From The INBOX: Andy Please Ready This

I was forwarded the Anoka County Watchdog email today and asked to read it. This portion of this week’s email is very important for everyone to read and remember the next time the election cycle heats up and the same people are telling us how and who we need to win.

Just take a look at campaign finance reports. To be honest, there are some flat-out
embarrassing fundraising numbers in there. You can’t win without the proper resources.
It’s that simple. It’s a fact that some candidates lost because they didn’t raise
enough money and/or didn’t door knock hard enough.

And that’s not anyone’s fault except the candidate’s. The candidate alone is responsible
for the effort. The result is influenced by many factors but a strong effort on
the part of the candidate is often times a necessary ingredient, especially for
Republicans, who have no “gimme” seats.

Which brings us to the amendments. Simply put, the amendments backfired, failing
to deliver the turnout punch many had hoped for.

In fact, the amendments went the other way, motivating turnout for the crowd opposed
to the amendments.

The Watchdog spoke with a political operative who was involved with a liberal organization
working to elect DFLers to the legislature.

This operative was of the strong opinion that the amendments, especially the marriage
amendment, increased DFL voter enthusiasm, especially in college areas.

He chalked up the defeat of Rep. King Banian (R-Saint Cloud) to the amendment battle,
as well as the legislative losses of both Travis Reimche and Phil Hansen in the
Moorhead area.

In addition to firing up college crowds, the gay marriage amendment no doubt helped
to contribute to the gender gap the GOP experienced.

Moreover, the campaigns for both these amendments were horribly executed. The people
responsible for these campaigns were outraised, outspent, outhustled, outworked,
and outthought.

Remember, the forces behind these amendments had the initiative. The ballot questions
were selected and passed by the legislature at the time of their choosing.

The ball got fumbled in a big way and many people paid a price for it.

To watch the photo ID amendment drop like a rock in the polls made both the Emmer
and Bills campaigns look like Karl Rove masterpieces.

Talk about a need to rethink things. We thought the Emmer campaign was the worst
major campaign in party history. And then came the Bills campaign. And then came
the photo ID campaign. And the marriage amendment campaign.

Four catastrophic campaigns in back to back cycles.

We’re making it way, way too easy for the Left. This has got to stop.

May these people never work in politics again. Find another line of work.

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