Rybak Endangering His City On His Anti-Gun Crusade

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Rybak plans effort to press gun and ammo makers on gun control

Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak said Wednesday that he and leaders of other cities across the country plan to meet with major U.S. companies that supply guns and ammunition to municipal police forces and press them to stop supporting efforts to block gun control.


Rybak said the cities hope to learn whether the manufacturers “are working with us or working against us” to achieve gun control measures. He implied that cities would then make their weapons purchases accordingly. “I believe we should put our money where our mouth is,” he told the council committee.

Rybak said that about 60 U.S. cities will be part of the effort, and that he believed they can have some leverage, particularly with large cities like Los Angeles involved.
You realize that the way to get to a ‘more perfect Progressive union’ when the policies are unpopular, is to force businesses to eliminate the product or behavior progressive politicians don’t have the support to do Legislatively or legally.
There are still no stats available on whether or not all the murders happening in cites are even with legally purchased guns, yet Rybak is threatening to stop arming his police Officers in order to make it so private citizens can’t exercise the 2nd amendment rights.
And the fact is he is not alone, most Democrats support gun bans if not outright confiscations.
If I am wrong, please cite examples of Democrats who oppose these knee jerk gun restrictions that are aimed at a preconceived agenda not proven polciies that will do what they say they will.
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