5 Million Abortions since 2008 Yet Gunhaters Anonymous Comes To Minnesota

Because if evil people just couldn’t get their hands on guns, they wouldn’t dare be violent. A group of people protected by guns, gathers to figure out how to take yours away yet ignores millions of innocent lives lost……

This anti-American summit, is a great example of the bias and laziness of the Minnesota media.

Here is the WCCO story.

Summit In Minneapolis To Address Gun Violence

And here is one from Milwaukee Public Radio

Barrett to Talk Gun Laws at Regional Gun Summit

Notice how they went out of their way to find an opposing point of view?

BTW: Barrett is the guy who ran for Governor of Wisconsin in 2010 and again in the recall against Scott Walker. He has wanted to infringe on the rights of Wisconsinites for years, they have rejected them repeatedly. So he has to take his Bloomberg funded gun grabbing crusade on the road to Minnesota.

Could this Bloomberg funded group be behind this “summit”?

Oddly the group says it wants to take away your freedoms and humiliate you, to prevent this.

More than 48,000 Americans will be murdered with guns during the President’s next term. How can President Obama face that fact without a strategy to end gun violence?

There have been 5 million abortions in America during Obama’s 1st term. Yet gun restrictions is the put everything else on hold priority for the country?

Apparently abortion is protected by the Constitution somehow, but guns…. the framers never meant that the people could possibly possess the same sorts of firearms as the government….

The war on guns has been being waged ever since socialists realized that the only way to turn America into another failed European socialist empire was to disarm us. This isn’t about protecting people from gun violence.

If the loss of lives is such a motivating factor to restrict Americans’ freedoms then why aren’t people talking about all the other things that kill so many people?

Its a sad statement on America when those who are supposed to serve us, are trying to criminalize our most cherished and important rights.


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