Ellison Is Picking Fights, Yet Media Targets Bachmann

To say the media in Minnesota is easily distracted is putting it lightly. To say they have odd choices of what the cover when it comes to politicians is an understatement.

While they demand to know why Republican Michele Bachmann is acting like a good Congressman, meeting with constituents and crafting bi-partisan legislation to benefit her district, isn’t good enough for them.

Meanwhile, Democrat Keith Ellison is a national rabble-rouser appealing to the national liberal base and being outspoken. Well outspoken may be hard to believe since he doesn’t get much coverage from the media in Minnesota.

Ellison and Bachmann are basically polar opposites. Each aligns with their parties respective “base”. Yet only Bachmann, has the press chasing her every move and the new ‘silent’ Bachmann is unacceptable.

Ellison is co-chair of the Progressive Caucus in Congress. That’s the liberal wing of the Democrat party. Its the group that drags the Democrats to the left. Why does that not get any coverage?

Ellison and Bachmann were both elected in 2006. Yet, most Minnesotans don’t know a thing about him, but everyone knows Bachmann. Ellison is getting more and more outspoken, more bombastic, and more polarizing.

I guess the question is, why does every Republican in Minnesota get compared to Bachmann but no Democrats get compared to Ellison. When Bachmann speaks or misspeaks, Republicans are put on the hot seat. But when Ellison physically threatens his opponent or flips out on national TV, it barely raises an eyebrow.

(CNN) — When I saw the headlines about Sean Hannity getting into a shouting match with a Democratic congressman this week, I assumed the combative and conservative Fox News host had just gone off on him.

I was wrong.

Hannity was trying to conduct what we in journalism call an interview. But from the first words out of his mouth, Rep. Keith Ellison came prepared to pick a fight.

Ellison is looking for fights, yet a more demure Bachmann is the real scandal. Textbook bias.

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