Committee Time Is DFLer Erhardt’s Nappy Time

There’s a pattern evolving in the DFL controlled Minnesota House. Paying attention and staying awake during Committee Hearings is optional.

A dedicated reader of Residual Forces sent this image from the Kare 11 Story on the DFL’s latest Snack food tax.



On the left hand side of the image is DFL Rep. Dan Erhadrt 49A taking yet another “nap” during a committee hearing. I am told this is happening A LOT this session.

First the DFLers hand over bill introduction and calling of supporting witnesses to the lobbyist pushing it, next they walk out on testifiers that debunk their entire argument for restricting Minnesotans’ rights, and they allow one of their DFL colleagues to catch up on his beauty rest.

Its almost as if they don’t take Governing seriously.

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