CD6 3rd Quarter Numbers

Numbers are kinda in via this Strib article.


Emmer, who ran for governor in 2010, brought in $150,000 in the last three months and has $275,000 cash on hand, according to his campaign. Tuesday is the final deadline to report third quarter fundraising figures to the Federal Election Commission.

“It is very humbling when you look at the fact that we have over 1,400 individual donors,” Emmer said. “I’m looking forward to having another good quarter in the fourth quarter….It’s going to be a good quarter.”


John Pederson, a Republican state senator from St. Cloud, raised $51,600 since the end of June and has $40,000 cash left, according to the finance report filed with the Federal Election Commission.


Phil Krinkie, a former state representative who ran for GOP endorsement when Bachmann swept to victory, said last week that he put $300,000 of his own money into the race. He had also raised about $40,000.


The fourth Republican candidate in the race, Anoka County commissioner Rhonda Sivarajah, said on Tuesday that she loaned her campaign $150,000 in the last three months. Her campaign said that at the end of last month she had $184,332 cash on hand.

In terms of true money raised from donors, the candidates rank as follows. Via actual FEC reports which are now available this evening.

1) Emmer – $152,420 Source

2) Pederson – $51,607 Source

3) Krinkie – $38,243 Source

4) Sivarajah – $30,062 Source

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