Only 11 More Days For Divisive Social Issues & Kickbacks To Special Interests


Tick Tock…..

And let’s not forget how the DFL sounded 2 years ago when the shoe was on the other foot.

From May 22, 2011 REUTERS by: David Bailey

Protesters supporting and opposing the amendment could be heard demonstrating outside the House chambers for days and anti-amendment chants were audible after the vote.

The amendment is “a real ill-advised attempt to use our constitution to place an important question out of reach of the elected officials and to impose our will in the year 2011 on future generations 100, 200, 300 or more years from now,” Democratic Representative Steve Simon said.

Democrats questioned the drive for the constitutional amendment with the state budget still unresolved. They also said they were concerned it would lead to a divisive political campaign over the next 18 months to the election.

“Millions and millions of dollars will be poured into this state on both sides and the pain and agony that I have witnessed in this chamber this evening will be all over Minnesota,” Democratic Representative Kerry Gauthier said.

Meanwhile, the private behind closed doors negotiating meetings between DFL Governor Dayton & the DFL Majority Leadership teams has been unable to produce a budget.

Following the 90 minute meeting, Bakk told reporters that they’re still trying to agree on a global number on new tax revenue. He said that number is needed to set the spending targets for each piece of the budget.

Tax first, figure out if the spending even makes sense never….

Bakk said they’re also still discussing the Senate’s sales tax expansion, which neither the House nor the governor supported.

There’s a clear sense of ‘urgency’ in the DFL Senate  membership to sock it to lower and middle class Minnesotans to expand State Government. They are holding the budget hostage for one of there pet projects.

Heck with under 2 weeks to go, there is not even agreement amongst DFLers about even the budget targets.

House Speaker Paul Thissen, DFL-Minneapolis, said they’ve been talking about the budget in very broad terms. Thissen said he’s hoping for an agreement on budget targets as soon as possible.

Maybe if they weren’t so distracted with their own divisive agenda Minnesotans wouldn’t be facing yet another Dayton shutdown.

Clearly Mark Dayton is incapable of leading.

Has he given the order for his Cabinet to begin preparing for a shutdown since the DFL uni-partisan Governing team seems to be at an impasse?

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