Yippie Ki-Yay!

Tonite we’ll see if hard work paid off, but today there is still more to do. #GOTV #mngop #mnred Calls, wave signs, leave no vote uncast


I was going to try to write a post for today convincing people not to be idiots. It would have talked about how the people who left the 2008 Rochester convention so upset with the Republican Party and Norm Coleman that they voted for Dean Barkley and then plotted to take over the party and have their revenge in 2012. Well we have them to thank those Liberty loving Americans for Obamacare and the laundry list of other radical leftist oppressive policies Obama accomplished in his first 2 years with Senator Al Franken.

I was supposed to go enjoy my Summer, I was lead to believe there were better Republicans than me who cared more about the country than me, who could help the party more, blah blah blah well ….

They disappeared as soon as the work needed to be done.

America needed help and they were nowhere to be found.


Yippie Ki-Yay …

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