion. Last guy or gal standing is a piss poor strategy for politics. Nobody likes the lone survivor of a family feud.


“genius, fame, omnipotence, or wealth”

I guess if 3 of the 4 shoes fit….

:lol:Self discovery day for me and this ‘may’ be useful for others…..

Delusion of Grandeur


Delusion of Grandeurdelusion of grandeur is the fixed, false belief that one possesses superior qualities such as genius, fame, omnipotence, or wealth. It is most often a symptom of schizophrenia, but can also be a symptom found in psychotic or bipolar disorders, as well as dementia (such as Alzheimer’s).

People with a delusion of grandeur often have the conviction of having some great but unrecognized talent or insight. They may also believe they have made some important discovery that others don’t understand or appreciate.

Less commonly, the individual may have the delusion of having a special relationship with a prominent person (such as being an adviser to the President). Or the person may believe that actually are a very prominent and important person, in which case the actual person may be regarded as an imposter.

Grandiose delusions may have religious content, such as the person believes he or she has received a special message from God or another deity.

From The INBOX: Andy Please Ready This

I was forwarded the Anoka County Watchdog email today and asked to read it. This portion of this week’s email is very important for everyone to read and remember the next time the election cycle heats up and the same people are telling us how and who we need to win.

Just take a look at campaign finance reports. To be honest, there are some flat-out
embarrassing fundraising numbers in there. You can’t win without the proper resources.
It’s that simple. It’s a fact that some candidates lost because they didn’t raise
enough money and/or didn’t door knock hard enough.

And that’s not anyone’s fault except the candidate’s. The candidate alone is responsible
for the effort. The result is influenced by many factors but a strong effort on
the part of the candidate is often times a necessary ingredient, especially for
Republicans, who have no “gimme” seats.

Which brings us to the amendments. Simply put, the amendments backfired, failing
to deliver the turnout punch many had hoped for.

In fact, the amendments went the other way, motivating turnout for the crowd opposed
to the amendments.

The Watchdog spoke with a political operative who was involved with a liberal organization
working to elect DFLers to the legislature.

This operative was of the strong opinion that the amendments, especially the marriage
amendment, increased DFL voter enthusiasm, especially in college areas.

He chalked up the defeat of Rep. King Banian (R-Saint Cloud) to the amendment battle,
as well as the legislative losses of both Travis Reimche and Phil Hansen in the
Moorhead area.

In addition to firing up college crowds, the gay marriage amendment no doubt helped
to contribute to the gender gap the GOP experienced.

Moreover, the campaigns for both these amendments were horribly executed. The people
responsible for these campaigns were outraised, outspent, outhustled, outworked,
and outthought.

Remember, the forces behind these amendments had the initiative. The ballot questions
were selected and passed by the legislature at the time of their choosing.

The ball got fumbled in a big way and many people paid a price for it.

To watch the photo ID amendment drop like a rock in the polls made both the Emmer
and Bills campaigns look like Karl Rove masterpieces.

Talk about a need to rethink things. We thought the Emmer campaign was the worst
major campaign in party history. And then came the Bills campaign. And then came
the photo ID campaign. And the marriage amendment campaign.

Four catastrophic campaigns in back to back cycles.

We’re making it way, way too easy for the Left. This has got to stop.

May these people never work in politics again. Find another line of work.

Don’t Be Economic Girly Man – Pansy Boehner

Whoops, too late.

Obama, Boehner move closer to ‘cliff’ deal

Its almost like Nancy Pelosi is still Speaker.

Hey John, its the spending you idiot. You suck at poker, now stop trying to gamble with the future of our Country. You’re playing with socialists, solving the problem is not their goal, socialism is. They’ll take whatever you give them that’s closer to Communism than Capitalism, so give them nothing.

If you don’t have the spine to do so, resign. You’ve done enough damage already.

Meet The Rich & Then What – UPDATE

The Numbers Don’t Support Taxing The Rich As A Fiscal Cliff Solution

The Good News Is

Its a short news cycle this week with Thanksgiving coming up and a long weekend. The bad news is that most likely the Emperor will release some more bad news.

I mean our economy is crumbling, the mid east is devolving into perpetual war, and the Government is proving to be more corrupt than the Chicago Mob/Police Department.

Why wouldn’t the long Holiday weekend be a good time to unload a domestic bomb shell?

From The INBOX: Your Next Mission Should You Accept It

Oh, this David Gerson is the Paulbot gift that keeps on giving.

