DFL Aiming To Tax Middle Class To Satisfy Spending Addiction

I’m a firm believe that the Minnesota Senate should change their terms to be more like the US Senate where half the members are up every 2 years. Why?

Senate DFLers propose income tax hikes on top 6 percent of filers

Senate Democrats released their tax bill this morning.

It would create a new third tier income tax rate of 9.4 percent on on joint filers with a taxable income $140,960 or more a year. Single filers would pay the new 9.4 percent rate starting at a taxable income of $79,730.

Because since the DFL controlled Senate isn’t up for 4 years, they can be as radical and socialist as they want because they trust the voters will forget they did nothing to help solve the state’s budget problems.

This is a tax increase on the middle class plain and simple. $79K ain’t rich. It ain’t top 1%.

If they were up for election in 2014, Senate Democrats would never have proposed such a preposterous tax bill. A 10% income tax on the middle class on top of the slew of other taxes being proposed… just what do the DFLers think people will do when their take home pay is reduced?

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