Let’s Set The Tone – Evil Reign Supreme

We arm the Muslim Brotherhood and other radical factions to over throw Governments over seas. That’s right, we give the weapons and arms to kill for political and diplomatic reasons. We lie to our own people and even send in troops to help do the killing.

But at home, we have a Government that aims to disarm the population. It discriminates against us. It demonizes us. It fosters class warfare and tries to bully law abiding citizens to surrender their Constitutional Rights all based on lies.

Its sick. Its what we revolted against in 1776.

We have learned nothing as a nation. Patriots are treated like criminals. Evil occupies the seats of power in America all the way up to the highest office of the land.

I will not live under a King or the rule of tyranny. I am not your enemy nor an I your subject.

Live free of die.

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