Me Think Thou DOESN’T Protest Enough

Over the last 2 years, Twin Cities media was bombarded with anti Chip Cravaack stories and ads. Cravaack was the political new comer who stunned the nation in 2012 by knocking off 36 year incumbent and powerful Democrat Jim Oberstar. We had stories about Cravaack’s wife, kids, and just about every non-germain factor in his life regardless of the fact that CD8 finally had an actual listening and responsive representative in Congress who was working on issues that actually affected (for the positive) his constituents.

Cravaack was a Republican serving a traditionally Democrat District in a non-partisan and effective way, but that didn’t sit well with some of the inteligencia, so a Congressional Democrat retread was propelled into the forefront and despite his previous disdain for being in Congress, he rode the Obama machine to defeating Cravaack.

Fast forward to the 2013/2014 election cycle and we see a homegrown, passionate, genuine, and successful opponent to Nolan and you see nothing in the press.

Stewart Mills, yes, of the Mills’ Fleet Farm stores family, is off and running against Democrat Congressman Nolan and the silence on his candidacy from the media probably speaks volumes for the bias that helped Nolan defeat Cravaack.

Now of course the liberal machine will be quick to throw out the ‘just another rich Republican who was born lucky and didn’t earn it’ meme. Yes, thanks to the hard work of his family, Mills had a great opportunity to get a job, but he didn’t take it for granted. He went to school and got a good education. But he wasn’t the Tommy Boy son who came back from college and screwed around. He started at the bottom of the ranks, worked his way up, and eventually took all his experience and education, and helped innovate and improve Fleet Farms to make it serve the customers (aka: the Minnesota economy) and its employees better.

Stewart Mills is a 41 year old married father of 5 that lives with his family in the Brainerd Lakes area. Since the age of 14 he has worked in his family’s businesses in a variety of positions. Upon graduation in 1995 with a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration from Northwood University Stewart entered Fleet Farm’s store management program, working at a number of different Fleet Farm stores.

Stewart served as the Director of Personnel for Fleet Farm from 2000-2010 overseeing the administration and management of a workforce of more than 6,000, as well as health insurance, 401k, Profit Sharing and other benefit plans. Currently, Stewart is Vice President of Mills Fleet Farm, headquartered out of Brainerd, MN. Stewart is also the originator of, innovative health care plans, Mills Indoor Shooting and Archery, brands of Firearms and accessories, the “We Love It! Outdoors” Television series and numerous other forward thinking projects aimed at increasing the retail reach of Mills Fleet Farm, now and in the future.

That’s exactly the kind of can do attitude we need in Congress.

If you live in CD8, or another District and want to find a great candidate to help bring common sense and Minnesota values back to Washington, check out Stewart Mills for Congress.

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