The Queen B’s 15 Minutes Appear To Be Up

stebbins screamAlternate #6. The Queen B’s reign of terror appears to have ended. Via Gilmore

Last night the undisputed leader of the poisonous Ron Paul invasion of the Minnesota Republican Party, Marianne Stebbins, was elected sixth alternate from SD 33 to the State Central Committee which meets on April 6th to select new party leadership, among other tasks.

I’ll disagree with the poisonous label for the whole Liberty movement. In CD6 we have a great group of activists, volunteers, and leaders from all walks of the GOP working hard and kicking DFL butts. Still Stebbins is an example that there are still some “destroyers” around. The good news is, aside from the liberal media, most people are so ‘over’ Stebbins.

Its also under reported that Stebbins was a failure in her  attempt at seeking public office.  She came in a distant 3rd place for Excelsior City Counsel in 2012 receiving only 375 votes or 22%.

Now her own BPOU relegates her to the last place Alternate spot for the State Central Meeting of the Republican PArty of Minnesota where the next Party Chair will be elected.

Its like Christmas in February!

I am also proud to report that there is mutual joy at the downfall of Stebbins. Many in the Liberty wing of the GOP did not appreciate Stebbins and I have received assurances that they are tired of Stebbins too.



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