In CD6 Lapdogs For Obama Just Don’t Fit

Republican Party of Minnesota Chair Keith Downey released the following statement on Jim Graves’ decision to lose to Congresswoman Bachmann again.

“Democrat Jim Graves said during the last campaign ‘If we’ve ever had a chance to defeat Bachmann, this is it.’ Congresswoman Bachmann prevailed in 2012 and she will again in 2014.


Michele Bachmann will prevail because she has been an effective voice willing to stand up to the Obama-Pelosi agenda of chronic wasteful spending in Washington, D.C. The last thing the hardworking taxpayers of the 6th District need is another politician who will not challenge President Obama’s $3.77 trillion budget proposal that will do nothing to erase the $800 billion deficit facing our children and grandchildren.


Michele Bachmann has the strength to challenge those in Washington to go through the Obama budget line by line and get our country back on the path to a healthy economy.”

Graves Is Back Minus Obama’s Army But Clinging To His Agenda

As I pointed out on Monday, Jim Graves’ would be a fool to read his 2012 results as something that would be duplicated in 2014 given the Presidential race, Amendments, and DFL GOTV machines.

Jim Graves announced today, 10 days late and with out fan fair, that he will run against Congresswoman Bachmann again.

Here’s a statement from the Bachmann campaign.

Bachmann Campaign Responds to Jim Graves’ Announcement 

Bachmann for Congress Campaign spokesman Dan Kotman released the following statement in response to Jim Graves’ announcement:



“Minnesotans want jobs and a growing economy, which is why Minnesotans chose Rep. Bachmann to create jobs, lower taxes, limit government and protect their personal liberties. The voters rejected Jim Graves and his rubber stamp support of the Obama-Pelosi liberal agenda because the Obama-Pelosi agenda has left the country with chronically high unemployment, record levels of Americans on food stamps, a $16.5 trillion national debt, and fewer jobs. The last thing Minnesota families need in Congress is another liberal politician rubber stamping the Obama-Pelosi agenda of higher taxes and runaway government spending.”


MN Tax Collections Up Even Without Raising Taxes Last Session

In yet another example of what happens if you allow hard working Minnesotans and businesses keep more of their money, we see that tax collections increase over projections.


The Department of Minnesota Management and Budget says receipts from each of the three major taxes — income taxes, sales taxes and corporate taxes — exceeded expectations.


Governor Dayton and Democrats say that people have to pay their fair share or else tax collections will go down. Then how can the 2010 & 2011 Republican budgets that didn’t raise taxes end up resulting in more tax revenue for the state?