The ‘Felonious’ Tale Of 2 “Rights” In Minnesota

Please compare this.

[Strib] Felons who have served their time would find it much harder to regain the right to possess a firearm under the first of what is expected to be several gun bills proposed at the Legislature.

Sen. Barb Goodwin, DFL-Columbia Heights, wants those convicted of violent crimes to have to go before the state Board of Pardons before they are granted the legal right to own firearms.

And this.

[PiPress] According to the secretary of state’s office, one can be eligible to vote if any felony conviction record has been discharged, expired or completed — such as at the end of probation.

Someone let me know when we get to that line where we can say that Democrats are officially trying to discriminate and restrict people’s rights, freedoms, and liberties….

Because they spent the entire 2012 election screaming that was what Republicans did…


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