Hey Petersen Is My Senator And We Disagree

Yep. Senator Branden Petersen is my State Senator.

Nope, I do not agree with his decision to co-author the gay marriage bill being presented by the Democrats. I was in the area for a different reason and swung by his office at the Capital to provide Sen. Petersen the chance to do some constituent outreach. Let’s just say, neither of us were swayed. But I thank him for the time to present my opinion and what I think he should do as my State Senator.

I encourage everyone from Senator District 35 to call or visit Senator Petersen and ask him to reconsider. 

I would ask only people from SD35 call Petersen.

I know there was an email sent out from a certain someone, but that is not the productive way to change one’s mind. If you live in another District, call YOUR Senator and remind them how you feel on the issue.

Sen. Branden Petersen is in the State Office Building Office 127

Phone: 651-296-3733

Email: sen.branden.petersen@senate.mn

Please be respectful. While we disagreed on this issue, we did so with respect.

Sidenote: It was nice to see some of the other great Senators I’ve gotten to know over the years while I was there. To them I say keep up the good work and go have a talk with Petersen please. 


Here’s the results on the amendment in SD35. (See all by HD here)

Legislative District 35A

4102 precincts in contest. 15 of 15 precincts reported.
Yes 11167
No 10372
Estimated Blanks 190
Estimated Total Number of Voters 21729
Estimated Percent of YES* 51.39%

Legislative District 35B

4102 precincts in contest. 13 of 13 precincts reported.
Yes 12534
No 11118
Estimated Blanks 217
Estimated Total Number of Voters 23869
Estimated Percent of YES* 52.51%
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