Alive I Am

Too busy to blog am I too.

But what do you need to know besides Pat Kessler is a biased hack?

“I’m still not completely clear why people don’t like her.” Pat Kessler WCCO political reporter.

Listen to this segment of the Dan Barreiro show with Pat Kessler. Jump ahead to 28:30 in the tape to where Dan let’s Kessler “get something off his chest.”

Susan Rice is the current United States Ambassador to the United Nations. She was sent out by the Obama administration to blame American citizens for a terrorist attack. The Obama administration wasn’t just operating on bad information, they wanted to change the facts of the case to make Americans look bad.

If Pat Kessler either doesn’t know why people don’t want Susan Rice to represent us on the world diplomatic stage as Secretary of State, or is too lazy to figure it out….

My head is about to explode.

Conservatives and Republicans need to refuse to talk to Kessler from now on. His bias and hackery is with out apology now.

Chris Matthews and Donna Brazile are more impartial than Pat Kessler.



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