David Gerson to challenge John Kline in Republican Primary

David Gerson is running for congress to help continue the transformation of the Republican Party from the party of privileged large corporate interests to the party of the people that started this May 17th and 18th at our Republican State Convention.
In congress Mr. Gerson will be a leader in the area of fighting Crony Capitalism or corporatism, the confluence of corporate and governmental interests, that both parties promote at the expense of the average person in this county.
The reckless policies promoted by political leaders in both parties have led this country to the brink of a debt crisis.  I am running in attempt to assist in the transformation of the Republican Party of Minnesota from a party complicit in the destruction of the country to one that can lead our country back from our current troubles.   In order to do this we must not pretend that our current representatives, even those in our own party, who are responsible for this crisis  can be re-elected without exacerbating the problems they created.  We must be honest about our own party and its leaders.
I want to expose the last “elephant”-in -the-room in the Republican party.  That the Republican Bush administration and the current Republican controlled U.S.  House of Representatives was and is complicit in enacting reckless fiscal policies which have mortgaged our future, disintegrated the middle class, promoted unnecessary wars and increased the size and power of the federal government.
John Kline has been complicit in causing these problems with his blind devotion to voting with house Republican leadership.  John Kline has had his chance to lead but has proven that he is a follower of Washington D.C. interests at the expense of the average person in his district and Minnesota.  His voting record is unacceptable especially his vote for T.A.R.P., the Troubled Asset Relief Program, to bail out wealthy bankers from their poor decisions at the expense average citizen.  He also voted for multiple failed stimulus bills such as Cash For Clunkers that further indebted this country and promoted certain businesses over the health and welfare of the people.  This penchant for crony Capitalism in Washington D.C. is stealing opportunity from the common man.  John Kline voted for $2.4 trillion of increases to the debt ceiling.  He has voted for measures to cede our personal civil rights to the federal government including measures to limit our free speech, HR 347, and worse our presumption of innocence by voting to allow the military arrest and indefinite detention of U.S. citizens on U.S. soil without a trial in the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012.
My campaign goal is to provide an opportunity for the people in the the 2nd Congressional District to hold John Kline accountable  for his transgressions through my election to congress and to send a message to all Republican statist beholden to the establishment in Washington D.C. that there will be consequences for betraying our core principles.
I hope my run will inspire other to make primary challenges in both parties as this is the only way we can really stop electing the same corrupt leaders over and over again.

David holds a masters degree in engineering and works for a global engineering company.

More information will become available on:  davidgerson.org

You know who is a CD2 constituent of Congressman Kline?

US Senate candidate Kurt Bills. Statements, please. Stay tuned.

Paulbots 4 Primaries – Putting Kline At Risk

John Kline is too liberal and big Government for the Ron Paulers.

From MN for Ron Paul State Director Marianne Stebbins… “No one from the Campaign asked Gerson to run, nor did he ask us if it was advisable. If he had asked, I would have asked him if he already had a million set aside for the campaign, as he would need twice that, and even then the odds of success wouldn’t be good.”

That was from the CD2 GOP Facebook page. Clearly the Ron Paul campaign doesn’t support Copngressman Kline since their Queen B’s response is to simply say, don’t run if  you can’t beat him? Not, Kline has served the GOPO and his constituents well. Not GOP rah rah and team building, Paul building. Its their right, but also mine to point that out so people aren’t fooled by the sweet aroma of big tent and welcome them in. This isn’t about us, this is about them getting power.

(and no not all, but their leadership is and until they purge their wayward leaders like we did of Carey & Sutton, they all will suffer the stereotype deserved them by their Queen B.)

There was a hush hush the day of the CD2 Convention that Kline got booed. Hmmmmmm

Any money that Kline has to spend fighting off a challenge from the extreme right of the party. (OH yes, if the mantra is that establishment candidates are too moderate Big Government liberals you are going to be labelled as the extreme by the press and general public. And thankfully, you are now in charge of the party, so we’re all extremists now. )

The new CD2 is not a cakewalk for Kline. If things nationally go bad and the discontent towards Romney being fostered by Paulers continues and spreads to the swing voters and in turn down ticket to endorsed Republicans like Kline, Cravaak and Paulsen, it could tip the scales nationally to Obama and Democrats running for Congress, and that could place Kline and other Republican candidate for Congress and the Legislature at risk.

The Ron Paul campaign by way of the organizing of the Queen B brought the people waging war with in the party to us. It gave them the ability to do what they are doing. They can’t use them to win Delegates and endorsements, then disavow any knowledge or responsibility. They must own them and take responsibility for their actions. Whether as belligerent CD Officers or candidates. You brought them here, you empowered and trained them, you own them.


From The INBOX: Bachmann/Tiedeman

Andy, assuming all of the Paul supporters voted together for the Liberty
Slate, then it wasn’t Ron Paul supporters who were heartless, as you claim,
it was the non-Paul supporters who gave Bachmann more votes than Mr.
Tiedeman to allow her to be in the run-off vs. Don Huzienga.  Or, there is
the alternative argument, which is that neither side was heartless and
people just voted their conscience without regard for emotions, hardly
something worthy of your attacks. I have no doubt that if Mr. Tiedeman was
in the run-off with Mr. Huzienga, Huzienga would have done the same thing he
did with Bachmann, which was to graciously concede the race.


Brian Paukert
Faribault, MN

Dear Mr. Brian Paulkert of Fairbault,

I’m sorry, but you only needed 1 Delegate for your plurality so Minnesota could be one of the 5 delusional states who could participate in the “floor party”. You didn’t need to claim all 26 Delegates and alternates, so when you did so minus one, not only do people have the right to say that you are a bunch of rude heartless bastards, but when you don’t honor someone who has suffered more than anyone could imagine this year and could use a little bit of freaking compassion and a gesture of camaraderie…… well you are a group of people not worthy of trying to understand. The ends don’t justify the means and you purging people away is not going to win elections and move the state and country more toward liberty. You need us. We need you. You want to be a part of the whole thing, find a new queen bee and let’s all sit down and figure out how we can work together. Many of us were there in 2010. But for some reason in 2012, the queen bee wanted revenge and threw many good Ron Paul people under the liberty bus.

You ran the tables with out any deference to anyone you weren’t told to vote for. I believe the orders were that even if the Good Doctor Ron Paul himself told you to vote for someone else, that you couldn’t deviate from your slate. I’m calling a spade a spade and to have to twist Don’s arm to allow Bachmann to go…. and for Marrianne and crew to not give in just briefly to their humanity to put Chris in… And you have the tinfoil covered balls to blame us for him not coming in close enough to barter with you?

You now have to live with the reality that it was your actions were the ones that turned people off and made people leave upset and excluded and unwelcome.