University of Intolerance

The University of Minnesota is a bastion of liberalism. The blank check it receives from state taxpayers each year removes any accountability for results and encourages the Progressive indoctrination of young impressionable voters – er minds. They preach tolerance and diversity, but in reality they seek a collective society where we all think as one. Like many major universities, they are not educating students, they are manufacturing progressive citizens.

Of course, hypocrisy in their diversity and tolerance drive is a mere pothole.

Activists prod U of M to cancel Condoleezza Rice speech

A group of student and faculty activists at the University of Minnesota is goading U of M organizers to cancel a speech by former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice planned for April 17 at Northrup Auditorium, the Star Tribune reports.

The activists object to her involvement in the war policies of the George W. Bush administration, and they object to her $150,000 speaking fee, the newspaper reports.

Any objection to the war policies of President Obama? The Obama administrations continuation and escalation of “the Bush wars” is not too widely talked about, but a reality. Spying on American citizens, unleashing the IRS not only to control health insurance care, an undeniable right in the eyes of progressives, but also to silence free speech and alternative thoughts.

They demand an open and honest debate, but can’t stomach the thought of giving someone who thinks differently then them, the chance to be heard. My suspicion is that it is out of fear that people will not drink the liberal kool aid that only Republicans and conservatives can do wrong.

It would be interesting to see a list of speakers the University has paid and allowed to speak over the years. Chances are the Rice speaking fee is not unique, and that there are also some much more controversial people welcomed by “activists” with open arms.

Me thinks this may be to provide cover for President Obama and Democrats heading into a couple of challenging election cycles. After all, if people hear about what Obama is doing, what Hillary did in terms of foreign policy, and how it wasn’t just Bush and Republicans, that maybe the tool that Democrats used to gain power – Endless war! – could easily be used against them to capture millennials.

Add to that the economic coma the country has been in the last 6 years, growing list of failed government take overs of major industries, the domestic spying, financial suicide pact of continued Quantitative Easing and cheap money, propping up Wall Street to avoid the economic corrections needed to create private sector job growth, boondoggle energy ponzu schemes, etc etc



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