Hey Who’s Up For A Hotdish Contest?

In the US Senate, there’s a serious battle going on over the eventual appointment of Susan Rice to replace Hillary Clinton at the State Department. Rice is the UN Ambassador right now that was sent on the speakers circuit after Ambassador Stevens was murdered by terrorists – to blame his death on protesters who were angry at America’s free speech rights.

Its a huge mess and frankly Obama’s administration lied tot he American people. The idea of moving Rice to a cabinet position after this political disaster is shameful.

If only the press in Minnesota realized that we have 2 Senators and they are going to help defend Rice and Obama’s shameful mishandling of Steven’s death.

Where are the tough questions? Where is the watchdog?

Will anyone have the decency to try to get to the truth?

Rice lied after people died.

But hey, its time for that annual hotdish contest…..

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