"John McClane: You know what you get for being a hero? Nothin'. You get shot at. You get a little pat on the back, blah, blah, blah, attaboy. You get divorced. Your wife can't remember your last name. Your kids don't want to talk to you. You get to eat a lot of meals by yourself. Trust me, kid, nobody wants to be that guy.
Matt Farrell: Then why you doing this?
John McClane: Because there's no body else to do it right now, that's why. Believe me, if there were somebody else to do it, I'd let them do it, but there's not. So we're doing it.
Matt Farrell: Ah. That's what makes you that guy. "

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"The era of small government is over ... government has to be more proactive, more aggressive." ( Tim Pawlenty 2006)

"You're just petty politicians, who'd sooner sign onto the wisdom of a tyrant in another country, than the demands of ticked off voters in your own." (Neil Cavuto June 2008)

“I didn’t question her patriotism. I questioned her judgment.” Mr. Cheney went on: “The point I made and I’ll make it again is that Al Qaeda functions on the basis that they think they can break our will. That’s their fundamental underlying strategy, that if they can kill enough Americans or cause enough havoc, create enough chaos in Iraq, then we’ll quit and go home. And my statement was that if we adopt the Pelosi policy, that then we will validate the strategy of Al Qaeda. I said it, and I meant it.” (Vice President Cheney NYT Feb. 2007)

"A political party cannot be all things to all people. It must represent certain fundamental beliefs which must not be compromised to political expediency, or simply to swell its numbers. (Ronald Reagan March 1, 1975)

"Oh, no! First of all, if I took one vote away from a serious candidate, it would be a sin." (Al Franken Time Magazine, 9/1/03)

Tiedeman For #MNGOP #RNC Spot

I’ve known Chris for many years and he is one of the good guys. He will be a great RNC Committeeman for the MNGOP. I had the chance to catch up with him last night and proudly support his candidacy.

Here is his email message from last week, for those that didn’t get it. (AKA: Aren’t on State Central)

I’m writing today to ask for your support as I seek to represent our party as our next MNGOP National Committeeman as Jeff Johnson steps aside at the next State Central Committee meeting on October 26.

I’m running for this party leadership position because the ramifications of Democratic control and overreach in St. Paul and Washington, DC require us to stand together and focus on defeating the DFL up and down the ballot next year.

Our party leadership won’t be able to do this alone.  I believe I’m well-positioned to work with all parts of our party – both geographical and ideologically – to make sure we have an awesome 2014. I have friends across all parts of our party, both here in Minnesota and across the country.  Because I’m not willing to be defined as a hyphenated Republican, I can help us focus on winningtogether.

Part of pulling together to win in 2014 means making sure RNC rules are established to support the grassroots of our party.  The RNC works for the grassroots, not the other way around.  Our Minnesota party leaders have been strong advocates for us on fixing mistakes in the RNC rules to support Minnesota’s historic commitment to the grassroots.  I am committed to continuing to be a strong advocate for us and to fix those mistakes ASAP so that we can focus on fighting for our candidates leading into 2014 rather than fighting with ourselves.

I started working with fellow Conservatives here and around the country as I grew up in Republican politics in the Minnesota College Republicans and then the College Republican National Committee.  That is when I first had the opportunity to become friends with many of you.  Several of my friends and allies from my college days are now strategists, field directors or hold other positions in the organizations that are specifically established to provide support to gubernatorial, senate, congressional, constitutional office and legislative candidates across the country.

We have a tremendous opportunity up and down the ticket leading into 2014 here in Minnesota.  I want to spread our message of the strength of our candidates to everyone, here in Minnesota and across the country who should be supporting us and our shared goals.

If 2014 is going to be as successful as it should be, it is imperative that we are pulling in the same direction from the grassroots in Minnesota to the major contributors supporting our party in Washington, DC. I am excited to play a role in helping to make that happen.

While winning is critical, winning for a reason is why all of us are involved.

I want to represent us on the RNC as our MNGOP Committeeman because I grew up in this party with you fighting for our core values.  I got into politics in part because as an adopted child during the 1970s I recognize the value of life and the risk of defining it simply as a “choice.”  I watched my father farm in Northwestern Minnesota and can’t believe the DFL monopoly in St. Paul added a brand new tax on farmers for equipment repair.  These are just a few examples among countless others of the reasons we need to work together to win in 2014 and beyond.

I became active in politics for the same reasons so many of you did.  Limited government, Liberty, respect for life and other core values that drive our party.

I’m not running for the state legislature or Congress.  The RNC is not a policy-making body.  But nonetheless I want you to understand my core, and why I so strongly believe we need to come together to start winning again in 2014.  

I am excited and honored by the outpouring of support and encouragement already as I enter this race.  I look forward to having a conversation with as many of you as possible between now and State Central, and then after that as we move forward together towards an awesome 2014.

Please reach out to me if you have any questions or if you’d be willing to help out with this effort.  I look forward to the opportunity to serve you and our Party.

Chris Tiedeman
For MNGOP National Committeeman

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