Best Frenemies?

I don’t understand how one could so quickly switch teams.

Let the past stay past

In 2010, Brian McClung, a former Gov. Tim Pawlenty staffer, was leading Minnesota Forward, a group that spent $1.6 million largely to make sure that Dayton was not elected governor. And Chris Tiedeman was chair of Minnesota’s Future, which spent millions with the same aim. But now, McClung and Tiedeman are sending out releases on behalf of public relations clients offering Dayton some support for his budget. McClung, on behalf of three metro area chambers of commerce, shared his clients’ praise for Dayton’s focus on transit investment. And Tiedeman, on behalf of AARP, the SEIU health care union and the Long Term Care Imperative, sent out some praise for Dayton making senior care a “priority.” Asked about the switch both seemed to recognize the irony of the situation — and continued to pitch their clients’ stories.


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