DFL’s HIX, A Model For US, Not Them

The DFL controlled  Minnesota House passed their homegrown version of Obamacare last night, the Minnesota HEalth Insurance Exchange. It had bipartisan opposition. It was hastily amended to remove a provision that required lawmakers to live under the laws that they propose. HEre is Minority Leader Daudt’s statement.

St. Paul- The Minnesota House of Representatives voted Friday to pass the Minnesota Democrats’ Insurance Exchange (House File 5) by a vote of 72-61. No Republican member of the House voted in support of the bill. House Republican Leader Kurt Daudt (Crown) gave the following statement in response to its passage.

“The Democrats’ Insurance Exchange was bad last week and it’s worse today. Not only does this bill increase costs for Minnesotans, it limits their choices in health insurance coverage and fails to protect private patient data. Democrats also removed language that would require legislators to purchase their insurance through the Exchange. If the Democrats are finally admitting their Exchange isn’t good for us, why won’t they admit that higher costs, fewer choices and less privacy aren’t good for the rest of Minnesota?”

We may have been better off letting the Feds in because the DFL created an unaccountable body that will dictate your health care options (read: ration). The Met Council has a sister bureaucracy now that will dictate what we can and cannot do that is untouchable and unaccountable to the citizens.

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