Freeloader Society – The Attempt To Steal Walmart’s Property For The Collective

RF Flashback: Why Walmart?

You may or may not like Walmart, but you have to admire their success. They have taken the American dream and run with it by building the largest employer in the world that offers products people want at a good price.

The neo-socialist left hates Walmart for this success and has been trying for years to unionize their 1.3 million “workers”. Just think of how much union dues can be collected from 1.3 million slaves to the union brass who pull the levers of organized labor.

“Organized labor” is not made up entirely of the people who work for companies. There is a growing imbalance between the people who work exclusively for the union and the people the union represents that supplies the union with its revenue. Unions have staff and their own overhead that get paid for by the union dues that are confiscated from the other members. We really should start calling union dues – union taxes – since it not a voluntary paid fee. Its mandatory and automatically deducted in many cases before the employee ever receives their pay check, just like taxes are.

There’s a common thought among conservatives that if people actually had to mail a check to the IRS every month instead of having their taxes withheld, people would realize just how much the government siphons off the top of their hard work, and reject Democrat politicians and government in general.

The same would be true for unions I believe. If union members had to actually write a check each month for their union dues, they’d realize the return on their investment is not worth it and more importantly, that they could probably find a better way to spend or save “their” money themselves.

The notion of people deciding if they would voluntarily “pay their predetermined fair share” scares the crap out of the Democrats and their pals in Big Labor because they know people, if given free will to decide on their own, would not do it.

And back to Walmart…..

What the left in America wants to do is to steal the accumulated property (aka Walmart’s profits and wealth) and redistribute it, of course not without first taking their percentage off the top, to pay the union brass and bureaucracy, not to forget, or course elect more Democrats.    Big labor is intent on starting something akin to the Communist Revolution in America. Their goal is for the employees of companies to own and control the companies they work for. So instead of the company being designed to provide a product or service people will buy, its merely supposed to supply a person with a “sustainable wage” no matter the impacts of the marketability of what the company makes or sells.

Walmart is so successful because it brings goods to market cheaper than anyone else. But if they no longer have low wages (I promise not to go on a minimum wage rant too), they will have to raise their prices. And if you are givent he choice of paying $8.99 for a case of Coke at Walmart or $8.99 at Target or Cub, which would you do? I know I wouldn’t.

There are 2 ways to be successful in business in a free market. Produce a better product than your competitors. Or produce a lower priced product. Quality and savings will affect consumer choice.

While the word Communist may offend you, the fact that Big Labor is trying to steal ownership stakes in companies is what should really piss you off.

Remember the auto bailouts? Shares of GM & Chrysler were taken away from private individuals who bought them. Those shares were then given to the unions. That’s stealing folks.  Walmart is the golden goose for unions.

Walmart has been very reactive to political pressures. They are huge on Green policies. They mandate environmentally friendly packaging to their suppliers. They are one of if not the largest open space owner in America if memory serves. I heard that for every acre of parking lot, they set aside 2 acres of open space or wetland – or something along those lines. Its a popular tactic in corporate America to engage in activities that people would like to raise the company’s public image.

The amount of money wasted on the pipe dream of environmentalism in America is sickening. But that’s for a different rant.

So why would Big Labor and the socialist left in America want to destroy Walmart when it is doing things – of their own free will mind you – that the left wants everyone to be forced to do?

Because Walmart has accumulated a mountain of wealth, something the left can’t do. You see, the key to Marxism is that first you have to create the wealth before it can be redistributed evenly to the people according to their needs. Welfare is not an economic model. I’ve touched this subject many times as well.

While some may find the desire to get rich as evil, its what makes for a successful economy. You can’t have a successful growing economy if everything is centrally planned.

You see, if you get everything handed to you and don’t have to earn it, you don’t have the drive to go do something productive. Yes, it makes people lazy. People end up discovering its easier to complain to a politician, the media, or a government bureaucrat social worker who will then give them what they want, then it is to go find a job and earn the ability to be self sustainable.

The old Reagan saying about Welfare’s number one goal should be to eliminate the need for it, is a great example of what I mean.

If the socialist left can destroy the biggest company in America, guess what. The rest of the companies will easily cave to their demands too. If the political left in America can force companies to require liberal behavior, they will remove the need to do it through government. I’ve written about this before and explained it better, but let me get back to my inspiration for this particular rant against the big labor lefties.

A planned post-Thanksgiving action largely fizzled due to poor turnout. Many of the protesters at the events were not actually Walmart employees and in some cases were bussed in from outside.  [Source]

Organized labor manipulates the stories by bussing people in to make a contract dispute between a few dozen workers and their employer look like a protest with hundreds of people. You’ve seen the giant Teamsters semi that rolls around the Twin Cities from time to time. That truck probably cost several hundred thousand dollars. That comes out of union member dues. The SEIU has a fleet of purple busses and standing army of professional protesters who can make even the most minuscule situation seem like a full blown crisis. Remember the Wisconsin Capital occupation? Largely people not affected by the policies in Wisconsin, but ‘rent a mob’. They pay people to go protest.

I am very rusty at writing so this is all over the place. Sorry folks. 

Here’s the take away. Be prepared to see protesters at Walmarts today, but remember that there is a very good chance that most of the people waving signs and screaming those rhythmic chants don’t actually work at Walmart and may not even be from Minnesota.  Big labor has gotten very savvy, they have to, because in an honest free market economy they would quickly become unneeded.

Why does it cost $125 to have an electrician come fix a light switch that costs 99 cents?  Same goes for plumbers and a whole host of other service industries. The recent Dayton unionization of daycare providers and personal care attendants is another test case for the theory of mandated union membership raising prices and the key to unions – eliminating the legality of the competition. There will likely be a reduction of choice in daycare along with rising prices.

If you want a better explanation of what I am trying to say here, go watch Idiocracy. That’s what we will look like if we turn into a free loader society.

Wow this post is a rambling roller coaster. But hey, at least I got through the writer’s block. :D

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