Israel: Just Because America Crapped The Bed…

Newsflash to the Democrats and mind numb robots who reelected Barrack Obama. Just because you want to appease terrorists, doesn’t mean that Israel does to. Your outrage that all of a sudden terrorists start attacking Israel and God forbid Israel defends itself by projecting force, proves you are the perfect Obama voter(Clueless and helpless).

If anyone actually believes that Israel is going to bow to the cease fire demands of an American administration that has repeatedly taken preferential footing with Israel’s enemies, your short bus is waiting to take you home now.

The world was waiting to see what would happen with America. Now that we have capitulated and projected weakness, we can’t assume that the rest of the world will follow suit. Don’t forget, Israel was attacked, meaning that the terrorists saw Obama being reelected as a permission slip to erase Israel off the map.

If you want to blame someone for this America, go look yourself in the mirror. The world is going into chaos mode both financially and politically, it needed a strong America to lead it out of the mess, instead we became just another nation lining up for free soup and pot brownies.

With America. Long live the Idiocracy!

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