Career Politician & Fickle Republican Seifert To Announce Governor Run

I am no fan of Marty Seifert. Long time readers of this blog will know that. Seifert’s behavior during his 2010 endorsement campaign and invisibility in Republican party activities since then are inexcusable. But like all career politicians, its all about him, not us.

Well, he is going to be making it all about him again and announcing another run for Governor tomorrow. We’re supposed to be grateful and stop everything and just realize he invented sliced bread. Because, he is that amazing or something. And don’t forget, Democrats wouldn’t have spent $15 million to win the Governor’s race. Nope, they would have taken one look at Seifert and bowed down to his awesomeness. Delusions of grandeur!

Here is something I wrote after Seifert smeared Tom Emmer in 2010.

Its A Really Big Deal – The Seifert Smear

Who needs ABM with friends like this?


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