MN’s Congressional Divas Helping The Stalinist

I was already very “over” Congressman Kline & Paulsen, and now they are wetting the bed on taxes.

These 2 divas need to go find something else to do, like oh say, maybe building up the election machines in their districts so that we can retake the State House in 2012…. but that would be hard and these 2 prefer the path of least resistance.

Because its way easier to get good press about surrendering on raising taxes than it is to talk about the out of control spending. That’s right, spending that is so out of control that even if we took away took away every penny that the “rich” make next year, we’ll still not have a single year of a balanced budget. Then of course there is the dirty little secret that these rich people will find a way to avoid this tax increase. Its as simple as just not paying themselves as much as they are. They are rich afterall and don’t need all that money, so they just won’t pay themselves as much.

Which will then lead to the only real way to deal with paying for all the spending in Washington, middle class tax increases.

But nope, hey, let’s give the government even more money, which of course will reduce economic activity, which will cause more employment chaos….

The key to installing socialism upon an unsuspecting or unwilling population is creating enough chaos that they think the only hope is government.

Yes, Obama and the Democrats are trying to install socialism upon America. We’re in the Stalinist phase of the transformation right now. Baby steps. Progressives have been installing bits and pieces of socialism for decades.

And morons like Kline & Paulsen are more worried about getting elected than they are protecting the nation.

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