DFL’s Powergrab On House Rules Is A Ticking Timebomb

The underreported of and jaw dropping spin being applied to the DFL’s naked power grab and disrespect for nearly half of the Minnesota electorate, is going to continue to drive newspaper subscriptions and local TV news ratings down the drain.

Minnesota House GOP leader says anger over rule changes won’t threaten bonding bill

This was the most divisive rule change ever in Minnesota politics. It brings Washingtonian style partisanship to St. Paul. You see Dayton and the Democrat special interests bought the Legislature, but they only managed to win that by 2050 or so properly placed votes. They got lucky in other words and know that with a little hard work, smart moves on data improvements, and the right plan, Republicans could easily take back the Minnesota House and expose Dayton as the fringe left socialist that he really is.

The fact that I know how the left wing special interests have to limit Dayton’s negotiating meetings in order to prevent him from being reasonable and compromising means that the reporters also know this.

This rule change was another firewall to prevent compromise and bi-partisanship in Minnesota state government.

The DFL is now effectively killing the amendment process. They did so to avoid their members being on the record against common sense revisions to their radical laws they plan to pass. And that’s the key, Democrats can pass anything they want to with out Republican help, except the bonding bill which requires 2/3rds to pass or 90 votes. Hence the media’s desire to put Republicans firmly on the record of willing to play nice despite being silenced by the majority.

The fact is the DFL’s laws, mostly crafted by left wing special interest groups (Odd the media isn’t all over this since they were all over the GOP’s affection for ALEC laws last year). The gun restriction laws are a great example. They were written by Bloomberg’s group which is why the lobbyist had to present the bill, Alice Hausman didn’t know what it even said.

The power grab of the rule change erasing the ability to amendment a bill on the floor is going to come back and bight the DFL. Because one of their copy and past bills will have a mistake, it will be on deadline, and they will have to kill it or pass it and allow the mistake to become law.

While both sides have abused the amendment  process over the years, yes BOTH SIDES, it is still a good process to allow transparency and equal representation. Dare I say taxation with out representation? Regardless, the fact is one party and all their powerful special interests are going to get something wrong and when that happens, the egg will be on their face.

The question is, will the press bother to point the blame in the right direction? Lord knows they didn’t bother to cover many facts yet in this session.

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