From the INBOX: Is Krinkie Self Funding?


ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Former state Rep. Phil Krinkie has put down a big marker on his congressional campaign in Minnesota’s 6th District.

He said Tuesday he has loaned his campaign $300,000, adding to the $40,000 he says he collected from donors since joining the race in July.


After expenses, Krinkie reports having at least $300,000 in the bank. The heating and cooling company owner says he dipped into personal funds to, in his words, “do what it takes to succeed.”

The latest FEC reporting quarter ended at midnight on September 30 and reports will be officially released on October 15. Krinkie announced after the quarter began. His opponents Tom Emmer, Sen. John Pederson, and Commissioner Rhonda Sivarajah all announced under a month before the previous deadline giving them just weeks to fundraise before their first deadline.

Their previous quarter reports were as follows:

Emmer: $225,416

Pederson: $35,050

Sivarajah: $19,066

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