DFLers Aim To Prohibit Commerce

Whether the Senate backing off the magazine capacity limits and evil black riffle ban is true or not, the Senate is debating a far more infringing provision in their quest to take safety out of the hands of Minnesotans and put it squarely into the hands of police. They want to make every single gun sale go through a dealer. That means if you want to sell one of your privately owned guns, you will need to go through a 3rd party.

Oh and in other news, the DFL also thinks its immoral to “limit the freedom to marry”.

On the one hand civil rights! on the other, taking away rights.

Oh and then their is the other sacred issue for DFLers, abortion. 55 million Americans have been prevented from being born. BUt my guns are a huge safety issue.

Show you who we are dealing with.

Meanwhile the press is allowing Governor Dayton (who swore he was pro-2nd amendment during his campaign) to not be on the record on this issue as well.

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