Ray of Hope In CD5

My friend Nancy LaRoche announced she is running for CD5 Chair last night.

My promise: to unite the diverse members of our district to make CD5 vibrant and relevant. I will empower and inspire advocates of all stripes to join together to produce a district organization that can win in both urban and suburban environments.

2012 was tough on many levels in CD5. It’s time to recapture opportunity, and that’s why I’m running for CD5 Chair.

When elected a CD5 full committee delegate in 2007, I entered as a reformer. I created and maintained the CD5 website for 5 years. I volunteered with Voter ID and Get Out The Vote calls, election recounts, campaigns, and conventions both in CD5 and Senate District 45.

My work experience exposed me to the great energy and potential in CD5, and I’m ready to capitalize on that energy and potential to blaze a path toward victory.

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