OPEN THREAD: What’s The Plan For The MNGOP?

I started writing something last week about the future of the Republican Party of Minnesota. What it needs to change, stop doing, and the lessons it must realize and come to accept.

And not just lessons that need to be learned by the people who hold election certificates, elected party leaders, señor staff, strategists, advisers, etc., but also the lessons that the activists and base need to understand. What its is that sets us apart, in a negative way, from Democrats when it comes to party operations.

I’m still working on my piece and trying to decide if I actually want to publish or release it. I’m debating my future in the party, as far as being active in the party side of things. This piece is helping me work through that decision in my head. But its more like an open letter, or a speech I’d love to give.


But I am curious as to what you all think we should do differently, not at all, or start doing. Or maybe you think everything is just fine. Please share.

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