What He Said

Its almost like he was watching races in Minnesota the lat few cycles. Worth the read!

Richard Mourdock – Why He Lost

I want to start by thanking Richard Mourdock for his courage.  Not only did he choose to run for office, but he chose to take on an Indiana institution, Dick Lugar, in the primary.  I was a vocal supporter of Mourdock early on because I believed his heart was in the right place and that he wanted to go to work for Hoosiers.  On the issues there was no questioning his conservative credentials.  I believed he would be a great Senator for Indiana.  What I didn’t anticipate was an inexperienced campaign staff, party division, and a divisive comment that would sink his campaign.

Read the whole thing!

It doesn’t matter how much you agree with the candidate if the candidate can’t win. You have to be able to win, that doesn’t mean you change what he says or believes, but you have to understand that winning isn’t just a message.

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