It Could Happen Here – Will DFL Go After Carry Law

Because many of the ideas being proposed in Minnesota by the DFL are similar to those being proposed in other Democrat controlled states. Colorado’s Legislature is considering repealing their carry law. Here’s what one Legislator had to say to women who …. well, just listen and pray that Minnesota Democrats aren’t as misguided.

HT: Hotair

Follow the link to find out more on Rep. Salazar’s theory of how best to prepare to be raped…. Oh and more brilliant ideas from Democrats against guns from Washington where they want to allow Police to forcibly search your home for guns, with out a warrant.

They call it a whoops, but chances are the only mistake is we found out before they got the law passed.

We need to shed a light on the Democrat agenda being coordinated from sea to shining sea.

Brady campaign – Bloomberg’s Mayor’s – Soros – Uniform Legislative Commission – etc etc.

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